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Chapter 98

The Perverted Villainess and the Wronged Heroine


Wait… I only want to find more information in the character box so that I can figure out how to deal with this heroine, I am not some perverted man in the typical ecchi harem series!

Ann quickly held herself when she thought of the extreme solution of falling to the heroine’s bosom or accidentally grope her naturally… somehow… After a serious consideration, she thought she shouldn’t do that or it’d bring more trouble to her.


Then, the only thing she could do was to extend her hand and hold Laura’s hand.

Just as Ann was about to trigger the character window to activate, she felt a painful current flowing in her body.


So you think I am begging for torture when I hold your hand?! How can there be such an evil heroine…



Wait… what if I touch Laura in another place other than the hand?

Will that still work?

At that time, Ann reached enlightenment.

That’s right, she hadn’t really experimented much with the system that she could trigger, who’s to say that it would be limited to certain methods?!


Ann’s brain was too focused on thinking of ways to open the heroine’s character box so everything that the heroine said was a blur at that moment.

When she realized, the heroine already turned her back on her and was about to walk away to do who-knows-what, but Ann’s eyes focused on Laura’s shoulders!

People used to casually touch someone’s shoulder to call out to someone.

Right, I should do that!

Although Ann was the embodiment of ‘no thoughts, head empty’… Although she didn’t even think of what she’d say towards Laura after she grabbed her shoulder… Ann just did it anyway.

Right at this moment, Ann was the embodiment of ‘do first, think later’.


Everything actually happened so fast, but to Ann, everything happened in a slow motion.

The moment when she raised her hand to put on Laura’s shoulder, then the moment when Laura turned around once more that surprised Ann and frightened her so much yet her body’s reflex was slower than her brain’s processing speed.

Ann wanted to quickly stop her hand but the surprise startled her so much that she lost the balance to her body and eventually she tripped over nothing and…

The end result was that Ann fell splendidly on Laura—her face dove head first towards something that was soft, and the outstretched hand that she half-retracted managed to perfectly land on Laura’s bosom.

Ann’s brain played a flashback where she scoffed and thought it was so ridiculous for sexy accidents to happen in the comedic ecchi series, but here she was… somehow… somehow!!!!


Ann felt like dying.


But that thought only lasted 0.01 second as her brain was still focused on her main purpose that was to open the character box.

Since she had already committed the deed, she might as well enjoy the fruits of her hard labor.

Sure enough, a half-transparent window opened right to her face.



Laura quickly pushed Ann off from her body as she quickly stood and distanced herself from Ann.

Ann was still dumbfounded, clearly trying to process stuff as she also stood up, but the outstretched hand that was still in the original position didn’t help…

She didn’t even realize that her hand was still in a weird position as she was simply looking blankly at the heroine’s character box.

What… what the heck is this?!

Ann felt like dying again.


After all, after all that hard work and sacrifice, the window box displayed this outrageous stuff!




Name: Laurence Holly Ainsworth

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: 25/12

Magic: Light

Occupation: Saintess

More Information: CONFIDENTIAL! LOCKED! (Unlock condition: Find out and confirm the heroine’s secret~! ☆)


Ann’s eyes literally popped as she continued to stare aggravatedly at the character window box.

She wanted to find out the heroine’s more info section, to find out the heroine’s confidential information!! That was why she worked hard and sacrificed herself to see this information with ease!!

But what the heck is this nonsense?!

Why is it that she has to unlock it herself?!

This is a simple otome game, not RPG where there are such quests!!!

And this birthday of hers… whoa, really befitting a saintess!!

The mini Anns occupying her brain was causing a ruckus, flipping the tables in her brain.


However, to others’ eyes, Ann’s gesture was easily misunderstood.

With the hand that was still in a lewd form and Ann’s burning stare right at Laura’s… boobs… It was safe to say that everyone came to the same conclusion…

Noticing this and misunderstanding this, Laura’s gaze at Ann turned into a very disgusted look.

Meanwhile, Faye was so embarrassed she couldn’t continue to look at her own mistress… Birdie also covered her eyes with her wings…

Why is my mistress doing this? Is she really a pervert? Why, why?!!


On another side, Miles had a very mixed feeling as he watched the odd scene unfolding…

At first, he thought that Ann was about to do something bad to Laura, so he wanted to scold Ann… but this… isn’t it just Ann being a pervert?

In a dumbfounded state, Miles accidentally blurted out, “Well, it’s better for her to be a pervert rather than an evil witch that wants to harm you…”

Hearing that, Ann didn’t know whether she wanted to cry or laugh.


“I… I only fell!! I didn’t purposely do that!”

Either way, Ann quickly retracted her hand and gaze that invited misunderstanding and tried to defend herself.

“Oh? You fell like a pervert and took advantage of the situation? I don’t believe that you… fell… over… nothing…,” Laura said slowly before she remembered something and spoke faster, “Wait, what’s with your hand, then? It is the proof that it’s not an accident!”

“I wanted to call out to you so I reached out to grab your shoulder, that’s all!”

“Oh, so what did you want to tell me to want to call out to me, then?”

“I… I…!”

Because Ann hadn’t thought about it, she was speechless.

There was no way she could tell her real reason, right?!

She’d be considered a pervert AND someone insane!!

It was better to be viewed as just a pervert rather than an insane pervert!!!


“You don’t have any words to refute that. See? You disgust me…,” Laura didn’t even conceal her real thought and didn’t even hold back on her expression looking at Ann as if Ann was an ugly pervert…

“I… I swear I am not a pervert!! I am also straight!! Right, I like Allen!!” Ann quickly said to her defense.

“Yeah, yeah… You can even say that you are a goddess, yet without a solid proof, that sentence is merely your bluff,” Laura said.

“…,” Ann really couldn’t clear her name like this.


“Alright… I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Let’s forget about this, but you have to be cooperative from now on, alright?” Laura proposed a short-term solution, to which Ann nodded, since she had no other way out of this…

Then, Ann didn’t know if she was imagining things or not… But she felt as if the sessions after that incident lacked gentleness and it was a lot more painful!

But if the light magic power the heroine put was gradually increased, it’d be natural for Ann to feel more painful but… yeah.

She felt like the heroine was doing this on purpose!!


Meanwhile, at the same time, Prince Kiehl and Allen had a meeting to discuss about the girls.

“I thought they’d be good friends since they had similar points,” Prince Kiehl contemplated.

“Maybe it’s precisely because they have similar points that they can’t be friends?” Allen concluded.

“Maybe they just need more time and chance to get to know each other. Anyway, we have to solve this quickly, so why don’t we make this session more intense from now on?”

“That seems to be a good idea.”

The more often they held the training sessions, the quicker they’d get a result and solution to their biggest problem. Plus, it could be a bonding time for the two girls who’d definitely be able to become besties!

The two ignorant men thought that they were so smart to think of such a good solution!!

If only Ann and Laura were there, Allen and Kiehl would’ve been killed…



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