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Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 13.2

Part count of the month: 2 out of 6 parts~!

You can read chapter 13.2 by clicking here.

Special thanks to every patron: Ayesha, Patrick F, Salamon A, Jason S, lalla z, Jason D, NorAsma Hime, kirindas, Olivia G, Michael, Ghexn, Tiffany T, and Karin BK!

Also, thank you for your ko-fi: mLord or Your Worship! (I’m not sure which series you’re reading, so I’m going to give a shout-out for you in today’s updates in my site QvQ/

Happy reading!

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  1. Both owner and pet are fricking blind or something. Are their eyes on their face are just for show, if not why didnt they see it why did they denied the obvious thing that Cecil is different from the so call game….. ahhhhhhh just please return Cecil to our belove Tia

    • LynneSuzuran

      September 10, 2018 at 11:33 pm

      Yes, I can understand if Heronia’s quite blind with her delusion and past life knowledge, but the light spirit… Oh, well…

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