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Chapter 62

Arrival at Marquis Limerick’s Territory


According to the knowledge I had from my previous life, there was information about the arrangements of the soldiers in the battlefield, the ambush points and its timing.


I couldn’t tell if the war would proceed that way because the situation had changed. For example, the movements were all in real time, and while moving, we might even encounter the enemy’s party, and there was also the possibility that the Sarehald army was moving from Tolisfid territory.

Even so, perhaps this information could be any of help.


“After this, we should arrive at Chronfald fortress. We’re going to fight with the Ruain army stationed here before moving to the Tyrone river to fight against the bandits and protect the people who escape there. Midway, we’re going to join hands with the Cassia knights who are on the run. There will be a battle against the enemy’s soldiers at Maynal urban warfare, then a fight at Ragmore plains located in the territory of Baron Delphion…”


The first battle at the fortress is quite a close battle.

Since it is a fortress, the enemy soldiers will appear after a fixed period, causing the enemy’s fighting power to increase.

It was after 10 turns in the game, but how does that convert to this world’s time…? Since I don’t know the time, I’ll just write it as ‘later on’.


The other party will surely go out from the fortress in order to attack us, so it will become a battle close to the fort. If I’m not mistaken, there will be archers stationed here, then there are cavalry and infantry…

If the enemies, especially the archers, are in the woods, their offensive ability is increased. But if we know about that, should we attack them from the side? There are just 3 units, so there would be around 30 people? Or the number would be more than that?

I actually want to rout around before the enemy soldiers even appear, but I might run out of energy midway since the battlefield is too spacious. It will also become problematic once reinforcement comes.

After writing irritably, I asked Cain-san who was looking at the paper with a difficult face.


“What about this? Is it possible for us to initiate the surprise attack if we know their hiding places beforehand?”

“Surprise attack, what a brutally good method, hihihi.”

Master laughed as he seemed to say, ‘You can also be bad, too.’

Cain-san seriously considered my suggestion as he said, “It’s not that it’s impossible, but…”


“This drawing is quite rough. There should be some slopes since it’s a place that traces back to the delta. It will take time to move around the mountain-side in order to not be recognized by the enemy.”

“Ah, as I thought.”

It is easier for arrows to be fired if they’re facing downward.


“But if we know that they’re certainly around here and if we can deploy our units first from the beginning, making the main unit come after that… I think we can do it if we can hide and do the battle formation first.”

“Ah, it’s all about the timing, huh?”

We’re going to move after we have received the information from the scout that the enemies are approaching us, right? Which means, is it better to have the hidden unit positioned before that?


“But it will be troublesome if the enemies were to change their positions…”

It isn’t a method I can recommend when I think that we might encounter them en route.


“If that’s the case, we’re going to wait at a spot slightly apart from them, then order the troops to move after the main unit has moved and after confirming where they are?”

“That kind of method exists, huh…? If the situation turns into one where we can’t avoid the war, shall I entrust you with that method?”

I wrote Cain-san’s suggestion in the memo. And next.


“Tyrone rivers… This is in case Alan has to move with only a few soldiers. If you were to move with ten thousand people, don’t you think the bandits won’t come out?”

In the game, this stage used knights whose movement range was quite long, but I wonder how it will be under this circumstance?


“Since the ones who escape are the citizens from the same province, we can’t ignore them. It would be best to tell the preceding troops to protect these people when they encounter them.”

Again, I wrote Cain-san’s words.


“What about Maynal urban warfare?”

“The soldiers hired by Ruain wanted to settle by plundering instead of just wages.”






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When I said those words, I suddenly thought.

In the game, there was an illustration of the town covered in fires, and there were also screams during this time, but plundering… Will a worse situation appear before my eyes, for example there will be corpses or civilians as well this time?

I noticed that I was unconsciously nibbling my lips.

If the arrival of the troops were presumed, far from helping out, the employed soldiers would just run.


“I think the troops will collide into a battle at the Ragmore plains located in the territory of Baron Delphion.”

“Delphion was seized and surrendered to Ruain, so the Ruain troops and Delphion troops would be the enemies, huh?”

I nodded at Cain-san’s words.


“Isn’t Delphion such a mess, though? On top of having his daughter taken as a hostage, he thought that the Ruain was way too strong that he gave up and surrendered, but there were surely some relatives of his that couldn’t agree with his decision. The baron’s little brother won’t directly surrender even if his daughter became a victim, he would at least move the troops to merge with Faruzia kingdom’s troops.”


By calling out and joining hands with him, half of the Delphion troops would side with us.

If we aren’t able to do that, the military strength difference will be quite a close gap.

There were medicine to recover our health in the game, but there didn’t exist a product that could heal wounds in one go.


The ingredients in this world were quite different from the one in my previous life because magic existed in this world. This world had salves, antipyretic, and drugs whose efficacy were greater than those of my previous world.

Even so, the possibility of having emergency usage of styptic and painkillers amidst the battle might exist as long as there was a leeway in time. Wounds would be left just as they were, and having bone fracture would immediately cross you out from the military strength.


In the first place, how many people are there in one unit even if it’s called as troops? With the assumption of 100 people are in one unit, if the HP is decreased by 50%, that means there are roughly 50 deaths… I felt chills running down from my spine when I imagined it. Could recovery means having replacement members? If that’s the case, the HP is certainly restored, but… it’s scary.

Let’s just stop this whimsical thought right now.


Five days had passed since our departure from the Everal castle. I repeated my activity of writing the things I remembered on some papers.

On the sixth day, we finally arrived at Marquis Limerick’s castle that was located southwest from Everal.


The territory of Limerick is disconnected from Ruain’s marching route.

Even so, the townspeople where the Everal troops passed by seemed to be anxious, but they were able to calm down. As expected of the national border, there were quite a number of soldiers stationed there.


This wasn’t a territory where soldiers were always stationed just like the territory of Margrave Everal, so there might be several recruits of compulsory service from the agricultural community.

Marquis Limerick and Viscount Rainster who joined hands beforehand with us were anxious about the situation as there would be such troops deployed alongside the Everal troops.


Compared with Everal, Marquis Limerick’s castle was made using strong white stone walls as he seemed to prioritize elegance rather than sturdiness. The stones produced in this area was just like that.

Marquis Limerick who greeted us seemed to be an old gentleman rather than a brave warrior who served in a long military service. The marquis’ little brother who was next to him had a good physique and a slender shoulder width.


They were greeting Alan who represented Reggie and the head of the knights.

When I looked at him at a slightly distant place, Alan’s figure was almost the same as his in-game figure.

Compared to his 15-year-old self, the in-game Alan had his black hair grown longer and his behavior was dignified—he was an overall splendid character. Alan then called me, so I nervously walked forward along with Cain-san who was following me from behind.


“This lady here is our magician, Kiara Cordiel.”

“…It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Kiara.”

I pushed aside my bewilderment and despite not knowing what else to say, for the time being, I should bow.


I had learned the etiquette required for a noble daughter, but I wasn’t sure how I should greet people as a magician. So for the time being, I decided to adopt the etiquette of a noble daughter, and there seemed to be no problem. Marquis Limerick and Viscount Rainster who just turned 30 years old didn’t show any unpleasant expressions.


“I have heard about you from my uncle, but… you are such a beautiful magician, milady.”

I was surprised as I thought that from the point-of-view of a 30-year-old, he would view me as a child. Viscount Rainster—the noble youth with his brownish golden hair tied at the bottom of his neck—widened his eyes.


Thank you very much for your flattery… I was relieved and my thumping heart relaxed as I didn’t hear anything like that I was unbefitting of a magician or if I was too childish.

Ah, but perhaps there was no way they could say that I was just like a child. After all, if they were to say it out loud, it would mean that they ridiculed Alan who was one rank above me as the representative, and Reggie who was the true commander.


“I didn’t think that the magician was such a sweet lady like you. I couldn’t bring myself to let you participate in the battlefield, but we could only ask for your cooperation. Please treat us well, Kiara-dono.”

Marquis Limerick—whose age surpassed my parents—politely said.

He understood that age had nothing to do with any of this, as having a magician—whose existence was rare—as an ally would be essential.


When I met with their relatives who were leading the troops, they also displayed similar attitude and showed respect to a magician who was me, so perhaps all nobles were expected to behave like this towards magicians.

Anyway, we were going to stay here for two days in order to join hands with them and to replenish our supplies.

After that, we would be going north and capture the Chronfald fort in the Cassia territory.


“If possible, I’d like to lead the way before his Highness comes.”

Alan said as he looked at the marquis and the others with hopeful eyes.


I agreed with Alan.

If possible, I want Reggie to have a little bit more rest as he was just wounded the other day. It would be good to quickly finish with the fort capture.

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