Hi, everyone!

This update marks the end of my translation of Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen!

If some of you skipped the announcement from before, I decided to drop this series because it’s already been licensed in English, and their progression rate was so fast that it had already caught up with my fan translation (or even more than it already).

It was fun while it lasted. I hope we will be able to see one another again in another series or if you’d like to join my Discord server and mingle there.

You can check out my projects, who knows if you’re interested. They are:


Alright, without further ado, click here to read chapter 63~

Happy reading and don’t hesitate to comment ^^

Note that patrons supporting this series can access the advanced chapter of Small Sage Lv.1 from now on as I replaced the folder for this series with Small Sage Lv.1.