The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 18 Part 2

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Chapter 18

I’m Not Behaving Like A Spoiled Child! I Only Want to be Slightly Petted!


Part 2/2

As his feelings welled up, Reidrick was licking Sara’s face, neck, and ears as he kept howling, “Hau, hau”. He poked his nose at the breasts part of Sara’s sleepwear, licking there. As he inserted his nose deep, deeply, finally he managed to lick the two white bulges.


“Ah, no, you can’t do that, stop it, Sol.”

(Aah, these tapering parts would be the crown of Sara’s breasts, aren’t they? They’re getting hard, then I will twine my tongue around them, aah, how cute!)

The wolf worked hard at his obscene deed.


“Aahn, stop, I said.”

Letting out such a sweet voice, Sara pulled out the wolf’s head from her breasts.


“Geez, really! Bad dog! Didn’t I tell you no? You see, Sol-chan might not get it, but this part is a woman’s precious place, so Sol-chan can’t touch it.”

(That doesn’t matter, does it? You are my bride after all.)

“Only my husband can touch that place. Therefore…”

Sara said with a small voice as her cheeks blushed.


“The one who can touch this part is only Rei…you see…?”

The moment he heard that, the fur on Sol’s body, be it from its head ‘til his tail, stood on its end.

(Only…I…can touch it, huh?)

He opened his golden eyes wide.


(Just now, she certainly said that only I could touch it, right? Those soft and tender breasts, Sara’s breasts, I can touch, rub, lick, suck, and gnaw…)

No, she didn’t say it to that extent.


(Such a thing! To think that Sara accepts me to that extent! Aah, Sara, my adorable Sara! I want to do it right now, I want to rub it-!)

She didn’t ask to be rubbed.


Reidrick barked, “Uhauu!” and due to the uncontainable joy, he jumped from the bed and circled around at the spot.

(Aah, but I can’t rub her in this form. Should I return to my room, return to being human, and then rub her? No, that seems unnatural, it’s strange for me to visit her room just so I can rub her, what should I do to make the flow seem natural for me to rub her? Aah, this is bad, I’m way too excited, this is bad.)

The area between his crotch became bad.



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(It’s no good, I can’t endure it, it seems like I’m turning human again.)

“Sol-chan, aren’t you sleepy yet?”

(Goodbye, Sara! Today I can’t rub you!)

Whispering in his heart with pain, Reidrick jumped to the balcony and ran towards the forest.


“Really, that child, he always returns in no time whenever I get sleepy.”

The oblivious Sara closed the window which was just open before she got to the bed and slept.

Thus, the wolf with a weird way of running entered the forest, turned into a human, and went on to destroy the nature.

Do your best, forest.




The next day, there was a report coming from the king’s brother, Prince Reiselt who was travelling abroad. Therefore, the royal family’s members and the prime minister, along with Mianna who wanted to participate no matter what—all of them were having a tea party.


Reiselt was Reidrick’s direct older brother, but his blond hair and bluish purple eyes were just like his nephew, Shuudel’s.

With his kind demeanor and appearance, everyone who met him would immediately relax their guard. Making the best use of that trait, Reiselt took over the diplomatic activities with foreign countries and flew around abroad.

He was still a bachelor, and it was said that he was now vehemently courting a certain widow which was his subordinate.


“Not just Shuudel, but even Reidrick was going to be settled! I’m so happy to hear such wonderful news.”

Reiselt said with a charming face that ended up loosening even the other guards in no time. Looking at that face, Shuudel used his hands to cover Mianna’s eyes, telling, “Don’t look too much.”


“Oh my, oh my, Shuudel is completely engrossed with the lovely princess.”

“I don’t want this person to look at men other than me. I want her heart to be filled to brim by me, but she’s interested in many places just like a fickle little bird…that I want to put a chain on her and lock her up…”

“Ooh, Mother-in-Law!”

Mianna escaped from Shuudel’s arms and hid behind Queen Rosalie.


“Shuudel, you can’t! You can’t lock her up!”

The mother didn’t want her son to turn into a criminal.


“No, Mother. I was just kidding.”

“Please stop making such a bad joke. Look, Mianna is quite frightened, don’t you see?”

“Oh, really, even if she’s frightened, her face is still adorable…”

“I hate hearing confinement even if it’s just a joke.”

“Sorry, Mianna. That’s not gonna happen, don’t be afraid, come here.”


Mianna slowly revealed her figure from within the queen’s shadow before she trottingly returned to Shuudel’s side.

Shuudel locked her in his arms.


“My cute Mianna, I love you.”

Shuudel’s doting on Mianna was the same as usual that the royals other than Reiselt were all tired of it, but Reiselt who just saw it for the first time was amazed.




“By the way, what about Reidrick’s fiancee? Are they doing well?”

“Yeah, Sara! About that…”

Reiselt was reflexively drawn to his younger brother whose sexual appeal leaked out as his eyes turned red.


“Ooh, you’ve changed, too! Feels like you’re a different person.”

The elder brother said to his younger brother who experienced his puberty/first love.


“Still, I’m really happy to hear that you’ve found a woman you love. Thank goodness.”

“Yes, Elder Brother.”

“Then, have you talked to your fiancee about your unique body condition?”

“…Not yet, Elder Brother.”

“Not yet? If you’re getting married, you definitely have to tell her. Will the woman mind it?”

“Sara loves animals, he also loves wolves, she’s a very kind woman…”


Since he had done this and that—all that various things with Sara, Reidrick couldn’t tell that he was Sol.

How angry would Sara be if she were to know the truth? …She might even instantly kill him with a silver arrow.

Thinking about that, Reidrick fell into an endless depression.



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