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But God Forced Me to Reincarnate 50!

We’re finally at chapter 50!!! QvQ

I can’t believe it!! We’re able to reach the 50th chapter milestone thanks to everyone’s support that keeps me energized to write!

And as for 50th chapter milestone, I have something to give to you guys… it’s just a simple sketch, though, to commemorate 50th chapter milestone! ><

(Yes, click this sketch picture to read chapter 50~!)


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Special thanks for everyone that makes it able for me to keep writing!

[Level 1: Michelle O, Bigos2, NorAsma Hime, Bryan W,  Anita S]

[Level 2: Remandred, Danmaka, Blasefall, Sami]

[Level 3: Alexandr Z, Christiine G, Ela V, Lucas J, Scipo0419, ACertainFairyCase, Vaitea L, Skyler S, Paco]

[Level 4: Browser, Dtb Blank, Venalitor, Patrick F, William C, Lirianne, blizgerg, wagtail]

[Level 5: is problematic]

[Level 6: alkin, Sir Hellington, Scott M, Jason D, Ghea, Ryuuji, Chaeli]

[Steam Gifts Supplier: Browser]



Happy reading and I hope you will continue to enjoy this novel xD

Again, don’t hesitate to comment!

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  1. Congrats on 50 chapters!

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