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Side Story 1

The Strange Encounter ~Cain Wentworth’s Situation~



Author’s Note:

This is the story that happened before and after the chapter “The Siege War in Everal Frontier 1”.


Why did it come to this?


Cain stared at the object in front of him fixedly.

The reddish brown color of the bisque porcelain was good, but wouldn’t a doll made of the soil crumble? That was what he thought, but it seemed to be all right.


Still, those huge eyes that were like a dragonfly’s.

There were strange constrictions, making the doll’s torso look like it was 3-4 heads long.

It could be said that the strange design was quite artistic, just like the archeological findings from the ancient ruins. But in any case, it was a weird-shaped doll.

Cain thought that he could only create things resembling an old man’s figure or at least things shaped like a bear or rabbit, so he was left speechless.


Thus, Cain recalled.

That he had ever visited her room. He could only look over Kiara’s shoulders as she welcomed him at the doorway, but he thought that there was nothing that emitted similar presence like that clay figure.

It was quite ordinary.

Or rather, he thought that it was way too plain for a female’s room.


If it was the room of a female her age, it would be adorned with stuffed dolls and covers with cute patterns. However, is Kiara completely not interested in that kind of thing?

At most, a frilly cushion was sighted, and it was easy to tell that it was from the maid, Maya.


…Cain felt that Maya’s hobby was something hard to understand.

He heard that there was once a knight who was dating her and entrusted her to fix the frayed spot on his coat. For some reason, it was restored with the additional frills on the cuff, under the pretext of “Because I had some time to spare”.

As a matter of fact, there were various anecdotes such as how the Madame Beatrice’s handkerchief that Maya made was fully equipped with frills, and Cain even witnessed that in actuality.



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Anyway, moving on from that, could it be that Kiara… didn’t decorate her room to her own liking because her taste was peculiar?

Then, wouldn’t the doll she created just now be a manifestation of her taste?

Kiara who finished using her magic was also looking at the clay figure she created by herself in a blank amazement for a short while.




Since she said that as if she was muttering, it was surely an unexpected situation even for her, too.

…As expected, you unconsciously created it that way, didn’t you, Kiara-san?


While Cain was trembling at Kiara’s taste, light rose up from the old man’s mouth that could no longer move. Immediately after that, something akin to a piece of a red stone emerged.

It then disappeared as if it was dissolving at the clay figure’s body.


It was a fantastical spectacle… or it should have been.

For Cain, it was his first time witnessing magic, so he was slightly moved by it. However, since the origin was an old man with a strange laughing style, and the destination was a weird doll, his amazement withered due to the peculiar forms.


“Oooh, so this is my new body!”


When that doll began to speak, the outrageousness increased more and more.

Thank goodness it was a success.

He wanted to say so, but the corner of his mouth turned stiff and words couldn’t come out.


The other knights and Alan, as well as everyone else, they were all dumbfounded at the clay figure Kiara created.

He felt a little bit relieved looking at their expressions. He could reaffirm that his feelings weren’t weird at all.

Then, they were on the way to return to the castle.


“Hey, Wentworth…”

When they were taking a break after moving for around one hour, Alan sneakily began to talk.


“Why did Kiara create such an outrageous thing? Not to mention putting a person’s soul there, no matter how you think of it, her preference is bad.”

“She will hear you.”


As expected, it will still hurt when you are told that your preference is bad, even if you understand it. That was why, Cain was being careful, but Alan’s mouth didn’t stop there.


“I mean, try to think about it, how that thing will walk in the corridor in the middle of the night! People will get the jitters even if they’re not children… If it becomes that way, it wouldn’t be unthinkable that our castle will be branded as a haunted castle, would it?”

“Not really… Because it’s already a castle where dead people are rising.”


It is a castle which has endured countless siege wars. There are a lot of corpses buried in its surroundings, and there are a lot of people dying inside the castle, too.

Cain wondered if it is too late to mind about ghosts now.


“Could it be that Alan-sama is scared of ghosts?”

“No, it’s not like I’m afraid of ghosts… I have never seen them, but my great great grandfather had ever encountered one during one of his patrols, a ghost that had been wandering about for around 10 years or so. I was told that he wouldn’t be able to forget it even if he passed away, and he was being laughed by the townspeople because of it. This kind of story is a little bit embarrassing, isn’t it?”

Seeing how he didn’t seem to be scared, this must be Alan’s honest feelings, then.


“That’s why, with that doll walking around, and in the meantime, people will start getting used to talking normally with that doll, won’t they? Then, it would mean that we, the members of the Margrave household are accepting that kind of taste…”

“In short, you just don’t want to accept that kind of taste?”

“What about you? Kiara looks unconcerned with it, and she will always carry that doll around from now on, right? You are the one who’s going to spend more time together with her, you know?”


Being told that, Cain ended up pondering reflexively.

If anything, the figure of Kiara who rushed over to him with a smile, while holding that doll with her…

Will he be able to smile back at her well? …His cheeks seemed to become stiff.


He ended up imagining one more thing.

If Kiara were to run away while holding that doll…

If another person were to catch her and their eyes meet with the doll’s eyes, they will have a hard time trying to restrain themselves from shrieking in astonishment.


As Cain was thinking about such things, the castle was drawing near, and everything was blown away from his head.

They should have had more time.

Yet, the castle was already besieged by the Ruain army.


Cain recalled that time when the Ruain invaded the castle long time ago, just like this time.

He wasn’t able to search for his mother and little brother’s whereabouts as he was in preparation for the war, why did he become a knight?

If he was only a low-ranked soldier, he would have been able to immediately run to where his family was at. It was an extremely vexing thing.

This time, he had no family members, but he might lose the margrave and margravine that he mostly respected.

Once again, Cain ended up gritting his teeth while thinking whether he had to go through that kind of thing again.


Kiara was the so-called magician.

However, Kiara who was just turned into a magician, seemed to have a limitation on what she could do.

Even so, she devised a plan within what she could do, and Kiara used her magic to create a weapon stronger than swords.

It was a giant earthen doll that was unlikely to be defeated by anyone.


“Oi, Wentworth!”


After several seconds of opening his mouth, Alan said as he raised his eyes at the giant golem.


“I think I’m going to retract my thoughtless words just now.”


The thoughtless words referred to what he said in regards to the doll containing Kiara’s master, Horace.


“No matter how bad its form is, if that doll wasn’t there, she wouldn’t be able to do this. When I think that we might be able to protect the castle thanks to that… I couldn’t care less about anything else.”

Cain nodded at Alan.


“I agree. I even think that it’s fine for you to revere it by this time.”

Then, Kiara who was waving Horace about in her delight, reached out to the two people who were looking up at the golem, saying, “I finally did it-!”


“Let’s go!”


Thus, Cain and Alan nodded at the same time.




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