Hi, everyone! It’s time for another update to our small sage who’s doing her best!

I’m sorry this time’s update took longer again. My dominant hand was hurting recently, and it hindered my works (even something as simple as clicking and scrolling using my mouse hurt me…). Please take care of yourselves so it won’t happen to you T__T

I also heard from a reader that a novel aggregator site managed to steal my translations of this series and even claimed it as their own work. I have sent an email requesting them to take down my translations, I’m not sure if they followed my request or not. It’s disheartening to see someone stealing your hard work, and even deleting the credit I made. It’s like having your homework stolen and your name changed into their name.

I tried several ways to prevent this from happening, from disabling right click and inserting credit mid-translation where it’s noticeable but I received protests instead, so I’m sticking with my current style of translation. I’ll keep translating this series and I hope you guys will continue to read it from my site.

Do drop any comment to motivate me to translate more ^^ You can also point out the differences the web novel has with the manga adaptation~

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Don’t hesitate to correct me if I make mistakes in the translation, too, I will fix them~

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