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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 28

Answering your questions to “Are you dead? Where is the translation?” Jk, nobody asked, thank goodness!

I am still alive, albeit as a zombie due to upcoming IRL deadlines! :”D After the IRL storm, I should be able to work on March’s batch of chapters without any worry~!

During my stormy days, I (in my denial somehow) managed to translate this chapter, so go and enjoy this ^^


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Chapter 28

Knitting and Embracing


Lise began to spend her time by knitting during the day.

Even if she failed, she could unfasten it and began to knit again.

Because it’s been quite a while since she last knitted, she had some difficulties in doing it again.

While she was knitting in the couple’s room, Wizard returned.

But Lise didn’t notice it as she was being too concentrated.

Wizard then hugged her from behind.

“Knitting is good, but please accompany me, too.”




As he said that, he took Lise’s knitted stuff and put it on top of the table.

Then, he carried Lise to bed.

“Lise, don’t overdo yourself, okay?”

“Okay, I’m all right.”

Wizard then kissed Lise.


“Is it okay if I embrace you today, too?”




[The cue to NSFW Part~]



Lise lied down on the bed.

Then, Wizard skillfully stripped her nightclothes.

As usual, he began to caress her from her neck to her breasts.

“Ah, nn. Yan, aah…”

“Au, hyaa…”

Lise raised her voice and gasped.

Wizard was satisfied by her sweet voice.

He loves Lise’s heavy breathing.

He teased the pinky tips of her bulging parts and flicked them with his fingers.

Lise seemed to have come just with it.





In order to check whether she was wet or not, he touched her secret place.


Lise continued to raise her voice.

“Wizard-samaa… I’m already…”

“What? Do you want it in now?”

Lise silently nodded.

She spread her legs wide open on her own accord.

It could be seen that she was dripping wet.

Looking at her reaction, Wizard gulped.

Then he said.

“What’s wrong? Why are you being so assertive today?”

“Because… Wizard-sama is being impatient…”

“I don’t remember being that impatient today…”

Being told that, Lise’s face turned bright red.

“Now, I’ll give you what you wish for.”

He immediately thrust his thing inside Lise’s honey pot.





Lise turned her back away.

“You’re tightening so much.”

“Please… don’t say such a thing…”

Lise said in her embarrassment.

“It’s warm and it feels good being inside Lise. I’m going to move now, okay?”

Wizard began to move his hips.

Lise breathed roughly as if matching the rhythm, and then she raised her voice.

“Ahn. Yaan, ah…”

“Waa, uuhn. Waau…”

“Lise… I love you.”

“M… me too…”

Somehow, Lise managed to give him a reply.




Wizard began to poke Lise’s sweet spots repeatedly.

“Hyaa, no… not there…!!”


Lise reached.

Her insides tightened so strongly that it didn’t give Wizard any leeway.

He continued to move his hips with all his strength.

Every time it was put in and out, Lise seemed to feel a great pleasure.


Thus, Lise reached again.


Wizard poured in his white liquid into Lise’s honey pot.


Lise raised her voice in reaction to her insides being filled up with the hot liquid.

Inside Lise, Wizard’s thing grew bigger again and he began to poke Lise.




“Noo, let’s just stop at one round!”

“No, we’re going to continue until I’m satisfied.”


Lise resisted, but it was futile.

And as he began to intensely poke it, she became unable to resist it.

She was taken in by her bodily pleasure.

Her body began to tremble.

Nevertheless, the deed was still going on.

Eventually, they did it three times.



[The end of NSFW Part]



When they woke up the next morning, it was almost noon already.

“Oh no, it’s already this late?!”

Lise jumped in surprise.

However, her body couldn’t move very well because it was sore.

Since Wizard trained his body as a routine, he still had his stamina.

But Lise didn’t have that kind of stamina.

Lise thought that it would be nice if she also had more stamina.

But she was regretting that she asked Wizard on her own accord last night.

It must be what made Wizard so happy that he became so persistent in doing it as many as last night.




(Now, let’s renew the spirit and continue the knitting!)

Thinking that, Lise picked up her knitting.

Lise wanted to quickly see Wizard’s delightful expression.

That expression would surely only last for a moment, but even so, as she wanted to see that expression so badly, Lise worked hard and continued knitting.

In three more days, she would have completed her knitting for a person’s portion.

Lise began to make it from Wizard’s portion first.

Lise was making a haori that could be put on top of his nightclothes.

Since Wizard was big, it would take more time and more amount of wools needed.

But, Wizard still embraced Lise until her legs couldn’t stand up properly.

It’s not that she hates being embraced.

She is just embarrassed.

The embarrassment didn’t fade away no matter how many times she was being embraced.

Wizard said that, “it’s good that you’re so innocent”, but she wondered if it would be alright if things were to stay the same?

Even so, it was difficult for her to initiate lots of things herself.

She has ever read a book about men and women’s intercourse once in the library, but it seemed to be impossible.

That’s why she thought to try and please him with what she could do.




The one that she thought of was to knit a haori, as it was one of her forte.

(It’s going to be completed soon… I wonder if Wizard-sama would be delighted…)

While thinking like that, Lise continued to knit with all her heart.




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