Taking Over the Villainess’ Body 65

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Chapter 65

Inspection, Incognito, Innuendo


These days, Ann felt like something was wrong.

The husband-in-name of hers was acting really strange.

First of all, he was often at home, she saw him more often, and their interaction was more often than before. When she thought hard about it, this oddity all started right after they were home from the vacation to Mojo village.

An alarm rang in her heart.

Did she say something wrong or do something suspicious during their trip?

No way, she made sure she didn’t do anything suspicious! …Save for the fact that she let her water magic combative ability be known, but she already said it was a fluke, right?

Or did she sleep-talk about something weird when she shared a bed with Allen?

If so, then there was no way she could know of that!!


According to the plot that she knew of, her supposed death day was drawing near. Coupled with this change of behavior in Allen… Then, he spent more time around her because he wanted to probe more from her?

It was possible, but…

Why did she feel like he wasn’t as cold as before?

Or was it also an act to make sure she lowered her guard around him?

But even if she were to lower her guard around him, what would be the worst possible thing she could say? That she was a spirit possessing this body and that she knew of the future because this world was a fiction in her previous world?

Hmm… She might get sent to the mental ward right away, if such thing even existed here… Oh, she might get carried to the nearest temple, no?


Ann was still unsure on how she should respond to Allen’s change of behavior. He even developed resistance against her teasing. He could even counter that already…

He didn’t give her a time to relax and think, as suddenly…

“I’ll be going on an inspection tomorrow. Come with me,” Allen dropped another bomb to her.

“Huh?!” Ann didn’t hold her most natural reaction back.

She coughed and then softened her voice as she asked, “Why should I come with you for the inspection?”

“You’re my wife, you have to learn about it. People haven’t seen you for so long too, there might be rumors if this were to continue.”

Mhm, makes sense.

Bad rumors won’t be good towards the household, especially because Schwartzen’s noble status isn’t stable yet…

But wait, wouldn’t it be bad if Allen were seen together with me?

After all, the plot of the story will have his marriage with me annulled due to the fake identity… If that is going to happen, wouldn’t it be easier to not have him seen with me?

Ann felt like she couldn’t comprehend Allen’s action at all.

The game didn’t explore Allen’s relationship with ‘Arlea’ in detail, too.


“So?” Allen asked again after he didn’t get any response from Ann for a while.

“Ah, alright…,” Ann decided to agree because if she were to refuse, it would cause more suspicion. Besides, she didn’t really have anything to do the next day and she was getting bored of her routine that something new like this might help.

After it was decided, Allen made sure to brief Ann about the inspection just in case. Ann also told Faye and Birdie, who would obviously tag along with her.

Ann didn’t feel nervous at all because her role would be just to follow Allen and introduce herself, then enjoy the inspection by sightseeing or even ask the townspeople.


The next day, they went to inspect a small district located quite a distance from the area that Ann frequented. She heaved a sigh of relief now that she didn’t have to worry about encountering the people she knew under the guise of a commoner.

The people of the district welcomed them with joyous expressions and Ann couldn’t help but smile and waved her hand to greet them back.

“Ooooh, the lady is greeting us back!!”

“It’s her first time appearing on an inspection, isn’t it? We have the honor of seeing her first like this!”

Ann blinked in response, and Allen whispered to her, “They aren’t this enthusiastic when it’s just me.”

Ann didn’t expect that her appearance would make the townspeople this excited. She was dumbfounded.

“The lady is young and beautiful; they make a good couple!”

One of the flattering words was directed towards their compatibility as a couple and Ann’s brain blanked.

Isn’t this bad that she’s going public with Allen now?

When her real identity is made public, wouldn’t the backlash she receives be severe?

Does this line up with the original plot after all…?


The person-in-charge of the district’s administration greeted Allen and Ann, pulling Ann back into the reality as she focused on displaying a good hospitality.

As the person-in-charge led them to sightsee as well as explaining how the district was doing well, Ann truly enjoyed the area.

Since there was no problem and everything was going so well, the inspection finished in no time, and they were riding a carriage home.

“The district is really flourishing. It must be nice,” Ann said as she looked towards the window.

Hearing no response, she turned to look at Allen who was sitting at the opposite side of her, and was met with the sight of Allen, thinking with his arms crossed and one of his hands on his cheek.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“We saw nothing out of place there, but I received one report that said they weren’t doing as well as what we just witnessed.”

“Hmm… Is that so?” Ann said while pondering.


In a short moment, she got an idea as she clapped her hand.

“I know! Why don’t we disguise ourselves and just visit the area unannounced?”


“People can go through so many lengths to look good, especially to their superior. They might be faking the situation whenever you’re visiting. Even if it’s a sudden inspection, they might still be able to cover things,” Ann said as she remembered how she would also be very diligent and devoted whenever the big boss was visiting her office. The whole office would quickly put up an act whenever the people from the main branch visited.

After experiencing the whole thing first-hand, she believed that it wasn’t impossible for the people of this world to do the same.

Fortunately, unlike how it was hard for the higher-ups in her previous life to inspect the office incognito, it wasn’t that hard for her and Allen to put on a disguise and march around the area.

“That makes sense. Then, let’s visit this area again in three days,” Allen decided.

“Eh? That fast?” Ann was surprised.

“They wouldn’t suspect that we’d be coming again so soon after we just visited, right?”

“Well, you’re right,” Ann nodded.

Allen was indeed quick to learn.


The next day, Allen went to Ann’s room to discuss about their incognito inspection together.

“Do you need something for the disguise? These are the things I’ve prepared,” Allen said as he showed the clothes he had prepared.

“Hmm, I’ve got everything I need in my own closet, so I’ll be fine,” Ann said as she looked at the items Allen showed her.

Plain clothes that a noble wouldn’t wear—a simple set that a commoner would normally wear… No family emblem, no fancy accessories.

It was good enough, but…

“Try changing your clothes into this,” Ann said.


“Yeah, right away,” Ann said without thinking.


Birdie quickly flew to Faye’s shoulders as Faye walked towards the door to exit the room to give the couple a space.

Feeling the awkwardness, Ann quickly realized what she just said.

The innuendo is so strong!!

To put it crudely, it was as if she was saying, ‘Strip right here right now, and let me watch as you wear this set of clothes! Ohohohoho!!!’

Obviously Allen caught this implication, as he froze up there, without saying anything.


“I-I mean, go somewhere else to change into this set of clothes right away, and then come back here and show me!!! Don’t get it wrong!!” Ann quickly said in her embarrassment, and in a slightly loud voice so that Faye would be able to hear it.

“Yes,” Allen didn’t say anything as he dashed out to change his clothes.

In exchange to Allen who was fleeing the scene, Faye and Birdie returned.

“Phew,” Ann heaved a sigh of relief seeing Faye and Birdie returning, and the misunderstanding was solved.


When Allen returned with his clothes changed, Ann sipped her tea calmly, acting as if nothing just happened.

“Hmm… At a single glance, you look like a commoner with that get-up, but…,” Ann stopped.

As expected of the capturable target of an otome game, even if his clothes are so plain, he still stands out!!

If the people he’s familiar with were to see him, there’s a high possibility his identity would be found out…

“This can’t do. Go and buy a wig and thick glasses. If you want, you can add a hat, too,” Ann said.

“Alright, I’ll have them ready tomorrow,” Allen said.

“Yup,” Ann nodded.

“Can I ask your opinion again tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Ann answered without any hesitation. She was planning to ask Allen to show his disguise to her first tomorrow when the rest of the equipment was ready.

Seeing Allen preparing to leave, she stood up from her seat, leading Allen towards the door.


Before Allen left the room, he stopped and turned around to look at Ann.

“Did you forget something?” Ann was puzzled.

“Thank you for your help,” Allen suddenly said in a gentle tone as he patted Ann’s head softly.

Then, he left the room in an instant, leaving Ann who was dumbfounded there.


When she realized what just happened, she blushed a little.

He was her favorite character in the game, and when he was that gentle, her heart couldn’t really take it.

It would be nice if the future really has changed… No, it will be the best scenario ever if only this body’s identity isn’t that of the former princess…

Then, she’d be able to stay and be with him, right?

But it was said that he was never this gentle to anyone, except with the heroine if we were to pick his route… That’s why the others around him were surprised.

…Wait, could it be that the future had changed already?

Happiness spread over her heart when she thought that she might have changed the future, but a foreboding feeling quickly surged from deep within.


When and how will this body’s real identity be confirmed?

The game didn’t explain this in full details…

Perhaps when that time comes, she would be able to find out whether or not her ‘destiny’ were altered or not.



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