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Side Story 2

That Time, At the Castle ~Groul~



Author’s Note:

This time’s chapter is also a brief story that happened around the chapter “The Siege War in Everal Frontier 1-2”.


The smoke rose in the north.

However, it seemed to be transient.

When the soldier who brought the precautionary report to Margravine Beatrice’s room, Reginald and Groul—the Imperial Knight—were also present.


“It was only for a moment, so it might only be our misjudgment, but here is the precautionary report.”


The soldier reported as he bowed his head. As soon as he heard that, Reginald turned his eyes on Beatrice.


“Aunt1, it seems that the Ruain army has come, don’t you think?”

“This early?”

“If you burn things in the rural area, the smoke wouldn’t cease in a moment, after all.”


‘That’s right,’ Beatrice nodded and stood up from the chair.


“Intensify the surveillance from the main tower. Have archers on alert on top of the rampart. Hasten the evacuation of townspeople.”


Reginald stood up and said that towards Beatrice who was about to leave the room.


“Won’t you please leave the matter regarding defense to me, Aunt? You must be short of hands since it’s very sudden, right?”

“I also have an experience in defensive battle ever since I came to Everal…”


Beatrice who stood still was pursing her lips tightly, as she said that with a voice that seemed to be enduring something.


“That’s right. It would be great if the preparations could be finished in accordance to the plan, but I’d be happy to receive help. In addition, Vayne didn’t take me out of the castle during that one defensive battle. It might be better for you to take the commands, as you’ve been in wars before.”


Madame Beatrice answered with determination after thinking what is the best action to take. Still, she must be a little bit vexed because she couldn’t cover everything alone.

After all, she is someone who’s able to wield swords without her father (the king) knowing because she loves the margrave, and someone who had stealthily practiced her horseback riding skills repeatedly because she thought of wanting to go on a long horseback ride.

According to the stories, after continuing her endeavor, the madame proposed to the margrave by saying, “I can help you even in the battlefield, so please make me your wife!”. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the current condition was vexing.

Then, Reginald said to Beatrice.


“The margrave surely cherishes Aunt.”


That was why he didn’t let her go out of the dangerous castle.

Beatrice casually shrugged her shoulders and bitterly smiled.


“You’ve always been honey-mouthed ever since you were a child, haven’t you? In comparison, your father—Eldred-oniisama (Big Brother Eldred) wasn’t a honey-mouthed person at all. Elder sister-in-law, Linesse was a docile and pristine person who wasn’t suited to swindling at all. I wonder who you took after? For the time being, I urge everyone to prepare for the war.”


Then, Beatrice exited the room.


“Well, shall we prepare the equipment for the battle now? There are still things that need to be prepared. Where did you put the luggage, Groul?”

“I’ll call for the home attendant.”


In response to Reginald who wanted to quickly change his clothes, Groul went out of the room.

In the hallway, Groul immediately met Reginald’s attendant. The boy attendant was on his way to return to the room after preparing the tea.

Being told that Reginald needed to change his clothes for war, the boy attendant rushed off to the room.


Groul didn’t follow the attendant. Instead, he decided to go and inform the other knights about the necessary things to deal with the war.

That was quickly finished as he was able to catch the subordinate knights immediately.

‘Then, I should also start preparing,’ he put on his armor in his room while recalling.

Recalling about the thing from yesterday.



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That time, the door’s room was closed. Reginald was talking with Kiara alone.

Reginald went out in response to Groul’s call. However, his condition was quite peculiar, perhaps he was still recalling about the conversation he had not too long ago.


To be honest, it would be a lie if he were to say that he didn’t care about what they were talking about inside.

As the imperial guard right next to the prince, Groul was also paying attention to the prince’s relationships.

He didn’t do that on an order. In the first place, his adoptive father who was the king thought that he would rather have the prince be degraded instead.

Reginald was also prudent as he could recognize the things that might or might not shorten his life.


The one who he could come in contact without calculating behind their back was Kiara.

Although he seemed to give her a preferential treatment in comparison to other people, Groul sometimes thought that it was because Reginald was gentle towards women.


When he tried to ask Felix, one of his subordinate knight, this was his answer: “Commander, the two of them were sitting alone on the chair with their hands clasped together, weren’t they? Then, doesn’t that imply that already?”2


From Groul’s point of view, he thought that Reginald was drawing some sort of a line between the two of them.

At the very least, at the time they decided to treat the earl’s daughter as a commoner, Reginald was also intending to take that into consideration.

He thought that it was for the sake of the prince himself, but… Groul hesitated when he saw Reginald saying that he was going to stop Kiara in spite of that being the most effective plan at that time, during yesterday’s meeting.


He wondered if the prince would stop that girl because he cherished her.

Then, to what extent did he cherish her?

If that feeling was the same as the margrave’s feeling towards his wife, then…


“That’s why, what should I do…”


Groul unintentionally muttered.

He couldn’t do anything, could he?

It wouldn’t be acknowledged even if Reginald wanted to give her the position of his lover. It was something that involved the crown prince and his wife who were the prince’s parents, but…


Therefore, Reginald would have to let go no matter how much he thought of her.

By thinking that way, Groul pretended to not see how Reginald’s action was slightly off towards Kiara.

At least, until that time.


It was Kiara who turned everything over.


‘Did she finally do it?’

Those words floated inside Groul’s mind the moment he saw the giant golem.


Groul who was standing on top of the rampart could see the figure of the running golem clearly.

The archers were firing the Ruain army’s special cursed arrows that were to be used during critical moments only. Even so, the golem didn’t seem to be bothered by them at all. Groul soon realized that he had his attention focused on the golem from time to time.

That couldn’t be helped.

After all, no one had seen such an object other than in the illustrated stories.

And the person who was able to accomplish such a thing was no one but Kiara, who said that she was searching for a magician. Perhaps, she had already become a magician by this time.


“Your Highness, that is…”

“It looks like she succeeded, that Kiara.”


Even if the tone was gentle, Reginald’s eyes were stern as he looked at the golem. Right below the golem, there was a small group of blue-cloaked army running along.

It was most likely that she was there.


And it seemed that the one who became a magician was undoubtedly Kiara.

He couldn’t help but be convinced the moment he saw the figures that were riding on top of the giant golem. He didn’t think that Cain Wentworth would even do such a risky action.

‘However,’ Groul thought.

If she was a magician, Kiara would become an imposing existence even if she were to stand next to the king.

She would be able to gain enough power to give her advice to Reginald. …Just right when Groul was secretly becoming worried, it seemed they could avoid the situation where Reginald had no choice but to leave the person to whom his heart was inclined.


“Aren’t you happy?”


Groul ended up asking that as he thought that it had become an advantageous situation for Reginald, and perhaps it was also because he felt slightly relieved when he saw the giant golem rescued Everal.

However, Reginald continued to cast his eyes downward as he headed towards the stairs in order to go down from the rampart.


“Kiara has… tied herself. Even if she made such a choice on her own decision, she was approaching death, the thing that she wanted to run away from the most.”


Then, he muttered a few words.


“Why didn’t you run away…?”



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  1. I don’t remember how the previous translators translated the way Reggie addressed Beatrice, but in the RAW, Reggie said “伯母上: oba-ue”.
  2. The original text left the last sentence ambiguously, so I thought Felix was suggesting that there was something going between Reginald and Kiara—something romantic, I guess, haha.

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