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Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance



Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life


Lady Bertia, who’s become my fiancée, is a bit odd. On our first meeting, she proclaimed herself a villainess noble girl who’s been reincarnated and said that she’s working hard every day to become a splendid flower of evil that’s elegantly put in her place.

I don’t get it.

But she entertains me because I don’t understand.

That’s why I think I’ll observe her for a while.

This is a story of a crown prince who’s so talented and handsome that he’s grown bored of his easy-mode life. A story of this prince observing a self-proclaimed villainess noble girl (who seems perfect at first but is a bit off) who’s become his fiancée as she snatches flags and breaks them into pieces.


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Table of Content:

No RAW Source from Syosetu (it has been taken down), if you want to support the author, please kindly purchase her books from the available choices here.

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  1. Can you indicate Arc/Volume boundaries?

  2. Are translating the light novel or the web one?

  3. Anu chance for Chapter 16?

  4. I like this story very much.. it seems different from other novels with the same theme because it’s POV from male protagonist.. It’s a pity not everyone can understand japanese and english to read this great story. Can I ask you a favor? can I translate this story from your translation to my language, bahasa Indoensia in my wattpad account? It’s really a great help for my friends (especially my sister) that wanna read this story but cann’t understand english… thank you very much before that..

    • LynneSuzuran

      January 19, 2019 at 3:11 am

      Aww I’m so sorry for my late reply!
      There was someone who once contacted me to translate this translation to Indonesia as well, but there was no news yet whether they have done so or not, so in case there hasn’t been any translation, please feel free to do so! I just hope you will add the source to the novel’s TOC at the very least, so people will know from where you translated it from, since it would be a translation of translation, so some things might not get portrayed as the original anymore, haha.
      Please tell me if you’ve done so as I will also put the link to your translation in the TOC ^^

  5. Chapter 16.1 above are still not linked in the ToC. Are there any problems in the site?

  6. Curious but if the RAW source has been taken down then does that mean you won’t be able to translate anymore or you saved the text just in case meaning you can still manage to translate till the very end?

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