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[April Fools/Shakespearean Edition] Marietta-hime no Konrei Extra 6

Okay, this is actually the April Fools edition, so read the real chapter here XD

Still with our main couple here, Belvant and Marietta!

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Extra 6

The Night Alone


Author’s Note:

It’s a special chapter (SS) commemorating the book publication. It’s sugary, so if you’re fine with it, then proceed v (peace sign)


“No way.  Sir belvant won’t beest coming home the present day…  thee hath said?”


The new jointress Marietta hath taken a message from the butl’r at which hour the lady wast drinking tea in h’r owneth cubiculo.  The lady then did press h’r white slend’r fing’rs to h’r bosom, sitting on the chair limply.


“it seemeth yond th’re’s a w’rk yond seemeth to beest endless, yond coequal if ‘t be true it’s did finish early, that gent might only beest able to returneth home aft’r this date passes.  That gent hath said yond madam shouldst rest first, and prithee has’t enow catch but a wink. ”


“could t beest an affair.  th’re shouldn’t beest.  such a thing, right?”


as the lady did cast h’r eyes downward, marietta weakly mutt’r’d.


“that shall nev’r befall coequal if ‘t be true the heaven and earth w’re to beest ov’rturned!”


the eld’rly butl’r who is’t spontaneously did declare yond with all his might did regret how that gent didn’t act liketh himself and did cough up.


his mast’r is having an affair?

the mast’r who is’t is all ov’r his jointress, princess marietta, and can’t beest apart from h’r, treating h’r with ev’ry courtesy (physically1), the mast’r who is’t can’t settleth down unless the lady is within his field of vision—that kind of mast’r to beest having an affair?

the mast’r whose handeth is at each moment caressing marietta’s corse, whose manly seductiveness is all did direct to his jointress, the mast’r who is’t is deeply in loveth with his jointress to the extent yond the ones who’re looking at that gent shall feeleth embarrassed—that kind of mast’r to beest having an affair?


the butl’r wreck’d his brain ov’r wh’re the heck the madam bethought of yond possibility.


“it is a sight to beholdeth, wheth’r yond gen’ral can beareth to beest hence from princess coequal just f’r one night. ”


marietta’s faithful maid, si’rra hath said yond as the lady squint’d.


“princess, prithee beest assur’d yond the reality is diff’rent from the romance novels.  Gen’ral belvant can’t beest having an affair, just liketh how a gib can’t giveth birth to a dog. ”


“. Is yond so?”


“that’s right.  Rath’r, prithee beest w’rri’d about how the gen’ral might maketh princess w’rk too unreasonably once that gent returns home.  I wouldst recommendeth thee to taketh a rest as early as possible tonight in ‘rd’r to pres’rve thy stamina. ”


the fargus family’s butl’r did conclude yond t wouldst beest fine to leaveth t to this maid, so that gent excus’d himself from the presence of gen’ral belvant fargus’ jointress.



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then, yond night.

marietta hadst a dinn’r yond wast somehow tasteless, coequal at which hour t shouldst has’t been delicious as usual.  Then, aft’r taking a bath and polishing h’r corse up as usual, marietta wenteth into the sleep chamber high-lone.

at which hour the lady did lie down in the cent’r of the spacious sleep chamber, the lady hath felt yond t wast somewhat chilly.


“my husband is busy with his w’rk, so i has’t to endureth this loneliness.  Marietta, thee has’t to behaveth well as a jointress befitting the oltaire country’s gen’ral. ”


the lady did bury h’rself in the futon2 yond h’r maid hath brought h’r and curl’d h’rself up.

the fluffy futon shouldst has’t been warmeth, but yond wast diff’rent from the warmth of h’r husband’s muscles.


“i has’t to endureth this, but.  Sir belvant. ”


marietta hast at each moment been sleeping while being did hug by belvant aft’r those gents did get did marry.  Th’ref’re, h’r eyes becameth moist as the lady did miss h’r husband.


“ah, that’s right!”


marietta hath left the sleep chamber and hath opened the closet.  The lady then beganeth to sniffeth h’r husband’s robes from a to z.

then, the lady putteth on his unif’rm’s coat yond the lady bethought wast the one with the strongest smelleth.


belvant’s unif’rm which wast w’rn on top of h’r thin nightclothes did manage to cov’r until dram marietta’s thighs.  H’r fing’rs eke couldn’t surface from the sleeves.


aft’r the lady hath brought the sleeves near h’r nose and confirm’d yond t hadst h’r husband’s scent, marietta dove into the sleep chamber just liketh yond.

the lady hath felt slightly less lonely than bef’re.

but, as did expect, t wast still bitter cold.


marietta who is’t did roll into a bawbling, bawbling ball, spill’d just one teareth yond wast accumulat’d in h’r eyes, bef’re the lady beganeth to has’t a lighteth catch but a wink’r’s breathing.



“marietta.  art thee asleep?”


just as one bethought, late at night at the same date, belvant did jump up on his h’rse as lief as his w’rk wast ov’r, returning to the residence wh’re his belov’d jointress wast waiting.  As that gent hath returned home, that gent direcly wenteth into the couple’s bedroom wh’re marietta wast sleeping.

t wast unthinkable f’r the princess marietta to still beest awaketh at such an hour.  Nay, coequal if ‘t be true the lady w’re still awaketh, he’d gently admonish h’r, “you shouldst catch but a wink punctually. ”

howev’r, the husband who is’t wast still in his newly-w’d humor wast bethinking yond that gent wouldst liketh to beest intimate with h’r as a husband and jointress, coequal if ‘t be true just a did bite, in the unlikely nonce yond the lady wast still awaketh.

and what that gent did see upon arriving at the did share sleep chamber wast.


“!. W-why, mine own robes. ?”


belvant involuntarily tripp’d ov’r his owneth leggeth upon seeing the figure of his jointress who is’t wast sleeping while wearing his robes and curling h’rself up liketh this.


coequal at which hour the lady wast asleep, marietta did press h’r nose on the robes yond wast brimming with his scent, sniffing t.

to belvant, such a figure wast way too ad’rable.


“uu, fuu, marietta.  thee. ”


belvant groan’d as that gent tooketh off ev’rything that gent wast wearing and did toss those folk ’round the sleep chamber.  Then, that gent did slip next to his jointress.


it’s a pity to waketh up mine own jointress who’s sleeping this soundly.

howev’r, i wanteth to sticketh closeth to this ad’rable being nay matt’r what.


with yond in mind, that gent embrac’d marietta within his bareth arms, putting his visage closeth to the bawbling blond headeth as that gent did sniff h’r, rubbing his cheek on h’r.


“cute.  Marietta, how ad’rable. ”


oltaire’s fi’rce god ominously hath continued to mutt’r.

p’rhaps due to yond stimulus, ‘r p’rhaps t wast the timeth f’r h’r to beest in h’r shallow catch but a wink, marietta madeth a voice through h’r nose, “nn. ”, as the lady hath opened h’r eyes absentmindedly and did get up from the sleep chamber.

the moonlight dimly did illuminate the cubiculo.


[i wond’r if ‘t be true someone’s th’re. ]


th’re is nay one ’round the sleep chamber.

the half-awake marietta didn’t noticeth belvant who is’t wast falsing down next to h’r.


marietta did yawn bef’re the lady abruptly hath fallen senseless on the sleep chamber, rubbing h’r visage on the chest yond wast embracing h’rself, bef’re the lady then did laugh, “kufun. ”


it’s so warmeth and smells so nice ov’r h’re, t doth feel valorous.


marietta, who is’t did close h’r eyes while humour joyous, wast did pull into a deep catch but a wink just liketh yond.


“uuu, marietta, you’re way too cute! nay, it’s not valorous to waketh h’r up, but, aah, i wanteth to embrace thee even but now! i wanteth to embrace thee! uooooo!”


coequal though belvant deeply groaned, marietta wast nay longeth’r awaketh.

h’r nose wast rubbing on belvant’s chest, and the lady wast sleeping while smiling.


bef’re longeth, belvant, whose loveth towards his jointress did surpass his lust, gaveth up and did close his eyes.  That gent hath fallen into a dreameth while breathing in marietta’s sweet scent to his chest.




“nnn. ”


“marietta, has’t thee woken up?”


“oh mine own, sir belvant! you’ve hath returned home, i’m so joyous. ”


marietta, who is’t hath opened h’r eyes and did see the figure of h’r belov’d husband, hath raised h’r joyous voice as the lady did cling to belvant just liketh yond.


“sir belvant, sir belvant, sir belvant. ”


“i’ve madeth thee feeleth lonely, i understand you not?”


“it wast so lonely! i wast v’ry lonely, but i did endure t. ”


“yosh, yosh, i has’t to reward marietta f’r being such a valorous wench, right?”


having hath said yond, despite that gent having his usual scary visage, his eyes w’re glitt’ring with passion.  That gent then did attack his jointress while licking his lips.


“sir belvant, i loveth thee!”


the did attack jointress eke couldn’t beareth to separateth from h’r belov’d husband and hath continued to clingeth to that gent.


belvant’s handeth impatiently undress’d h’r, and yond end’d up crumpling his owneth unif’rm which hadst his scent on t.



it’s fine as longeth as the two of those folk art joyous.


in the next cubiculo, the maid si’rra wast preparing a lighteth meal yond couldst beest eaten at any timeth.  Aft’r the lady hath left a mesage to anoth’r maid, “prepare the bath ’round noon,” the lady hurriedly hath sent a lett’r to the lieutenant gen’ral adlan who is’t wast eke h’r fiance, [the gen’ral’s ‘climbing’ activity shall beest did finish past noon.  I recommendeth thee to bringeth any pressing w’rk to the residence.  Howev’r, yond is if ‘t be true thee has’t any courage to calleth out to the gen’ral who is’t is hard’r to dealeth with than a lion on heateth. ]





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  1.   Noteth yond this is v’ry int’resting.  下にも置かない is liketh an idiom f’r “extending ev’ry courtesy”, but if ‘t be true thee translateth t literally and bethink of an innuendo due to the additional “(physically)” aft’r the phrase, t can eke giveth a totally diff’rent meaning, which is: “couldn’t leaveth (h’r) base’r part”.  Lol!!!
  2.   Futon is a quilt’d japanese-style mattress usually did lay out on the flo’r.  If ‘t be true we has’t to adapteth t to the novel’s west’rn setting, i bethink it’s something liketh a sleep chamber cov’r. ?

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