The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 17 Part 2

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Chapter 17

Wolves are Creatures that Dote on Their Lover


Part 2/2

A kiss?

Me, to a man?


“Your parents also do the same thing, no?”

“Yes, they do…they do. But…”

“Then, let’s do it too, okay?”


Sara’s face reddened as she averted her eyes in embarrassment. Her adorable lips that were like flower petals were slightly opened as it moved up and down.

Reidrick’s chest tightened seeing such an adorable her.


(Kuh, I’d like to eat those rosebud-like lips. I want to lick the sweet and soft lips all over, then taste them until they swell. And after tasting them, I want to put my tongue in and entwine mine with hers…No, I can’t, I have to endure it!)


Tonight, Reidrick’s mental endurance was also wonderful.

As expected of the one who was boasted to be the strongest soldier in the knight troops.


“Now, Sara. Kiss your fiance.”

Hearing Reidrick’s words, Sara gulped. Then, with a tense expression, she approached the beautiful man in front of her with her face.



“N? What?”

“Please close your eyes…It’s embarrassing.”


The red-faced beauty said with her teary eyes.


(Guuh, how adorable! If I don’t close my eyes, my mental endurance will…!)


Without leaking any of his thoughts, Reidrick obediently closed his eyes.

And finally, those lips softly touched something soft and warm.


“…I did it.”

“It’s over just like that?”

“I-I properly did it.”


Overcome with embarrassment, Sara’s waist moved about bashfully.

With that as a stimulus, Reidrick found it increasingly harder to endure.


(No, no, I shouldn’t let her know. It will be okay as long as Sara doesn’t know)


It was fortunate that there was a gap between Sara and Reidrick’s bodies, for Sara didn’t notice that Reidrick’s rowdy wiener grew harder.


“Sara…I know that it’s hard for you, but I’m sorry…can we do it one more time?”

“Eh, that is…”

Sara was trembling.


“See, I’m closing my eyes.”

Reidrick closed his eyes, exposing his defenseless face to Sara.


(He’s really a man with beautiful facial features. That might be why he is naturally popular…)


Sara felt like she wanted to touch Reidrick’s long eyelashes, and she was flustered at such thoughts.


(No way, what happened to me…?)


“Sara, not yet?”

Tired of waiting, Reidrick asked with a voice that contained laughter.


“Aah, I’m sorry.”

Sara renewed her determination, looked at Reidrick’s lips, and her heart was thumping again.


(That’s wrong, I’m only doing it because Rei asked me to, it’s not like I want to touch these lips.)

She shook her head.


“What a troublesome bride. It can’t be helped, shall I do it, then?”

Saying that, Reidrick opened his eyes and laughed. Then, he put his tongue out and licked Sara’s lips.



Hugging Sara’s waist as she was surprised, Reidrick used the tip of his tongue to lick Sara’s lips, nose tip, and her face.


“Yaa, Rei, yan…”

Sara bent her body backward as she was feeling ticklish while Reidrick was licking her neck. When he licked the sensitive part of her body, namely the back of her ear, Sara raised her sweet voice.


“Yaan, ahn, no, aahn…”

(Uwaa, this is bad. I will not be able to stop.)

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Reidrick didn’t want to scare Sara by attacking her passionately, so he desperately tried to put on the brakes. Reidrick gave up the idea of gnawing Sara’s ear with his front teeth.


“Geez, Rei, please stop mimicking a dog’s behavior.”

“I’m not a dog, I am a wolf—”

Reidrick said as he was gnawing on Sara’s ear. Sara, whose ears were sensitive, writhed, “Aaahn!”


“Haa, hahahahaha, did that surprise you? Take this as an experience, so that you can properly kiss me next time, Sara!”

Curbing down his heart that wanted to eat up Sara, Reidrick sonorously laughed before he put Sara down on the bed.


“But you worked hard, Sara. Tonight, we’re quite getting closer to each other. We will continue tomorrow, as Sol wants to see you, so I’m sending him later.”

Reidrick went towards the room’s exit as he pulled his hips a bit. Then, after saying, “Good night, Sara,” he left.


“Good night…?”

Tilting her head in confusion over Reidrick’s sudden withdrawal, Sara muttered alone.





Returning to his own room with a bent back, Reidrick threw off his clothes as he went to the bathroom.


With his hands on the wall, Reidrick groaned.

His male part completely disregarded gravity as it stood up straight to the sky.


“What’s with that cuteness! Sara’s cuteness is such a dangerous weapon, kissing me with her adorable face reddening, then letting out such a voice! This is bad, really bad, just how in the world a husband who came after licking his wife’s neck exist?! Aah, really, Sara, cute Sara! ‘Ahn,’ she said that, ‘Ahn’! I want to lick her body all over, I want to lick the red tips of her breasts with my tongue, playing with them, sweetly gnawing them, until she cries out ‘ahn, ahn’!”


With tears running down her face, Sara cried under Reidrick.

(Ahn, aaahn, no more…)

(It’s not ‘no more’, isn’t it? Look, this part of my body has become this hard, you know?)

(Hyaan, don’t bite on it!)

(Understood, then I will tease it with my tongue. See, how is it, don’t you like it? Hm?)

(Aaahn, noo, have mercy, Rei, please.)

(Look, look, doesn’t it feel good? I won’t understand if you just cry. Try saying how do you want it?)

(Aah, Rei, Rei, you’re mean.)

(Hahaha, it feels good over here, right? Now, what do you want? Try begging for it.)

(Rei’s…I want Rei’s big thing, please, give me.)

(Where do you want it? Where do you want it be inserted in?)

(Iyaahn, there, over there, my…)


“My thing to Sara’s…to Sarah’s…kuuuuuh!!!”

Reidrick was filled up this much just by his fiancee’s light kiss.

His right hand was of great service tonight, too.


Reidrick was heaving a rough breath for a moment, before he bathed himself in the hot water, cleaning his own body.


“Now then, I have another work to do.”

He was a lycanthrope prince who was brimming with desire to be petted.



Author’s Note:

How sweet!

It was sweeter than mashed sweet potatoes and rolled omelette!

Then, we’re going to have Sol petted as he swung his tail vigorously in the next chapter.



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