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Website Error’s Been Fixed!

So, after a few days trying to make the host provider restore the lost content–apparently there were still lost contents.

So I manually tried to restore the lost contents ;__;/ Sadly, I can’t restore the lost comments, I apologize for those who have commented and they are lost! I have seen them however (from email notification before the website’s crashed).

For those who haven’t known, I (finally) decided to make a Discord server for this site, should anything happen again. It’s not that noisy, so feel free to join:

Note that whenever there are errors like this again, I will utilize the old WordPress site. Since everything here’s fixed, I have cleaned the old WordPress site so that it would be ready for any kind of import should anything happen (cleaned so that there won’t be any duplicate content for when I import)

Thanks for the understanding and sorry for all the inconvenience ><

PS: Please contact me if you still find any error!

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  1. The title links in the sidebar’s “Translation” section still point to convallariaslibrary wordpress com (I left out the periods)

    The character page for Observation Record of A Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance is giving me a 404 page. Also, thanks for picking up that series! 🙂

  2. I’ll join the Discord later. Heck, I’m sure it’s not empty like the one for my site. Still, good luck on fixing stuff.

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