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Chapter 7

A Persistent Girl


It’s Valentine’s night now. Gumi’s act was suspicious enough to make her family members know that something good happened that day. Gumi ate her dinner happily—too happy that she even took a second bowl of food, which made her mother surprised. Usually after dinner, she’d goof around, watching TV. But this time, she went to the bathroom—full of spirit and took her bath even before her mother told her to.

“ I wonder if something really good happened today at school…,” asked her father out of curiosity, “maybe she got a very good score or got a compliment from her teacher?”

Her mother laughed at his words. “ Oh well, you know… She’s at that age… Maybe… she got herself a boyfriend?” she answered while washing the dishes.

“ WHAT?!” Gumi’s father looked surprised, he accidentally crushed the newspaper he’s holding.

“ No, no, no!” He shook his head in disagreement, “ No boys. EVER!”

“ Ahaha, she’d make a fine, lovely bride, don’t you think?” her mother chuckled.

“ What?! A bride? Sure, she’d be a beautiful bride, but… NOOO!!” Her overprotective father couldn’t even imagine if some “unknown rascal” will take his daughter away one day, in near future.

“ Well… Let’s save that conversation for later on,” her mother answered calmly, “ but I’m so glad… for her. So glad that she’s cheerful and that she has grown up to be a strong girl.”

“…” her father went silent for a while.

“ Yeah, I’m grateful for it, too…,” he regained his cool back, “ May she always be blessed with a strong body and that cheerfulness…”

—Gumi’s room—

Gumi’s P.o.V


I’m so happy Len accepted my chocolate!!

I think my heart will explode soon!!

I jumped in happiness to my bed, hugging my pillow and giggling in happiness. Ah, today was like a dream for me!! A very happy one!!

“Uhm well, maybe I’m gonna give it to my little cousins or neighbors. They’d love it better than I would,” Len giggled.


What was that?

Why did I suddenly remember Len’s words?

…Now that I think about it…

I wonder, if he’d really eat my chocolates by himself… or that he accepted my chocolate simply because he pitied me and he’d give it to another person?


I’m scared it’s the latter reason… I don’t want that.  It scares me so much… if he only thinks of myself as a pitiful girl… That he only acts kind because of pity…


“…she’s pitiful.”



“Why am I remembering those? The past is in the past…,” I hugged my pillow tightly.

My chest suddenly felt hurt. It has been hurting like this for several times before, too… I wonder why… Is it because of my anxiety? Ah, that must be it…

“Ah, whatever… I’ll just sleep today… And tell Rin about everything again as usual, she’d listen to me… but now… she must be sleeping,” I murmured as I closed my eyes slowly and my consciousness began to fade away…

—Meanwhile, at the same time… In Len’s room—

Len’s P.o.V

I was tidying up the books I’d need for tomorrow when I noticed the lovely bag of chocolates I put in my bag today.

Ah, right, Gumi gave the chocolates to me. It looks like a homemade. I opened the bag and found some little chocolates inside it. I took one and ate it.

“… Yummy,” I slowly crunch the chocolate in my mouth as I am tasting it.

But that girl… sure is so persistent. I have already told her everything, and despite all that, she still wants to stay besides me? I wonder… if it’s her, will it be okay? …If it’s Gumi, she’d definitely keep her words, right?

“ Sorry, Len… –ye…”


…No, I mustn’t let the past haunt me forever. I must move on from all of them. I know… I know that not all people are like that. And Gumi might prove to be one of the people that I’m looking for. I might be able to trust her… I should try to open up to her more, right?

I was too busy eating that I didn’t realize the chocolates were decreasing—and finally all of them were devoured.

“ Well that was tasty. I definitely should let Gumi know about it,” I giggled, “I wonder if she’d smile happily if I compliment her?”

—The next day—

Gumi’s P.o.V


I don’t have any spirit to walk to school today. I’m afraid if today I’ll find out that Len gave my chocolates to the other person… I sighed as I walked slowly. School is right in front of me.

“ Oy, what’s with that long sigh?” Rin’s voice startled me.

“ O-oh Rin!” I began walking together with Rin to our class as I talked out to her about my anxiety.

“ Hmm, let’s find out today?” asked Rin.

“ E-eh?! There’s no way I can ask that kind of question to him!!” I answered Rin as I put my bag on my desk.

“ Yo, Gumi!”


I didn’t expect to hear a greeting—not right now, from Len!!!

“ A-a… morning, Len,” I smiled awkwardly. What should I do?!! I haven’t prepared myself to look straight at him in the face—

“ Your chocolates were delicious! Thanks a bunch!” Len smiled.

“ Wha…?!” I couldn’t believe what I heard just now. He—he actually ate my chocolates?! For heaven’s sake!! I’m so… HAPPY!!!

Rin laughed as she hugged my back from behind, “ So… who worried about such nonsense and had that gloomy face just now?”

I smiled as I pinched Rin’s cheek.

The whole world suddenly looks brighter for me.

—Later that afternoon—

I wonder why… but I felt so uneasy today. My chest began to hurt again…

“ Gu~mi! Come on, let’s go to the club!” Rin asked me.

“ Uhm… I’m feeling unwell… Somehow, my chest hurts…,” I replied.

“ Hmm… Because you were eating too much? Or… because you caught a cold, maybe?” Rin asked, “ you okay?”

“ Eh… I guess I’ll go home faster now… Please tell the club president…,” I answered as I walked slowly towards the door.

“ Are you gonna be okay by yourself?” asked Rin, I could sense that she’s worried about me.

“ Nah, don’t sweat it, it’s just nothing,” I smiled, “I’ll be fine. Hurry to the club, you’ll be late.”

I began walking towards the school exit when I heard a voice.

“ Oh, are you gonna skip club activity?” asked Len.

“ Eh…,” I quickly turned around, “ Uhm, well, I’m feeling quite unwell, so, I’m skipping it now.” I smiled.

“ Heee… is that so,” Len gazed through my face.

“ Hmm, well… Get well soon, ‘kay?” He smiled as he pat my head and walked the other way.


I’m so happy there’s nothing that can block my happiness!!

After that, I smiled like an idiot all the way home.

~to be continued…