The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 19 Part 2

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Chapter 19

Accidental Premonition and Fascinating Evening Party


Part 2/2

“His Highness Prince Reidrick has arrived.”


The preliminary announcer arrived first.

Apparently, Reidrick was educated by the stubborn maids, as he was taught neatly about the protocol of visiting a lady’s room.


“Please excuse me, Sara…How beautiful!”

Entering the room, Reidrick was at a loss of words.


“Aah, I’ve never met such a beautiful woman like you before…Or are you not a human, but a fairy? A fairy or a goddess born from the moon?”

“My, Reidrick-sama, your flattery is excessive.”


Sara chuckled.

Although it was a compliment that set one’s teeth on the edge, it didn’t feel bad, perhaps it was because of Reidrick’s golden pupils that radiated ardour the moment he looked at Sara.


Then, Reidrick’s figure that day was different from how he usually was.


His clothes were white just like Sara’s, but it was embroidered with silver thread. Then, the coat was purple.

The knight’s clothes that were used for formal use was evidently using Sara’s hair and eyes’ color scheme. Its line was firm that his shoulder area was locked tense and supported his whole body, that no women wouldn’t be able to resist but become fascinated by him.

As a proof, Sara’s three maids were sucking their breaths, “Hoo…,” without saying anything.


Then, even Sara was fascinated by his beautiful appearance.


(What a lovely figure…He has always been smiling as he hugged and lifted me up and turned me around, so I haven’t really taken a good look at Rei, but truly…he’s a truly charming person…)


“Uhm…It really suits Reidrick-sama.”


Having been praised by Sara whose cheeks blushed in embarrassment, Reidrick’s chest reflexively tightened, his nonexistent tail wagging, as Reidrick laughed happily. His laugh was too sweet that Sara became bewildered, turning even redder.


(What should I do, if he were to look at me with such eyes, I…For some reason, my chest is acting weird).


Reidrick’s feelings welled up looking at the adorable Sara’s shyness.


“Thank you, Sara. From the bottom of my heart, I feel happy to be able to stand by your side tonight.”

Saying that, Reidrick knelt in front of Sara as he took her hand and put his lips on top of it.


“Ah, Rei…”

“Sara, I love you. Please stay by my side forever.”



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Hearing Reidrick’s words, Sara’s eyes widened.

His Highness Prince Reidrick said that he loved me?


Reidrick was still kneeling down as he earnestly looked at Sara, as if inquiring Sara’s love.

His eyes conveyed how deeply he felt for Sara, causing her to have her breath caught.


“I vow to only love you for my whole life.”


What the heck does this mean?

Was he not marrying me [just because]?

To say that he loved me, that couldn’t be…


Sara was flustered at Reidrick’s proposal, for she thought that it was a political marriage of convenience just to silence the others.


“I’m not thinking that I will get your love right away, but…I wish you’d want to walk together with me for a lifetime. Then, I wish that you will come to love me someday, just a little bit is fine…Can you grant me that dream?”

“U-uhm, I…”


Sara’s tongue was tied as her face turned red due to the sudden ardent confession. Reidrick then stood up and hugged Sara.


“Aah, I didn’t mean to trouble you. I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I have never loved anyone else like this, and I’d like to thank you for it.”



Sara’s heart was beating fast as she felt dizzy due to her emotions for the first time.

Reidrick dropped a kiss at Sara whose whole body was leaning towards his embrace.


“I will never leave you for my whole lifetime. I love you.”



Being wrapped up by the scent that she had grown used to, Sara felt happiness that caused her chest to tighten and her eyes became teary.





“Your Highness, Prince Reidrick and the Earl’s daughter of Frontier Illkia, Sara Griosta!”


The names of the two leading stars today were being called sonorously.

Reidrick smiled at Sara as his left arm felt Sara’s warmth that was soothing his heart. The two of them walked towards the evening party’s venue with linked arms.


(I wonder why, from earlier, my heart continues to thump.)


With her flushed cheeks, Sara was being escorted by Reidrick.


“Oh my, his Highness, Prince Reidrick! He looks so dreamy tonight, too…”

“He is fearless and beautiful, look at that face…Then, his strong body…He’s perfect.”

“Hey, is it true that he’s getting engaged?”

“No way, I won’t forgive someone who’s monopolizing him.”


Such were the whisperings among the women.


“Isn’t that…Sara Griosta? The Ice Princess?”

“No way, this is a lie, she’s just like another person!”

“She isn’t like a doll at all…Her cloudy purple eyes are beautiful…She’s way too beautiful…!”

“Princess Sara, I can’t believe it, no, I think that she is beautiful, but…to think that she’s such a charming princess…”

“Her rose-like cheeks are so pretty, and look at her smiling lips…She doesn’t look like the Ice Princess at all, does she? Just what the heck is happening?”


Her beauty and innocence as she smiled with her pink cheeks dyed in shyness as she entrusted her arm to Reidrick caused all the people present in the evening party be shocked.


“This is troublesome, Sara is too adorable, bad bugs might approach her.”

Reidrick muttered.


“Listen, Saran. Do not dance with men other than me. Then, you must not touch them. You can only speak two words with them.”

“My, only two words?”

“That’s right, only two words. Anyway, think of men other than me as beasts.”

The number one beast said.


“I understand. …I won’t be away from Rei.”

As Sara said that with her innocent face, she tightened her arm that was linked with the serious-looking Reidrick’s arm.


(Uwaaaaaaa-! Cute! How cute, Sara! What is with this adorable creature?! I feel like she’s going to kill me with her adorableness, that’s right!)


Although he was behaving like a fine young nobleman, Reidrick was violently agonizing inside his heart.


Author’s Note:

Finally, Reidrick professed his love to Sara~!

Then, Sara’s heart came to throb in front of him. She is also a late bloomer.

Now then, now then, soon they will be lovey dovey (v/peace sign).



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