Unedited version, chapter 1!

Chapter 1


That little girl was staring at the computer. She didn’t move the mouse or even typed something. She remained still. She decided to turn off the computer then grabbed a photo. She dropped herself on her bed and she was looking carefully at the photo. “…Okaa-san (mother)” and she shed tears. She cried until she fell asleep. She didn’t notice that Enma Ai, the Hell Girl was watching over her then disappeared.

The sun rose back again in the world. The alarm clock rang beside the girl. That girl is pretty smart enough to set the alarm clock before she accessed the net. It was already 8 o’clock in the morning. 30 minutes left before the school started. But the girl remained in her dream land. Footsteps echoed outside of her room.

A man, apparently the girl’s father came into her room and walked near her, “ Shiina, wake up now… You are going to be late,” said the man. That girl suddenly woke up and looked at her clock, “ Why don’t you wake me up sooner?” the girl, Shiina asked while she was taking a bath in a rush. “ I thought that you have already woke up,”  said the man which is Shiina’s father.

Shiina came out wearing school uniform and rushed to downstair, took her bread and headed to her middle school quickly. Her father soon appeared to be out from the house too, he went to work, as usual.

Shiina P.O.V

Thank goodness! I was about to come late again at school today. Although I said that, I don’t really like school. I spent hours in school by daydreaming and by writing the teachers’ writings on the blackboard which I ignored. There was only one thing in my mind… Okaa-san. She has been hospitalized since 2 days ago. I visited her 2 days in a row, too. I hope she’d get better soon and return to my side again.

Okaa-san… her body is very weak, she often caught illness. Okaa-san is the one who is closest to me. I have no best friend in school, everyone is equal. I only have my family, and among my parents, my mother is the closest person to me. I love her so much. So much that I don’t mind to give whatever it cost to make her happy. And one thing I know, she looks happy when I am with her. And I’m going to visit her again now… School was over without me knowing it. I rushed back down again as usual, I ran over my way to the hospital where okaa-san is in.

As usual, I bumped some people before I was able to come into room number 36. I opened the door. Okaa-san was there, she looked at me at the time the door opened. “ Shiina-chan!”, said Okaa-san, “ you came again! And at the usual time! I was waiting for you, I was staring at that clock until you—“ I hugged her. “ Shii…na? Why are you hugging me all of the sudden?” asked Okaa-san.

I led go of my hug and asked back, “ Otou-san (father) doesn’t come again, right?” As usual, after 4 months ago when Okaa-san was hospitalized because of a very high fever, Otou-san has never visited Okaa-san again. Not only that, he always scolded Okaa-san each time Okaa-san fell sick. It isn’t Okaa-san’s intention to get sick! She actually doesn’t want to get sick in the first place! Why doesn’t he understand about it?! Poor mother… Okaa-san.. Watashi wa… Otou-san ga daikirai! ( I really hate my father).

I have made up my mind. I accessed Jigokutsushin (Hotline to Hell) this time… at midnight… Will it work? I pressed enter button when the clock showed 00:00. I was surprised. I connected to the hotline to hell! It is said that the one who holds strong hatred will be able to access this site in the midnight. I entered my father’s name. After I clicked “Send” button, I saw the writings “I shall exact your vengeance”, then it went error again. Nothing happened. Where is the Hell Girl?! Why doesn’t she come? It’s just rumor after all!

I decided to sleep… and something got in my mind right away. That’s right! There is a new rumor… about the Heaven Community… It is said that someone with a strong love and will to free their beloved ones so their beloved ones will receive the freedom of mind in the heaven will be able to access it at 12…. I stood up, prepare to open my PC again. But then I remember something else. It is only accessible at 12… afternoon, not midnight. What should I do now?

Normal P.O.V

Shiina turned back, she felt as if there was someone looking at her since then. She saw a girl… with a dark blue sailor uniform, black long hair and red eyes. “ You called me, didn’t you?” that girl asked Shiina. Shiina stayed quiet… trying to know what’s going on there.

“ Jigoku…Shoujo! (Hell Girl),” Shina shouted. “ I’m… Enma Ai,” said the Hell Girl. She took out a straw doll, a black straw doll, “ Take this. If you really wish to eliminate your antagonist, you must untie that red string. By doing that, you shall officially entered a contract with me. The person you hate will be send straight-away to the hell.” Shiina was about to pull the red string. “ However,” the Hell Girl continued. Shiina stopped her action. “ if I deliver your vengeance, I must have you to make a restitution with me.”

“ Restitution?” Shiina’s eyes showed her feelings. She was scared.

“ When two person is cursed, two graves are dug,” the Hell Girl spoke back, “ once the revenge has been dealt, you are required to pay the compensation. When you die, thy soul will fall into Hell, too. You can’t go to the Heaven. Thy soul will wonder for eternity in the hell.”

“ What?” Shiina looked surprised, she went back several paces, “ I will… go to the hell, too?” The Hell Girl started to disappear, “ Yes, but it’s when you die, the rest is up to you.”

Shiina sat on the floor. She held the straw doll carefully. Her eyes still show her fear. The Hell Girl told me… about the resitution… I thought that I could do anything for Okaa-san’s sake… but…. what am I going to do now?!


Ichimokuren and Honne-onna were spying Shiina when she headed home from a supermarket. Shiina’s mother has gotten better and now they gathered again. Ichimokuren and Honne-onna could see the happy expression of that girl. They looked at each others. “ It has been one week, eh?” said Ichimokuren. “ Yeah, Wanyuudo might have bored right now,” answered Honne-Onna. “Ah, Ojou (miss),” said Ichimokuren when he saw Enma Ai who appeared suddenly beside him.

“ It’s going to happen soon,” said Ai. “ Eh? Do you mean that that girl is going to untie the red string?” asked Honne-onna, surprised. “No,” Ai answered, “ I felt some other power around here, following her. It was different than our aura.”

“ What do you mean?” Ichimokuren asked impatiently.

Shiina P.O.V

Okaa-san is healthy again! I’m so happy, finally we gathered back again. I’m going to cook her favorite food later. Mom surely will be happy!

I walked home happily. At the time when I was about to enter my house….

“ How many times should I tell you to do the chores? You are back but Shiina is the one who’s always doing it! Your excuses are always your weak body! You want Shiina to be like you?! “ Otou-san no…koe? (Dad’s voice?)

“ I’m sorry… I don’t mean like that! But the doctor said that I am….” Okaa-san responded Otou-san.

“ I’ve had enough of this! It’s better if you aren’t here if you are useless like this! Shiina can’t play because she must do the chores, too! And yet, you…!!”

Otou…san? I think that he’s going to change after Okaa-san is home again, yet… Okaa-san still have to feel this same torment?! Otou-san… actually is kind… he loves me so much and worked hard… Is it right to send him to the hell? But… Okaa-san… would still suffer from her illness… If that’s the case, I will….

Normal P.O.V

Shiina took out a small ring with red heart decoration on it. She kissed the heart. Suddenly, the ring just disappeared. At the time it disappeared, Wanyuudo came back to his human body and was looking at Shiina along with Enma Ai and the others now. “ Just what is going to happen….,” murmured Yamawaro.

Suddenly, a girl with blue eyes and blonde long, wavy hair appeared out of nowhere beside Shiina’s mother. She has white wings on her back. She embraced Shiina’s mother. Shiina’s mother smiled and shed happy tears. Then she disappeared. The girl whispered something to Shiina. “ Please… not.. forget…. restitu…. so both…happy.” Shiina also cried. She looked like hesitant after kissed the ring. Something has gotten in my mind.

Now, the girl faced Enma Ai. “ Who are you?” asked Enma Ai. “ Nice to meet you, Hell Girl,” said the girl, “ I will be your rival from now on, I think. I’m the Heaven Girl, Anju.” Kikuri added, “ So does that mean you are the one who’s going to fetch people to the heaven with someone’s request?” Anju looked at her and nodded, “ of course, with a restitution, too.” Then Anju disappeared.

“ Heaven…Girl….Anju,” said Ai.

This is their first meeting and it won’t be their last meeting. They are going to meet again in a close time, for sure. But what is the restitution that is acquired by the Heaven Girl, Anju? If the restitution is the same as Hell Girl’s, so that the sender will be sent to the heaven after they die, then Shiina would haven’t felt hesitant and cried because of her confusion. Just what is the restitution?

To be continued…..