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Extra 6

The Night Alone


Author’s Note:

It’s a special chapter (SS) commemorating the book publication. It’s sugary, so if you’re fine with it, then proceed v (peace sign)



“No way… Sir Belvant won’t be coming home today… you said?”


The new wife Marietta received a message from the butler when she was drinking tea in her own room. She then pressed her white slender fingers to her bosom, sitting on the chair limply.


“It seems that there’s a work that seems to be endless, that even if it’s finished early, he might only be able to return home after this date passes. He said that Madam should rest first, and please have enough sleep.”


“Could it be an affair… there shouldn’t be… such a thing, right?”


As she cast her eyes downward, Marietta weakly muttered.


“That will never happen even if the heaven and earth were to be overturned!”


The elderly butler who spontaneously declared that with all his might regretted how he didn’t act like himself and coughed up.


His Master is having an affair?

The Master who is all over his wife, Princess Marietta, and can’t be apart from her, treating her with every courtesy (physically1), the Master who can’t settle down unless she is within his field of vision—that kind of Master to be having an affair?

The Master whose hand is always caressing Marietta’s body, whose manly seductiveness is all directed to his wife, The Master who is deeply in love with his wife to the extent that the ones who’re looking at him will feel embarrassed—that kind of Master to be having an affair?


The butler wrecked his brain over where the heck the Madam thought of that possibility.


“It is a sight to behold, whether that General can bear to be away from Princess even just for one night.”


Marietta’s faithful maid, Sierra said that as she squinted.


“Princess, please be assured that the reality is different from the romance novels. General Belvant can’t be having an affair, just like how a cat can’t give birth to a dog.”


“…Is that so?”


“That’s right. Rather, please be worried about how the General might make Princess work too unreasonably once he returns home. I would recommend you to take a rest as early as possible tonight in order to preserve your stamina.”


The Fargus family’s butler concluded that it would be fine to leave it to this maid, so he excused himself from the presence of General Belvant Fargus’ wife.



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Then, that night.

Marietta had a dinner that was somehow tasteless, even when it should have been delicious as usual. Then, after taking a bath and polishing her body up as usual, Marietta went into the bed alone.

When she lied down in the center of the spacious bed, she felt that it was somewhat chilly.


“My husband is busy with his work, so I have to endure this loneliness. Marietta, you have to behave well as a wife befitting the Oltaire country’s General.”


She buried herself in the duvet2 that her maid brought her and curled herself up.

The fluffy duvet should have been warm, but that was different from the warmth of her husband’s muscles.


“I have to endure this, but… Sir Belvant…”


Marietta has always been sleeping while being hugged by Belvant after they got married. Therefore, her eyes became moist as she missed her husband.


“Ah, that’s right!”


Marietta left the bed and opened the closet. She then began to sniff her husband’s clothes from A to Z.

Then, she put on his uniform’s coat that she thought was the one with the strongest smell.


Belvant’s uniform which was worn on top of her thin nightclothes managed to cover until little Marietta’s thighs. Her fingers also couldn’t surface from the sleeves.


After she brought the sleeves near her nose and confirmed that it had her husband’s scent, Marietta dove into the bed just like that.

She felt slightly less lonely than before.

But, as expected, it was still cold.


Marietta who rolled into a small, small ball, spilled just one tear that was accumulated in her eyes, before she began to have a light sleeper’s breathing.



“Marietta… are you asleep?”


Just as one thought, late at night at the same date, Belvant jumped up on his horse as soon as his work was over, returning to the residence where his beloved wife was waiting. As he returned home, he direcly went into the couple’s bedroom where Marietta was sleeping.

It was unthinkable for the Princess Marietta to still be awake at such an hour. No, even if she were still awake, he’d gently admonish her, “You should sleep punctually.”

However, the husband who was still in his newly-wed mood was thinking that he would like to be intimate with her as a husband and wife, even if just a bit, in the unlikely event that she was still awake.

And what he saw upon arriving at the shared bed was…


“! …W-why, my clothes…?”


Belvant involuntarily tripped over his own leg upon seeing the figure of his wife who was sleeping while wearing his clothes and curling herself up like this.


Even when she was asleep, Marietta pressed her nose on the clothes that was brimming with his scent, sniffing it.

To Belvant, such a figure was way too adorable.


“Uu, fuu, Marietta… you…”


Belvant groaned as he took off everything he was wearing and tossed them around the bed. Then, he slipped next to his wife.


It’s a pity to wake up my wife who’s sleeping this soundly.

However, I want to stick close to this adorable being no matter what.


With that in mind, he embraced Marietta within his bare arms, putting his face close to the small blond head as he sniffed her, rubbing his cheek on her.


“Cute… Marietta, how adorable…”


Oltaire’s fierce god ominously continued to mutter.

Perhaps due to that stimulus, or perhaps it was the time for her to be in her shallow sleep, Marietta made a voice through her nose, “Nn…”, as she opened her eyes absentmindedly and got up from the bed.

The moonlight dimly illuminated the room.


[I wonder if someone’s there…]


There is no one around the bed.

The half-awake Marietta didn’t notice Belvant who was lying down next to her.


Marietta yawned before she abruptly fell senseless on the bed, rubbing her face on the chest that was embracing herself, before she then laughed, “Kufun.”


It’s so warm and smells so nice over here, it feels good.


Marietta, who closed her eyes while feeling happy, was pulled into a deep sleep just like that.


“Uuu, Marietta, you’re way too cute! No, it’s not good to wake her up, but, aah, I want to embrace you right now! I want to embrace you! Uooooo!”


Even though Belvant deeply groaned, Marietta was no longer awake.

Her nose was rubbing on Belvant’s chest, and she was sleeping while smiling.


Before long, Belvant, whose love towards his wife surpassed his lust, gave up and closed his eyes. He fell into a dream while breathing in Marietta’s sweet scent to his chest.






“Marietta, have you woken up?”


“Oh my, Sir Belvant! You’ve returned home, I’m so happy…”


Marietta, who opened her eyes and saw the figure of her beloved husband, raised her joyous voice as she clung to Belvant just like that.


“Sir Belvant, Sir Belvant, Sir Belvant.”


“I’ve made you feel lonely, huh?”


“It was so lonely! I was very lonely, but I endured it.”


“Yosh, yosh, I have to reward Marietta for being such a good girl, right?”


Having said that, despite him having his usual scary face, his eyes were glittering with passion. He then attacked his wife while licking his lips.


“Sir Belvant, I love you!”


The attacked wife also couldn’t bear to separate from her beloved husband and continued to cling to him.


Belvant’s hand impatiently undressed her, and that ended up crumpling his own uniform which had his scent on it.



It’s fine as long as the two of them are happy.


In the next room, the maid Sierra was preparing a light meal that could be eaten at any time. After she left a mesage to another maid, “Prepare the bath around noon,” she hurriedly sent a letter to the Lieutenant General Adlan who was also her fiance, [The General’s ‘climbing’ activity will be finished past noon. I recommend you to bring any pressing work to the residence. However, that is if you have any courage to call out to the General who is harder to deal with than a lion on heat.]





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  1. Note that this is very interesting. 下にも置かない is like an idiom for “extending every courtesy”, but if you translate it LITERALLY and think of an innuendo due to the additional “(physically)” after the phrase, it can also give a totally different meaning, which is: “couldn’t leave (her) lower part”. LOL!!!
  2.   The duvet mentioned here is originally futon in the RAW. Futon is a quilted Japanese-style mattress usually laid out on the floor.

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