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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 27

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Chapter 27

Lise’s Shopping



It was rather unusual for Wizard to permit Lise who wanted to go to the town.

In exchange, Lise promised to take Vinan to accompany her.

“Lise, what do you want to buy?”

“Knitting wools…”

“Knitting wools?”

“What are you going to do with it?”

Wizard doubtfully asked.

“It’s still a secret.”

“Muu, another secret, is it?”




Every year before it gets cold, Lise would buy knitting wools and knit a stole.

If she were to discuss it with him, Wizard would surely say that it’d be better to just buy the stole rather than buy the knitting wools.

However, there is an enjoyment in making things.

Like what kind of design will she make, what color will the wool be, and other fun things to consider.

For men, they might consider it as a waste of time.

But, now that her lady education is over, Lise has more spare time.

Finally, Lise’s lady education is completed.

All that’s left is to have lessons on improving her elegance.

Truth to be told, she would like to be able to run around here and there, but that act is not befitting to a lady.

For that reason, in order to spend her time, Lise decided she’d knit.

Last time, she tried hard in embroidery, but it is still her weakness.



After going on the carriage, she tried asking Vinan about something that she’s been concerned with since some time ago.

“Vinan-sama, do you like cats?”

“Ah, yes. I apologize for showing you something embarrassing the other day.”

“Ah, no! That’s not what I intended to say…!!”

Lise was flustered.

“I also like cats. Could you show them to me next time?”

“Yes! With pleasure. However, it would be bad if Wizard-sama were to get jealous, so when you go to my room, please come together.”




Certainly, it isn’t plausible for Lise to go there alone.

She can’t enter another man’s room alone.

It would inevitably draw suspicions of her affairs.

Particularly since Wizard is really a jealous person.

Also, it would be bad once he gets angry, as Lise already experienced it firsthand.

Lise shuddered when she remembered that.



The carriage was swinging for one hour.

Finally, they arrived at the town.

The town was brimming with liveliness.

When they walked through the town, the street stalls greeted them.

“Miss, we have good items here.”

“We recommend these!”

“Today, this item is…”

Lise was being troubled as so many people reached out to her, and Vinan skillfully protected Lise.

And just like that, finally they arrived safely at the yarn store.



When they opened the store’s door, the bell rang.


“Excuse me. Uhm, please give me this knitting wool, and the one over there, 10 each.”

“Are you going to buy that many?”

“Yes, I’m also thinking to knit Wizard-sama something.”

Vinan was surprised at that words.

“Didn’t you come here to buy something for yourself?”

“Of course I’m buying it for myself, as well! But when I’m thinking of making a matching thing with him… it’d be good if he is delighted.”

Vinan responded with a gentle expression.

“Of course he’d be delighted to receive Lise-sama’s handmade thing! I’m sure it will be fine.”

“Is that so?”

“Even that handkerchief was being used by him every day. So I think he will surely be happy.”

Hearing that, Lise felt relieved.



Since she had bought the thing she needed to buy and there was nothing else to do, the two of them went back to the carriage and Vinan said.

“Even though it’s rare for you to be going outside, are you sure you’re returning to the mansion now?”

“Yes, since I want to quickly make them!”

Seeing the enthusiastic Lise, Vinan showed his smile.

And just like that, the two of them went back home.

“Just what on earth are you going to make?”

“Again, it’s a secret.”

“Is that so? Then, please show me when they’re done.”


Saying that, the two of them smiled.



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