Small Sage Level 1 – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Side Story: Argo Owen’s Shock


To be honest, I doubted my own eyes in that very moment.


The countless arrows that were falling from the sky so abruptly. The thunder-attributed arrows fired from the sky at the same time as that small hand moved.


The lightning and thunderous sound were so strong it made my eyes dazzled.


After that brief moment that felt like an eternity passed by, the slime that was just there vanished, and not even a single part remained. Judging by how the ground that was hit by the arrows turned hollow, the magic’s power was surely earth-staggering.


The shock was strong enough that I was still trembling due to the chill that I felt on my skin.


Am I scared…?

This me, towards such a small child’s…?


The child called as Yuuri Kujou appeared on top of a tall hill near the magical forest. He didn’t find it suspicious for a child to be on that place alone.


The fort paid meticulous care towards its defense.

In the first place, the Ares kingdom’s fort existed in order to subdue the monsters that appeared from the Demon Forest.

The fort’s walls were imbued with strong defensive magical barrier, and it was impossible to be trespassed even from the sky. Although it couldn’t prevent the kind of monsters close to a calamity existence such as dragons, monsters on the level of Blood Eagle couldn’t break through the barrier and enter the fort.


With the threat of Demon Forest, if we weren’t united to defeat the demon king, let alone a country, the world might have been ruined. Thus, the kingdom wouldn’t be hostile towards other countries save for the Demon Empire, and there was little to no concern about foreign country invasion.


Especially since Ares kingdom’s neighboring countries were the nameless Elven country and Urg, the beast’s kingdom. Both of them were on friendly terms with humans, so there was no need to be on alert for invasion.


But the problem lies within the Ares kingdom.

Kaiser fort has been involved in war several times by now. Each and every war was caused by the throne succession.


Currently, the Ares kingdom was divided into two factions: the king faction and the royal prince’s faction.

The royal prince—in other words, our leader, Leonhart-sama didn’t have any plan on usurping the throne.

However, a lot of people wanted to set him up, being the hero he was.


And then, this child appeared suddenly in front of that hero.


Be it coincidence or not, as the vice leader in the Izel Fort, it was necessary for me to carefully ascertain the matter.


But Yuuri didn’t show any reaction when I purposely jumped from behind her with bloodlust, or even when Amanda aimed for her vital spots while pretending to hug her.

Amanda and I could only love this nothing but innocent child.


Was she really an ordinary child, or was she an expert that was trained not to react at all towards the other party’s bloodlust…?


There was little to no evidence for us to make a decision about that right now. Since she claimed to be a lost child, she would be taken care in the Izel fort, under my and Amanda’s monitoring. We had to notify the other fort dwellers to have little to no contact with her.


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However, Yuuri showed a mind-blowing power to me.


This child isn’t a spy, nor is she an assassin.


A magician possessing such an earth-staggering power wouldn’t specially be used as a spy.

This child alone can easily destroy a whole country.


So young, and yet this magical power…

I wonder how much power she will hold once she grows up.


I’m sure that this child is who she claimed to be—the daughter of an influential person from a country called as ‘Japan’.1

Since she was asleep at that hill, I wonder if she was somehow involved in a power struggle then was moved to that place while asleep.


Perhaps the light arrows from earlier could be seen even from the fort.

The leaders would surely come running over here in no time.


When they comes here, we will have to discuss about Yuuri’s future.


We have to protect this pure child to not be involved in the adults’ ulterior motives.


But before that, if we don’t train her magic, her power might be too strong that it could even destroy the fort someday.

Still, even though there are researches about enhancing one’s magical power, will there be researches about holding one’s magical power…?


The overflowing cycle of monsters.

Then, a girl who possessed an earth-staggering magical power.


Something whose existence was too impossible to happen that one could even laugh upon thinking about it…the two of them were here in complete set.


–Something will occur.

I have that hunch.



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  1. He mentioned ‘Japan’ in katakana: ニホン. Usage of katakana (despite the term having kanji) indicates the user’s not knowing of the term said.

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