Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance 18.4

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Chapter 18

Bertia 18 Years Old (2)



Part 4/4

Translated by LynneSuzuran & Senhiro


Now then, this is a conversation that happened later on…


“C-C-Cecil-sama!! This is terrible!!”

“Hm? What’s the matter?”


Bertia rushed over to me when I’d just finished my official duties and returned to our shared chambers.

With that kind of look of panic on her, I tilted my head and mused about whether it was the usual thing again. I excitedly wondered what kind of subject would pop up today as I sat down on the sofa and listened attentively.

Incidentally, Bertia tried to pull up a stool to sit in front of me, but I pulled her over to sit next to me.


“I, ever since I became the crown princess, I intended to put my memory of my previous life to full use and aimed to be a [domestic cheat], but…”

Yup, I don’t understand her, as usual.


“Tia, first things first, can you explain to me about this [domestic cheat]?”

“In the world of my previous life, civilization was highly advanced. Compared to this world now, it had developed much further in many areas. That’s why, I thought of using that knowledge for the development of this country. And yet… and yetttt!!”


Her eyes were teary and her expression looked like she’d just received quite a shock.

I gently rubbed her back to calm her down as I urged her to continue.


“I know that there are lots and lots of things that can be useful for this country. Despite that, I, I, in my previous life, I hadn’t studied properly, so even if I know something existed, I don’t understand how it was constructeeeeed!”


Bertia began to cry while burying her face in my chest as if she was hurling herself at me.

I was happy to think that we could embrace each other upfrontly like this since we’ve become husband and wife, but… her power was a little bit too excessive that I was about to have a coughing fit. To put it simply, it hurt.


“I, since I ended up snatching Cecil-sama away from the heroine, I thought I’d do my best to become a crown princess who’s useful to the country, but I can’t do iiiiitt!!”

“Tia, calm down? You’re plenty useful, okay?”


It should go without saying, the reason I’m putting this much effort into official matters is because you are staying by my side.

Since you treasure the people of this country, I also consider treasuring them.

With just that alone, I think you’re playing a big role as the crown princess.

But, not only that…




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“Tia, you recently received letters from the princesses and daughters of influential nobles here and there, right?”

“Yeah, everyone is doing very well.”

“Among them, there were some that asked you for advice on planning a wedding ceremony, right?”

“I received some praise about how the direction of our wedding ceremony was so dreamy. Because of that, they told me that they wanted to use it as a reference for their own wedding ceremony!!”

“I heard that there were some people who wanted to pay you to consider directing their wedding ceremony, is that right?”

“Now that you mention it, some people were indeed like that. Princess Lisona of the Umyerb country also brought it up the other day.”

“Aah, the princess whose eyes became bloodshot during the [bouquet toss], huh? It seems she found an ideal husband after that and became engaged to him. …Hey, Tia. A wedding ceremony for a member of royalty is a huge event, right?”

“That’s right. I heard that the preparations can even take a year depending on the person.”

“Right. Furthermore, there is also a need to make an extravagant display out of it, so there are many who try to conduct the perfect ceremony without holding back on cost. It holds that much importance.”

“Cecil-sama also listened to a lot of my selfishness back then.”

“That’s because your selfishness is adorable, though it didn’t cost that much money… but putting that aside, does Tia understand the significance of them requesting your cooperation for such an important event?”



I smiled wryly at Bertia who tilted her head looking like she didn’t understand the meaning of my words.

She was as obtuse to these kinds of things as always..


“A foreign country’s royal is going to be involved in such an important event for the whole country. It’s such a good opportunity to display the intimacy between the two countries, and apart from [receiving their request], it’s quite advantageous if we also have request for them. We essentially ‘sold’ to them a debt of gratitude they’d be obligated to fulfill. Moreover, it’s not only royalty who splurge on weddings, but nobles do as well, so if you just ‘sell’ these requests made of you, they will become quite the string of ‘revenue.’ And if you start that as a ‘business,’ that’s pretty good, I think?”

“It’s the [domestic cheat]!!”

“No, I don’t really understand what that is, but… for the time being, Princess Lisona’s country and her spouse’s country occupy key places where we are expanding our country’s naval routes, so can you get along well with them for me? I’d be very happy about it.”

“Please leave it to me!! Because Princess Lisona’s moe points are identical… because our preferences match, I’m quite excited to talk about her wedding ceremony. We are going to have lots of collaborations as friends just like this!!”

“When monetary matters are involved, you can discuss it with me or Miss Joanna and the others, okay?”

If I leave it all to Bertia, I’m worried because she is a little bit too much of an easy mark.



“Cecil-sama, I can at least count money!!”

“Since there will be quite a bit of money involved, we must get some people to review it. The people who are entrusted with the country’s accounting are also constantly checking one another’s work, whether there is any mistake or not, right? It’s something like that (although it’s a bit different).”

“I see, it’s [double checking], right?”

“Double? Yup, it’s surely that. Anyway, let’s have someone accompany you so that there won’t be any mistakes (in the correspondence in the letters), okay?”

“I understand!! Please [double check] properly so that there won’t be any mistake (in the amount of money)!!”

“Yeah, I’ll entrust it to you.”

“Please leave it to me!!”



Several months after that, an information magazine on marriage by the name of “Barty,” written by Bertia, was published, and it won tremendous popularity with women who dreamt of marrying. However, at that time, I hadn’t predicted it at all.



“Tia really wants to please me, huh?”

“I want Cecil-sama to experience a lot of happiness!!”


With you just being by my side, you’ve already made me happy and amused. Despite that, you still intend to make me even happier, huh?

With this, I will no longer be able to take my eyes from my self-proclaimed villainess wife, won’t I?

Well, I also have no intention of letting you go.



“Tia, let’s be happy together from now on, okay?”





Author’s Note:

The happy end?

With this, [Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess’ Fiance] has come to an end.

Thank you very much to everyone who has read the novel so far.

I hope to see you again soon.



Translator’s Note:

The author’s end-note made me think that this was really the end O_O I had to recheck the existence of the third extra chapter, and no problem, we still have one more extra chapter to go (It will be divided into 3 parts)!! I’m excited for the last extra! Care to guess what it might be about?




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