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Chapter 99

The Villainess Tried to Run Away


“Your threshold to my divine magic has increased. Not bad, you.”

One day, during the session, Laura was possessed by the spirit of the goddess (according to Ann) and praised Ann.


“You’re the one who’s bad!!”

By this time, Ann was used to Laura not wanting to mention her name at all for some reason she couldn’t understand, so she could only be petty and not call Laura by her name at all…


“I am doing this for you,” Laura quickly said.

Ann went silent for a moment, knowing that Laura’s words were true. It was all for her, so she couldn’t really protest.

Sighing, Ann asked, “So, have you found anything so far?”

“Mhm. We shall continue,” Laura gave an ambiguous answer.

“…Until when, though? Is this not enough? Why should I be trained to get used to your divine magic anyway?” Ann felt like there was a crack in her mental defense.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? So your soul isn’t the one getting expelled from the exorcism.”

“If I am not getting expelled from the exorcism, will the original soul of this body get expelled, though? Is it super effective against her?” Ann’s eyes perked up in excitement.


“Ah, good point,” Laura said in a tone and expression that seemed as if she had never thought of this matter before.

“YOU DON’T KNOW AND YOU STILL SUBJECT ME TO THIS?!” Ann couldn’t help but raise her voice in her exasperation.

“Well, we have to go one by one. First objective is to let your soul stay despite the exorcism attempt using my divine magic. Whether or not this can expel the original soul is another matter. It might depend on your fighting power against her, who knows?” Laura shrugged.

“GODDDDD!!” Ann howled, but she had no words to rebuke the heroine.


“You’re not toying around with me, right?!” Ann asked in all seriousness.

“Why should I? I don’t like seeing you, I’d rather finish this quickly so I don’t have to see you anymore,” the heroine said the harsh words without any gentleness at all…

“Likewise!!” The villainess quickly stated her real thoughts as well.

And then it became another bickering that caused Faye and Miles to sigh.


“We’re wasting time like this. Give me your hand!!” Laura suddenly said, shifting the topic from their bickering.

“I am not your dog!” But Ann had no other way than to give Laura her hand.


Cue another painful scream from our pitiful villainess…


Eventually, Ann’s sanity had reached the low threshold, her limit.

She finally snapped.


Hold on.

If she is unclear that this can actually help, why must I let myself be subjected to this torment?

I am not a masochist!!

It’s her problem to think of another way that’s effective and not painful!!

She’s the heroine!! Isn’t heroine supposed to be such a gentle and beautiful soul? She should’ve thought of a gentler way!

I am tired of this, ahhh!!


“Ann-sama?” Faye asked in worry, seeing that Ann didn’t even move or blink her eyes at all.

Laura was taken aback seeing this kind of Ann… She really felt guilty and was wondering what to say to this person before her that seemed to be broken already, when…

“Enough,” Ann suddenly said.

“Ann-sama…?” Faye asked.

“I have had enough of this! That’s it, I am running away!!”

Right after she said this, Ann quickly ran away, leaving the stupefied Faye, Birdie, Miles, and Laura who were evidently taken off guard.


After three seconds of them being dumbfounded, they finally understood what was going on.

Faye was in a dilemma whether she should chase after Ann or report it to Allen and Prince Kiehl, bu she didn’t want to see Ann suffering too… On the other hand, she didn’t want to get punished…

In this dilemma, Faye turned her pitiful gaze towards Laura and Miles, who finally reacted.


“What?! She ran way?!” Miles clarified, before saying in annoyance, “We should report this so people can help us look for her.”

“Hold it,” Laura stopped Miles.

Her eyes had a trace of guilt that quickly vanished as she said, “It won’t be good to trouble the others. I am sure they have a more pressing thing to do. Let’s just separate and look for her. There are places she can’t enter, that narrows our options. She can’t get away too far anyway. Let’s go.”

“Will that be fine? Let’s not part ways and let me go with you,” Miles asked, worried.

“No, it will be faster if we go look in different places. I will be fine. I have a strong light magic. She can’t withstand it, so no harm can come my way. Besides, the other people in the castle are there, so no harm will come to us even if we were to go alone.”

This made sense, so Miles, Faye, and Birdie nodded as they separated. But Birdie only perched on Faye’s shoulder as if there was no urgency in looking for Ann at all.

It slipped Faye’s mind that Birdie might know where Ann was since Birdie was Ann’s contracted beast-master.


Ironically for Ann, she was quickly discovered by Miles who dragged her back to the room by force.

Holy sh—this is the power of a girl?! You’re also a female, right? Why are you this strong? I stand no chance at all and can only be dragged like a sack ahhhh!!

Without mercy, Miles locked her in their training room before calling Faye and Laura back.


“Sigh, it’s not like I purposely want to let you suffer,” Laura said with a troubled expression.

Lies, that’s gotta be a lie!!

“Can’t you come up with another way?!” Ann asked.

“Nu-uh.” Laura rejected without even thinking.

“Can it be less painful than now?”

“Hey that’s progress. We need to increase this until I feel like you won’t be expelled during the exorcism rites.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!” Ann shouted again, causing the others to cover their ears.

“Cut that out, it’s annoying,” Laura quickly said.

“Easy for you to say, I am the one feeling pain, you’re just enjoying it!”

“I am not enjoying it, though?” Laura tilted her head, looking cute.

Seeing that, Ann was annoyed and said with certainty, “I can see you looking at me with a ridicule!”


Thankfully, Ann was saved by the lunch break.

At the very least, what could cheer her up after such a horrendous morning was a very delicious meal provided by the royal castle. At least the delicacy they gave for her was the real deal, it was some high-grade, extremely delicious food!

Aah, right!

Life should be enjoyed like this.

This is my second chance in life, what am I doing subjecting myself to another torment that has no guarantee for my future?

In my first lifetime, I slaved myself away for my uncertain future like promotion and stability, and what did it give me? Death.

In this lifetime… Well, there should be a way for me to get what I want without tormenting myself again, right?

Ann contemplated as she continued to munch on her lunch.


Sitting right across her, Laura couldn’t avoid looking at Ann and when she saw Ann at that time, she somehow was able to tell that Ann was planning to run away again after their lunch together and continuation of the session…!!

She didn’t know how she got that hunch, but she was inclined to believe in that, nonetheless…


“Ah, can I go to the toilet first? You guys can go back first, I will come there after I’m done.”

So, when Ann gave her lousy excuse, Laura had a light bulb in her mind right away.


“Okay, don’t be too long,” Laura said, agreeing to Ann’s request on the surface.

But when Ann dashed towards the toilet, Laura didn’t move from her spot.

Faye hurriedly chased after Ann, feeling like Ann had forgotten about her, who was supposed to be Ann’s personal maid!


“Miss Laura?” Miles called out to Laura who didn’t seem to move from her spot.

“Actually, Miles, can you go wait in the room? I think I also want to go to the toilet now,” Laura said.

“Let me accompany you,” Miles said.

“Miles, you’re a man, what do you mean accompany me? I’ll be fine on my own, the toilet isn’t that far,” Laura quickly refused Miles’ offer.

“…Right,” Miles seemed to forget that to others, he was now indeed, a man… It would be rude for him to insist on accompanying a lady to the toilet.


At the toilet…

“Ann-sama—,” Faye was just about to call out to Ann whom she saw to be exiting the toilet, when Ann suddenly dashed in a high speed, going past Faye.

“Ann-samaaaaa…???” Faye was unable to comprehend what was going on.

Ann dashed like a madman, not even noticing Laura who was peeking from a slightly hidden spot.

Yes. The moment Ann ran away, Laura quickly chased after her.


Realizing that someone was chasing her and that it didn’t seem to be a child—which eliminated the possibility that it was Faye—Ann turned around in the middle of her run, only to be frightened to death.

Her fear towards the heroine just skyrocketed and her running speed increased.

How come it’s youuuu?! Aaaaaah, the heroine is chasing after meee!! She’s scaryyyyyy!! Mommyyyy, save meee!!!



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