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Chapter 66

A Wild Rival Appeared!


The day when Allen and Ann were supposed to go incognito finally arrived without a problem.

Because it was supposed to be incognito, they didn’t bring any attendants with them. Faye and Birdie were also told to stay at home since the two of them would be an obvious giveaway to the people who were already acquainted with them. A little halfling girl and a little bird were quite iconic.

Faye and Birdie were both showing a disappointed expression on their faces, but thankfully all the other workers in the residence were there for her. She was the youngest among all who worked there, and she was also loved by them. Although at first, that love stemmed from pity and prayers for her as she was thought to be their evil mistress’ new plaything…

Besides that, Allen and Ann used an ordinary carriage to travel, one without a family emblem nor decoration.


The carriage stopped somewhere close to the district as they didn’t have any specific spot they wanted to come to, so why not just walk from the start of the area?

First, they walked towards the residential area and were surprised to see that the condition was a bit different from what they saw during the inspection. Some areas weren’t as clean as they were before, but they gave it the benefit of a doubt…

“Maybe it isn’t yet the time for another cleaning, let’s be positive, this is alright!” Ann said.

But she immediately regretted her decision as she saw some people with rugged dirty clothes around the neglected area.

“…Is that…,” Ann gasped.

“Let’s follow him,” Allen said.

The two of them followed one of the people who seemed to be moving with a direction in mind.

They went through some secluded alleyway that was obviously neglected, the one that was said to be in the middle of a construction.

And at the end of the path, they finally found the slum area, where there were lots of poor people, including young children. The slums were clearly not in any form of construction as people were evidently living there.

Some were even homeless and casually slept in the dirty area.

The area was also close to a trash dump, and some people were digging around the trash…

Ann and Allen arrived just in time to witness a child dug out a stale food and ate it…

Ann covered her mouth in surprise, and she could feel a stinging sensation in her eyes. Meanwhile, anger surged from deep inside Allen’s heart.


“You don’t seem like you belong here. What do you want?” A man in tattered clothes noticed the two of them and asked with his eyes emitting suspicion.

“We’re…,” Ann’s words were cut off by Allen.

“You’re here to exploit us, aren’t you? Just like the others,” The man gritted his teeth as he suddenly charged at the two of them.

“Careful!” Allen quickly moved to shield Ann behind him.

But it was too late.

The man was too agile and managed to grab Ann’s arm.

Despite Allen trying to be in between Ann and the suspicious man, it didn’t stop the man from yanking Ann’s hand.


“Ouch!” Ann didn’t try to hide that she was hurt by the man’s action. The more she resisted, the more she felt pain.

Unable to resist the man’s power, Ann was dragged by her arm.

“Stop right there!” Allen shouted.

“Do you think I’m going to stop just because you asked me to?” The man sneered.

Meanwhile, Allen was thinking that something seemed off.

The hidden guards he instructed to guard them didn’t show up even in this dire situation, and the other people in tattered clothes didn’t seem to pay any attention to all the ruckus they were making.

In this kind of situation, what should he do?


He quickly took out his sword from a magical pouch hanging on his waist.

“If you don’t stop…,” He threatened.

“Then what? It should be my line,” the man said as he pulled Ann closer to him and suddenly, he took out a dagger from his pocket and put it close to Ann’s neck.

“If you two dare make any move, I’ll slit this girl’s tongue,” the man made his intention clear.

Allen clicked his tongue, unable to move forward, even if he had already taken out his weapon.


Ann was very frightened. This was the first time she had been in this kind of a precarious situation. It was true that one’s brain would shut down in this kind of dangerous situation, which wasn’t of any help to her at the moment.

Just as she thought of trying to escape this predicament by using her magic, she hesitated.

What if the man slit her neck when he felt that something was wrong with his body?

Wouldn’t that mean she would die before her fated time?

Was her choice to live as herself wrong? Did it change the plot drastically, and thus, by the power of the plot, she had to die like this, now?

Would she be able to escape this situation without any severe damage anyway?

She was so sick of this.


“What’s your demand?” Allen asked after he put his sword back.

“Clever, aren’t cha?” The man snickered.

Because the man’s face was so close to Ann, she felt uncomfortable upon feeling the man’s ragged and bad breath.

Such a creepy feeling, how long would it take to forget this, should she survive?


Just as the man was about to speak again, suddenly, there was a loud thud, Ann felt that the man’s grasp on her loosened, and eventually, she saw that the man fell down to the ground.

When she turned around, she saw a familiar figure…

It was none other than Silas, with a big rock on one of his hands!

“Lea, that is you, right?” Silas asked with a rough breathing. Even his words were a bit stuttered, but he made his point across.

“Si…las?” Ann was surprised to see him. And he even recognized her!


“A… Lea!” Allen quickly came over to Ann as he pulled her to his side. In his mind, one sentence appeared: A wild rival appeared!

“Are you okay?” Even so, the first thing he did was to look at Ann and asked, full of concern.

“Yeah, thankfully, I’m fine…,” Ann still felt everything was surreal.

“There’s a scratch on your neck. That bastard!” Allen said in anger, completely different from the usually calm Allen.

“Lea, you know him? Who is he?” Silas asked.


Ann’s brain felt like it was going to explode.

First was the unexpected situation with the criminal, and then Silas’ unexpected appearance.

Then, she had to answer Silas’ question that she wasn’t prepared for?!


“Uhm, this is my… father…,” Ann said in her confused state. It was a given, as when Ann told her fake story and identity to Silas, she pictured Allen as her father…

“Your father?! He looks so young!” Silas said, full of suspicion…

“What?” Allen was surprised at Ann’s answer.

But it was too late for Ann to back off.

She was willing to take this scenario to the next level.

So, she hugged Allen’s arm and said with a baby voice, “You’re Lea’s daddy, right?”

Allen was surprised.

Silas was, too.



Is he… Lea’s…?

No way… right?!

Silas had his suspicion.

And he was quick to voice it.

“Lea, even if you’re having financial hardship, you shouldn’t turn to something like that…”

“Huh, what?!” Ann was surprised, so surprised that she removed her arms that were hugging Allen’s thick arm.

Wait, he couldn’t be thinking that…

Allen is my sugar daddy?!

Chills ran down her spine when she realized what kind of situation her poor decisions led her to.


“Uhm, Silas, I think we’re having a misunderstanding here…,” Ann tried to explain the situation, but…

Silas didn’t listen to Ann, he grasped her hands and then, out of nowhere, he was holding a rose on his mouth as he said with his dazzling face, “I’ll be your prince in a white horse instead.”

But this kind of seduction turned Ann off, she was feeling yucky instead.

Just as she escaped his grasp, Allen suddenly embraced her from behind and turned her body around so that she was looking at him.

Then, Allen lowered his head and his hand that was holding Ann’s head as he said…

“Don’t choose him. I’ll be your sugar daddy if you want me to be.”


With that, Ann blackened.


When she opened her eyes…



With that loud and stern voice of her familiar boss from the modern world, she felt a rough smack on the back of her head.

“Ouch, boss, if you smack me this hard, I’ll have an amnesia,” Ann reflexively responded.

“Even if you lose your memories or become stupid, you have to work! We’re paying you to work!” The boss mercilessly answered.

“…Uuuuu…,” Ann caressed the back of her head that was hurting as she suddenly thought to herself.


So, everything was just a dream, and I never died?

I only fell asleep during working?

Dang, I think I’d rather be back as the villainess of that world and try my chance to escape this slavery!








Just kidding.

Happy April Fools 2022!!

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How convinced were you with this chapter, or when did you realize that this chapter is fake?

Anyway, I’m not a cruel person, so you can read the real chapter after this!

I will change the chapter title after April Fools ends, alright?

Hahaha, hope you had fun with this joke chapter!



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