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Chapter 37

The Siege War in Everal Frontier 3



Part 2/2


First, the giant had to pretend that it was making its charge towards the Everal Castle. Thus, once the path was created, Alan and the others would run through it along with Margrave Vayne’s party.

Fortunately, the margrave and his party weren’t that far away, and the path was opened by the golem’s menace.

On top of it, thanks to the smoke Reggie raised, the nearby enemy soldiers couldn’t quickly rush towards the castle gate.

They would be able to come near the gate quite easily.

In the meantime, I had to start attacking the Ruain army.


Thanks to Cain-san supporting me, I was able to concentrate on just running the golem around.

How many people were crushed? How many people were kicked flying? Just as my head was about to be chaotic, I finally discovered the place of my destination.


A place surrounded by tenfold knights.

After finding some middle-aged men wearing gorgeously decorated cloaks in the center of several mounted knights, I locked my eyes there and ran through them without stopping.


Once we passed through them, the giant earth doll turned around.

I thought of checking it.

Did I manage to kill them properly? I had to check it.

That thought sent chills down my spine. I felt nauseated, and the magic that was being transmitted to the golem was almost interrupted. The golem’s left arm came off to become soil and fell down.


The next moment, Cain-san pressed his own chest forward, concealing my visual field.


“Please hurry. Continue making this giant go forward just as it is.”


‘Yup,’ that word didn’t come out of my mouth in one piece. However, I moved the golem’s legs forward in accordance to what Cain-san said.


The golem which stopped its feet before, now resumed its run once again.

This time, I lied face-down in order to not get hit by the arrows at all. I kept on holding on to the golem’s fences.

If not, I might end up falling and throwing up on the spot.


Cain-san noticed my condition and blocked my view. If I were to look at the scenery, I might be shocked and the golem that I tried to maintain might even crumble down.


“Just 10 more steps.”

Being told that, I raised my face, with my heart feeling slightly calmer.

The front army became disorganized as they were running about trying to escape from the giant earth doll (golem) who ran again. Still, their struggle continued even when they reached the castle gate.


Apparently, there were diligent knights and their subordinate soldiers among the enemies, and their number was even more than expected. Perhaps they were trying to rouse the situation as they pushed aside Alan and the others, trying to get inside.

The gate had to be opened in order to usher in the margrave and the others from outside. To the enemies, that was also a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ chance. That was even more the case especially since the giant earth doll (golem) was allying itself by Faruzia’s side.

Alan and his allies restrained them, while the other people were slipping inside through the thinly opened gate in order to take refuge there.



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I planned to help Alan and the others.

Yet, despite the fact that I couldn’t think very clearly due to my fatigue, I could tell that I couldn’t enter the castle without driving away the enemies.

I also thought of jumping the rampart, but the golem would crumble down as soon as I become distant from it.

If the sandbags from the golem’s parts were to pile up near the rampart, it would create a mountain the enemies could climb to enter the castle. That would be troublesome, so under any circumstances, I should deconstruct the ideas beforehand.

Therefore, I made the golem go down to its knees. However…



My master who had kept quiet inside the bag on my back suddenly screamed.

I made a mistake in the golem’s extent of movement, as it fell down way too fast. Cain-san also gasped at the sensation similar to a free fall at the amusement park.

As I didn’t like roller coaster, I ended up being no good at the pressure and ultimately lost control of the golem.


The soil crumbled.

Thanks to the fact that only the loosely adhered parts and the tender soil fell, the shock of being thrown down wasn’t that terrible.

I understood that I had failed, but I got no time to remorse now.

I tried to get up, but my arms and legs were trembling that I couldn’t do it. Even so, there was a person who held me up in his arms. I managed to confirm it with my eyes that were only thinly opened. It was Cain-san who accompanied me.


“Please hang in there!”

Cain-san said that as he ran.

However, the enemy won’t let the opportunity to defeat the magician slip.

Just as I thought that Cain-san was carrying me on his shoulder, I felt my stomach shrink at the sound of irons clashing.


At our surroundings, there were only Ruain’s soldiers running to chase after us.

Alan then came running on his horse as if to cover up for us. He was wielding a spear that he might have acquired somewhere else, while being on a horseback.

He mowed down four soldiers in one go.

It was a physical power that I couldn’t obtain by any means, and one could see how admirable he was in the middle of war, that it wouldn’t be shameful for him to obtain the title of the protagonist.

During that time, Cain-san took me and ran.


Still, we were quite troubled by the path we must take.

Our allies in blue cloaks were mixed with the enemies in black. There was only one person who stood up among them all—that was me, and only me.

A girl who was being carried.

With that alone, I was noticeable amidst the soldiers consisted of only muscular men, even if I didn’t like it. Cain-san, who was carrying me as he ran, was also gasping for air.


Despite that, I couldn’t tell him to just abandon me.

I don’t want to die. I ran from place to place because of that thought. That was why I couldn’t give up on my survival although I wasn’t able to do it with my own strength.

Therefore, I could only apologize to Cain-san and Alan.

As I was getting fed up with myself for being like that, there was one voice that caused me to open my eyes which were tightly closed.



The voice was coincidentally heard when Cain-san was fixing my position in his arms.

Along with the voice, the front gate was opened widely, and the soldiers were rushing out as if they were sliding down.

The rushing spear-wielding soldiers buried the enemy soldiers that Alan’s subordinate soldiers were fighting in succession.


Thus, I moved into the gate along with Alan and the others, as if I was being absorbed in.

An iron fence descended at the closed gate.

The noise became more distant in an instant, and I could tell that I was so relieved.

I finally reached the limit I could hold on to maintain my consciousness.

Unable to bear it anymore, I closed my eyelids. My consciousness faded away as my neck loosened.

I just felt that someone touched my cheek.


“You are stupid…”

I felt the sensation of being snatched away from Cain-san’s arms to someone else’s embrace. I vaguely knew who it was from the arms’ strength and the familiar scent.

Reggie was still alive.

At that moment, I felt so relieved. However, my consciousness was at its limit, and so everything turned pitch black just as it was.




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