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Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 38.1

A new chapter is up!

Finally, we will continue from where we left off in chapter 37~

Also, the previous chapter’s comment section is so lonely, so please make it merrier this time XD

Another news: I’ve updated my Patreon page as I’m implementing a better system to give the advanced chapter access and will be adding one more series soon (in around 2-3 days). I will make a proper announcement post later when the series is released.

There’s also goals now in Patreon. Hopefully I can allocate more time to translate and write with Patreon, giving an increase in the release~


Okay, read chapter 38 part 1 now!


Psst, if you want to support this series and want to read advanced chapters + help increasing the update rate, be a patron~ XD


Special thanks for all patrons~!

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  1. Oh, I melt, KYA!
    It’s so beautiful, I look forward to the next one
    Thank you so much

  2. Thank you for the trans! <3

    My reaction was alo kyaa~ at the end hahhaha

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