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Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 12.2

So sorry for everyone who’s experienced the chaotic site issue about how the content just rolled back to… 2 months ago? Don’t forget to report such an issue to me via Discord, email, or via any other way that you can get to reach me so I’ll quickly fix everything up!

Chapter 12 part 2 is finally here!

Special thanks for every patron: Ayesha, Patrick F, Salamon A, Jason S, lalla z, Jason D, and NorAsma Hime; and to Joshua N & Michael for your sponsor that all 4 parts are going to be released by this month! ^^

Alert: Prepare someone or a pillow or anything you can hug comfortably!

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  1. Ah the prince is sooooooo cool i cant bear it Tia you better dont let go that hand
    And for the so call heroine well…… you know wut i mean
    And for translator san thank for the chapter ( more more moreeeeeee) my innner thought leak out ?

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