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It’s time for another update for “But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!”


Sorry for another delayed update.

If you’re reading my other series as well, you’ll know the late update was because I just lost my sick pet. But another news is that… it turns out I need to move to another far away city again due to my work. The news arrived not too long after I lost my pet. I think my pet knew and would like to make her final rest in my hometown :”)

I’m alright now, the mourning period is over!

I hope I can be more stable with updates soon, please wish me luck!


As for the light novel publication status in Kickstarter, it’s undergoing formatting process. I am keeping in touch with the publisher daily to ask for any update and I always made sure to give any revision quickly. Let’s give our cheer to the publisher team!

There’s a problem especially with the epub and mobi format (how it destroyed the formatting and problem with images there). Hopefully it will get resolved soon. It’s the biggest problem now.


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And I hope you guys are doing fine!

Don’t hesitate to drop any comment or discuss it with me or the other readers~! They always motivate me to continue writing and are a form of your feedback towards my writing, so I can improve my future chapters and stories to be more enjoyable to you guys ^^


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