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Chapter 38

A Brief Educational Guidance



Part 2/2


“I think that you chose to become a magician because you had no other choice.”

He said, as if he was talking to himself. As he did so, Reggie kissed my fingertip.


I felt the soft sensation to the tip of my index finger. “Eh?” As I thought so, my shoulders jumped.


“The reinforcement I arranged was also early and arrived in the morning the day after tomorrow. I couldn’t even predict that the Sarehald1 should have been alerted by the Ruain army’s difficulties and surge into the army who was forced to be pressed down. Everything… was caused by my insufficient prediction.”


As he was arranging his words indifferently, he lightly bit my fingertip as if he was expressing his vexation.




Along with the sweet pain, I became confused as I was unable to comprehend why he did so.


“Uhm, Reggie…”


This time, his lips touched the center of my palm. I gasped as I felt the ticklish sensation.

W-wait, wait?! What’s going on here?

Reggie and I are friends, right? But friends don’t nibble on the other party’s finger or place their lips on the other party’s palm, do they?! If it feels weird for fellow men to do something, then it’s something one won’t normally do in a friendship between a male and a female, right?


At that time, I recalled the fact that we had hugged before a meeting yesterday.

I wanted him to understand. When I was pondering why he wouldn’t understand it, and I wasn’t sure of how to make Reggie agree—that we were way too close.

Despite my confusion, Reggie kept talking.


“I understand your actions as far as it goes to save Margrave Vayne. However, I think I want you to think more of how you can protect yourself a little more after that. You were aware that I was there. If so, then you should have asked me to help you in saving the margrave. Why didn’t you rely on me…? Am I really that unreliable?”


Reggie softly kissed the inner side of my wrist.




Chills ran down my spine.


“Do you hate it…?”


The face that was peering in on me looked so sad and I ended up swallowing back the word “stop” reflexively.


“Eh! Rather than hate, it was more like scary, or rather…”

“Have you come to hate me?”

“Hate you… I can’t bring myself to do that. Perhaps for a lifetime.”


Even if I tried to search within my heart, I couldn’t find the so-called feeling of hatred towards Reggie. I was just bewildered.

It would definitely be an extremely hateful thing if it was someone else I didn’t know.


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“Why are you saying that? I’m starting to wonder if one can turn obedient when one is hugged by someone they hate.”

“Why do you want to be hated by me that much?”


“I mean, even if I told you not to overdo yourself, it seemed that the message wasn’t conveyed well at all. If Wentworth didn’t keep you company, you were planning to do everything alone, weren’t you? If that happened and you were to be thrown down in the middle of the Ruain army along the way…”


I unintentionally imagined the scenario that Reggie told me as he parted himself from me.

It was a probable scenario.

If Wentworth-san hadn’t supported me, I would have been desperately holding on to the running golem’s shoulders, and it would have been impossible to use my magic en route. If that was the case, the magician who killed lots of their allies would have fallen there alone.

I didn’t know if it would be settled with just being pierced by thousands of swords or thousands of spears.

With an expression that seemed to say, “You finally understood?”, Reggie continued to talk to me whose face grew paler.


“I think that you’re very lacking in self-confidence. I don’t know what’s going to happen if it’s even a soldier, let alone for a girl to be thrown out in the enemy territory alone… Moreover, it’s a place where we can’t quickly come to help. How to stop you from treating yourself recklessly to that extent? It’s been on my mind for a while now.”


Certainly, it was a reckless action, just as Reggie said.

Therefore, I thought that he would begin to preach me, but—.

Reggie suddenly grabbed her legs over the blanket. As expected, Kiara was startled.


“Eh, what?!”

“By being humiliated this way, I wonder if this can compel you to understand.”


As Reggie said that, he kept the blanket away from the tip of my toes. He then bent his body over as his face approached, eh, w-wait, could it be…?! Is he going to do the thing he did to my hand earlier?!


Illustration of this scene, thanks to Kingdom of Kovel for finding this illustration and for sharing it~!


“No, don’t, stop! It’s totally bad for a prince to be doing something like this, right?!”


Licking someone’s feet! Why is Reggie—a prince—trying to do something like that?!


“But, if I’m asking you like usual, you won’t listen…”


My strength involuntarily left my body as I saw Reggie casting his eyes down looking so sorrowful, but still—it’s no good!


“My bad! I really think that I was at fault there, so stop this kind of thiiiiiingggg!”


I raised my voice as I pulled my legs. However, Reggie, who continued his attempt, raised his face and nonchalantly pointed.


“If you continue to struggle, the blanket will be turned over and your legs will be exposed, you know?”

“The problem will be solved if Reggie would just let me go!!”


As I desperately shouted, Reggie chuckled and burst into laughter.


“Then, I will stop if you say this: [Next time, I will properly ask for your help].”

“U-understood. Next time, I will properly ask for help…”


He finally let his hands off my legs just as he said, and I breathed deeply until my shoulders moved up and down.


He might be quite angry, but Reggie’s educational guidance was… extremely scary.

As expected, it made me feel like I shouldn’t go against him.




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  1. サレハルド ; the name of another country/kingdom; previously translated as Salehard but I decided to change it as I could see a pun being made of that name~. It could also be translated as a non-fictional place: Salekhard. But to keep it all fictional and sound good, I decided on Sarehald. …Don’t question my naming preference, please? X”D

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