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Chapter 66

A Wild Rival Appeared!


The day when Allen and Ann were supposed to go incognito finally arrived without a problem.

Because it was supposed to be incognito, they didn’t bring any attendants with them. Faye and Birdie were also told to stay at home since the two of them would be an obvious giveaway to the people who were already acquainted with them. A little halfling girl and a little bird were quite iconic.

Faye and Birdie were both showing a disappointed expression on their faces, but thankfully all the other workers in the residence were there for her. She was the youngest among all who worked there, and she was also loved by them. Although at first, that love stemmed from pity and prayers for her as she was thought to be their evil mistress’ new plaything…

Besides that, Allen and Ann used an ordinary carriage to travel, one without a family emblem nor decoration.


The carriage stopped somewhere close to the district as they didn’t have any specific spot they wanted to come to, so why not just walk from the start of the area?

First, they walked towards the residential area and were surprised to see that the condition was a bit different from what they saw during the inspection. Some areas weren’t as clean as they were before, but they gave it the benefit of a doubt…

“Maybe it isn’t yet the time for another cleaning, let’s be positive, this is alright!” Ann said.

But she immediately regretted her decision as she saw some people with rugged dirty clothes around the neglected area.

“…Is that…,” Ann gasped.

“Let’s follow him,” Allen said.

The two of them followed one of the people who seemed to be moving with a direction in mind.

They went through some secluded alleyway that was obviously neglected, the one that was said to be in the middle of a construction.

And at the end of the path, they finally found the slum area, where there were lots of poor people, including young children. The slums were clearly not in any form of construction as people were evidently living there.

Some were even homeless and casually slept in the dirty area.

The area was also close to a trash dump, and some people were digging around the trash…

Ann and Allen arrived just in time to witness a child dug out a stale food and ate it…

Ann covered her mouth in surprise, and she could feel a stinging sensation in her eyes. Meanwhile, anger surged from deep inside Allen’s heart.


“You don’t seem like you belong here. What do you want?” A man in tattered clothes noticed the two of them and asked with his eyes emitting suspicion.

“We’re…,” Ann’s words were cut off by Allen.

“Did you not get any help at all from the district governor?” He asked.

“Ha?” The man showed his surprise and dislike because Allen asked another question instead of answering. He stared at Allen with an unwelcome stare, but he was met with Allen’s cold eyes.

For some reason, he felt like he had to answer so he responded truthfully, “Only at times.”

“When’s the last time?”

Since his opponent was willing to answer and engage in this conversation, Allen decided to press this matter further.

“Around three or four days ago.”

“Isn’t that during the inspection?” Ann reflexively said, inserting herself to the conversation.

The man was surprised that Ann answered and gave another question, so he was about to stare at her to show his dislike when he saw Allen’s sharp look that seemed to command him not to do that, and to answer Ann instead.

They don’t seem like an ordinary commoner,’ the man thought as sweats started to perspirate from his forehead.

“All the people here are very happy whenever an inspection happens. Because it’s the time where we receive the most help. The meal center gives us the best food around that time, and we even got to clean up.”


Ann and Allen went silent in an instant, and the man wasn’t sure what to do.

“Is that all? If that’s all then I’ll be going. You two should go out of this area soon,” the man decided to leave the two alone as he got a feeling he shouldn’t be offending them.

Ann nodded in response while Allen was still in deep thoughts. Seeing the approval, the man walked away from them.

After the man was gone, Ann took a good look at Allen who was all silent. It was apparent that a lot of thoughts occupied him—perhaps he was thinking on how he should deal with this. It was obvious that the person-in-charge cheated on the resources sent to them and they even had the nerve to deceive him.

Then, Ann noticed Allen’s fist tightening. The most apparent sign that he was holding his anger.

Despite being all cold and rational, Allen had a kind heart that cared for others, including the commoners. This was the reason why he was her favorite character back in the game.

She was here now, Allen was a real, living person, and she was by his side…

Regardless of everything, it was possible for her to comfort him now. So…


Ann grabbed Allen’s fist softly.

Noticing the woman’s soft hand touching his, Allen was pulled back from his train of thoughts as he turned to look at Ann.

“It’s going to be alright. I know you can help them,” Ann said.

Her words and her eyes that showed her belief in him made all the anger dissipated. He was about to storm into the district administrative office and confront the person-in-charge right away, but he realized that he had to plan things thorough.

“Thank you,” Allen said as his fist loosened.


“Why don’t we go out and see the market?” Ann asked as she grabbed Allen’s hand and led him to leave the slum area. She was too absorbed in her thoughts of wanting to cheer Allen up that she didn’t think it was wrong or awkward for her to do this.

Seeing how natural it all seemed, warmth spread in Allen’s heart.

But after walking several steps leaving the depressing slum area, Ann stopped.

“………I don’t know the way…,” Ann said awkwardly.


Ann turned around and asked, “Wait, did you just laugh at me?!”

“No, it’s your imagination. Follow me,” Allen said with a neutral face as he walked past Ann and led her in turn.


The two arrived at the market with their hands linked… but rather than that of a couple’s harmonious hand-linking, it was more like a parent holding a child’s hand so that they won’t get lost…

At least, that’s what Ann thought.

“Ooh, pretty!” Ann said as she stopped in front of an accessory stall in the market. Because she stopped, Allen also stopped walking and noticed the stall Ann was staring at.

“Come here, young miss! We just supplied new stocks. And you guys are such a cute couple, walking hand-in-hand like that! It reminded me of my youth,” the elderly auntie who was the stall owner greeted them in a friendly manner.


At her mention, Ann reflexively pulled her hand away in embarrassment. Allen felt a bit disappointed that Ann pulled her hand away, but seeing the bashful Ann was quite rewarding that his mood improved.


“Aww, come on, don’t be so shy!” The auntie laughed as she waved her hand.

“Now, which one are you interested in?” The auntie asked Ann.

“This one,” Ann pointed at a hairpin with a rabbit head ornament.

“This one is our new stock and it’s very cute! You have good eyes, Miss! Do you want to try it on?”

“I can?”

“Of course!”

Ann tried on the hairpin and looked at herself in the provided mirror.

“You look cute, Miss!” The auntie complimented.

Ann wasn’t sure about it, so she turned to look at Allen and asked, “What do you think of it?”

“…It’s good, but don’t you think it’s a little bit too childish? I think you should try this instead,” Allen said as he grabbed another hairpin, but with an elegant flower-shaped ornament.

“Eh, that is good too, but…,” Ann hesitated.

Aside from the absurd accessories that the original owner of this body possessed, there were only accessories that enhanced elegance. There wasn’t any cute stuff lying around, so Ann was more inclined to go with the cute stuff.


“Don’t you think I should pick this cute hairpin instead?” Ann asked.

“But I think it’s too childish.”

“Oh please, this b—I mean, I am still young. This still suits me. When else can I wear this kind of stuff if not now?” Ann asked after remembering that the body she occupied was eighteen years old. Eighteen years wasn’t too old for cute stuff like this.

“You are, but…”

The two continued to bicker about picking out a cute accessory or an elegant accessory instead and the auntie could only step back—she had no chance to insert herself into the conversation at all…


Their friendly bickering attracted the surrounding’s attention, including a young man around Ann’s age. His brown eyes stopped when he looked at Ann.

“Isn’t that…?” He muttered.

Even if her appearance was different, he felt like she was familiar…

Unsure, he decided to approach the bickering couple and was sure about it.



His familiar voice caused Ann and Allen to stop talking.

Furthermore, it was her alias that this voice called!

Ann quickly turned around towards the owner of the voice and was surprised to see…



She asked in surprise.

It was very unexpected to bump into someone they knew, and furthermore, it was none other than Silas, another capturable target of the game!


Allen’s attention was focused on the man who appeared all of a sudden, disturbing what he felt like a date with his wifey.

What irked him more was that the man turned out to be the one he was cautious of, the one he thought as a rival.

He was jealous of him when this random dude called as Silas was acting all friendly with his wife. Even more when he thought about how their age was close…


A wild rival appeared!

Trainer Ann was ambushed, clearly unprepared!

Her partner, Allen was out in the open and he seemed to be annoyed at this sudden battle in the wild market!

What should she do?

And more importantly, how should she explain things to Silas?

She definitely couldn’t say that he was her husband!!!

What should she introduce Allen as, when back then, during her introduction to the orphanage, she forged her identity and referred to this husband of hers as her ‘father’?

‘Hi Silas, I’m walking around with my father! Father Al, meet my friend, Silas! Hohohoho!’

As if she could do that, right?!!





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