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Chapter 39

Unhappy Feelings



Part 2/2

As I searched in a fluster, I found him sitting on top of the hearth currently with no fire that was located at the wall opposite of the bed, as if he was an ornament. I didn’t even notice him, perhaps it was because my mind was so full of those thoughts before.


“N-no way, could it be that you saw everything…”


‘Did he see?!’ As I was flustered, Master Horace said with an amusing ambience.


“My, my—there’s no way I didn’t see such a good thing. Even if I’m just a soul right now, I want to have something worthwhile as I survive. I hadn’t thought that I’d be able to see this kind of amusing thing during when I was diligently taking care of the animals.”


Ugh… As expected, he saw everything. Wait, did he treat the magical beasts as animals?

Due to the excessive embarrassment, I said to Master Horace.


“If you’re there, then please say so, Master! Really-, why are you silently watching people’s private matters like that?!”


If I knew, I would have entrusted him to Groul-san when Reggie arrived.


“It was jolting up and down inside the bag you carried on your back. As expected, since I was just a doll with a soul in it, I felt a little unwell and so I took a rest. And when I was being silent like that, for some reason I was considered to be disturbing your privacy? I was only treated as your valuable ornament by the girl who was nursing you. Hihihii…”

“U, uuu…”


I was very unwilling to have him treated as my personal belonging.

Although it was something I created on my own, as expected having a clay figurine as a girl’s personal belonging was… this wasn’t even a cute stuff. Wouldn’t I be considered as a girl with a really strange sense? I really want to straighten this misunderstanding with Maya-san.


“I don’t want others to think that Master symbolizes my preference…”


When I unintentionally let my feelings show, Master Horace raised his voice, “Ho?”



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“Oi, wait a second, my disciple! Just how the heck do I look like right now?!”


Ah… Damn it. I haven’t really explained to Master about what kind of appearance he has right now.


“Uhm, see, you look like the miniature version of that golem.”

“I never thought that it was true. If that’s how, won’t you feel repulsed?”


Master’s guess was amazing.

When he commented like that, I couldn’t think of a good answer, so I unintentionally kept my silence.

Then, Master began to stamp his feet around while making a clattering sound.


“I can slightly move my neck with this body. I can also see my hands and feet at a glance! A somewhat fine pattern was there, so it felt like a ceramic art. That was why I thought that I might have become an elegant item, but…! That’s right, now that I recall it, the humans who saw me—all of them were profusely startled…”


“No, look, wouldn’t anyone be surprised if they encounter a talking clay figurine?”

“That’s not how it was! There were also people whose expressions looked like they had seen something spooky! I tried not to mind them, but to think that it was all due to my having such an outrageous form, huuuuh?!”


Master Horace was heating up.


“Even though I managed to survive, kuuu… Just what kind of form do I have now…”


And so, the clay figurine lamented with the knees and hands placed on the ground over there.

…What to do? This is interesting.

Simultaneously, I felt like my feelings turned somewhat better.


Right before my eyes, there was Master who should have been killed. If that was the case, he was a person that was supposed to turn into sand and disappear without anything left.

When I saw the death of the failed magicians, I was scared because that was how I would be like in the future. However, during Master’s death, I strangely wasn’t scared.

I think that it might be due the fact that Master said he didn’t want to die and chose to remain alive even if it was only his soul.

Because I was thinking of that time, I ended up leaking my feelings through my mouth.


“Master, thank you for saying that you wanted to live.”


As I muttered those few words, the “spaceman” clay figurine suddenly stood up and staggered backward.


“W-why so suddenly? That’s the condition of the deal, isn’t that? …What’s going on with this lass so suddenly…? Are you trying to win me over like that, too? How terrifying…”

“What are you talking about…?”


Just who the heck did I want to win over? Master said ‘too’, but… the probability might exist, but in his case, that wouldn’t happen like that. Perhaps, no matter what happened, that person wouldn’t act without thinking of his own position.

It was only because almost everyone in the Everal castle was his ally that he could act freely, but if it were another place, there was no way he’d go and enter the room of a servant—me—to have a long talk.


“My disciple, winning over means that one is trying to raise the other’s emotion.”


Raising the other’s emotion, does that mean trying to move them by affection?


“Which means… you’re being a dere1, huh? But Master doesn’t fall into tsundere2 category, but you’re tsun-honest3. Since you’ll honestly speak once asked, there’s no need for torture.”

“T-torture?! You, just what the heck do you want to do?!”


Master Horace retreated behind again.

What is up with this interesting clay figurine? I couldn’t bear with it and ended up laughing.


I truly think that I’m glad that this old man with a weird laugh becomes my master.

Although it was a prompt decision under a situation where there was no other choice, entrusting my luck to the heavens with this master selection, I felt a satisfaction over the feeling of winning this bet.

That was why, I honestly stated my delight… and I feel slightly better now.




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  1. Dere means emitting love or fawning.
  2. Tsun means being sharp and sarcastic, while dere means emitting love or fawning, so tsundere means a person with sharp and sarcastic surface, but they’re actually warm inside.
  3. Sharp and sarcastic, yet honest.

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