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Chapter 3

Sachi & Saki : Rejection


A girl opened the class door and came in. All the noises disappeared at the time she came into the class. She walked to her seat, while everyone who were in the way, quickly moved. That medium-light brown-haired-girl always looked down—at her own shoes, without smile. She sat down and opened her drawer under her desk and took out her books.

Die…. Stupid… Ugly… Virus for the 2-3 class! … Go to hell….

She saw most of her books which were in the drawer have been ruined… They became dirty and they have many writings now. That girl sighed. Nothing changed, huh? Everything is always the same…. Her right hand touched something in the drawer.

“ Kyaa! “ She stood up and screamed when she knew that thing, when that thing fell down. A dead rat. For real. And most of her classmates stared at her and they laughed.

“ Look, look! She screamed! “ A boy pointed her. She took a plastic bag and rushed out from her class to throw away the dead rat. Her face became miserable. She wanted to cry but she couldn’t. She came back to her class and sat down back.

“ Look, Sachi came back as if nothing happens!” A girl stood and stared over her, over Sachi.

“ Ahahaha, as expected from the virus of 2-3’s class! She’s a virus herself, so why would she afraid of a dead rat?” A girl also stood. Everyone laughed at her. Sachi clenched her hands. She shivered in anger and hatred. Everyone. She hates everyone in her class so much. She sat down and looked emptily at her desk.

It all begins… 1 month ago.

Sachi’s life was so wonderful and her classmates liked her very much. She smiled happily with her friends. She always thought everything positively. And then she saw Rina, her classmate—the one who was very quiet and bullied. Sachi didn’t really pay attention to her and to that bully. Anyways, the bully was just to mock her, to force her to be scolded by teachers, not exaggerating.

One day, Sachi was about to go home when she realized that she left her note book in the classroom.  She rushed back to the classroom and saw a group of girls. Sachi saw Rina in the middle of them. So, the girls are going to mock her again? She walked slowly and took her note book when Rina screamed.

“ Stop it, please!” Rina was about to cry when one of the girl pulled her hair and the other girl grabbed a scissor. What are they trying to do?!

“ Your ugly hair is very disgusting! “ A girl mocked her again.

“ So why don’t we just cut this disgusting and ugly hair? “ A girl with the scissor added. What? Rina’s hair is long enough and is not disgusting for me! Is this also a bullying? Ugh….

“ Let’s CUT her HAIR!!! “ The girl who grabbed scissor was about to cut Rina’s hair when she stopped. Her allies were very surprised. “ Why did you stop to cut her hair?” Her friend asked her. “ It’s not like that,” the girl answered, “ But someone….. grabbed my hand…” Finally, all of the girls looked at Sachi.

“ Why did you do that, Sachi?! “ Seri—the one who usually held the bullying, asked Sachi roughly. Sachi stared back at her.

“ First, I thought that you were mocking her, so I didn’t mind at it. If it’s a mock, then Rina herself could withstand against it. But then, I saw you trying to cut her hair. Isn’t it too much already? So, I demand you to stop or I’ll report it to the teachers,” said Sachi. The girls became angry, but then they decided to leave Sachi and Rina in the class.

“ Sa-Sachi-san? “ Rina tried to smile over her fear, “ Thank you so much… for stopping them… I… I….” And then, Rina cried loudly while Sachi patted her. Poor Rina, but now, they wouldn’t bully her again, right?

The next day, she came back to school and came into her class as usual. “ Morning!” She tried to greet everyone like always. But not as usual, everyone in her class remained quiet. She confused, but Sachi decided to sit. She walked to her seat when she saw her desk, has been messed up all over. She stood back and looked so shocked with it.

“ E-everyone, what is this? All of you.. already know about it, right?” Sachi talked loudly, and her classmates looked at her for a bit, then they looked away from her. Sachi walked towards Rina and patted her shoulder. Rina was surprised and she shivered.

“ Rina, do you know something about it? “ Sachi asked her, but Rina didn’t give her an answer. Rina didn’t even look at her. Sachi looked so startled, “ Ri…na?”

“ Of course she doesn’t want to talk to you,” Seri stood up and spoke to Sachi. Sachi looked at her angrily. “ And WHY is THAT, SERI?!” Sachi approached Seri with an angry look in her eyes. Seri smiled.

“ Hmph, of course she doesn’t want. Everyone here is not your friend anymore. No ONE. And do you know why is it?” Seri pointed at Sachi with a humiliating look. Sachi remained quiet and still looked at Seri with her angry face. “ It is because….” Some girls, who did bullying also stood up and smirked. Sachi became confused now. She predicted something now…. something….bad.

“ It is because… SACHI is now our NEW TARGET!! If anyone dare to do something like Sachi did to Rina before, that person will be the new target! Hahahahaha! “ Seri smiled. Sachi felt like she lost her muscle and energy. She couldn’t stand up any longer. She fell down.

“ But….” Sachi started to speak back. Seri was surprised.

“ Oh, so you got nerves to speak back against us, now?”

“ But I know, that there is one person that would never ignore nor do she would bully me!“ Sachi stood back and replied.

“ Oh… Is that so?” Seri played with her own hair, “ And who is that person?”

Sachi closed my eyes and walked through that person. She is my little sister—no, my twin sister. She is always with me and we always together, we loved each other, so…. “ Saki,” Sachi answered as she approached her twin, Saki.

Seri walked to her and smacked Saki’s desk. Seri smirked at Saki, which made Saki shivered and scared. Seri spoke with a low, but terrifying voice to her. “ Is that true, Saki?” Saki tried to looked somewhere else. But Seri kept asking her, “ Is that really true, Saki? So…?” Saki closed her eyes in her fear. She shivered. “ …..” Seri approached Saki more. “ I can’t hear you… Speak loudly so everyone—especially your own sister could hear it!” Saki shivered more. She sweated much. “…N-No…..”

Sachi was very shocked to hear her twin’s answer while Seri and her gang laughed loudly and threatened her. It’s…. not true, right…. Saki? I know…. that if… it’s you… I’ll ask you for your real answer at home, Saki….

“Saki!” Sachi rushed to Saki in their house. Saki was about to open the door to her room—right room while Sachi headed to the left room—her room. They had different bedrooms, indeed.

“ Saki, is that really true? It’s wrong, right? You would still pay attention to me and help me, right?” Sachi tried to smile.

“…” Saki opened the door, “ Sorry…” and then she came in, leaving Sachi, who was shocked outside.


And since that time, the twin never talked again and Sachi got bullied. She was mocked and bullied mentally. She still endure it since there was still an action to cause a harm to her.

Now, the school finally over. Sachi was about to go home after seeing Saki went ahead first.

“ Where do you think you are going?!” Seri smirked with her gang to Sachi. Sachi was very surprised. Not again…. I just want to go home…. 2 girls grabbed a bucket. Seri smirked and gave those 2 girls a thumb. The girls directed the bucked to Sachi. And then, water flew to Sachi, made her all wet while the girls laughed. Sachi couldn’t believe it. Now they overdo it…

Meanwhile at home, Saki turned on the television and watched it. She has eaten her cake first. Sachi usually arrived home when Saki has eaten a half of her cake, but not today. Saki became panic at that time, when the door opened. Saki looked at the door quickly and she could see her twin, standing there.

“…!” Saki looked surprised, when she saw Sachi went home with a dirty and wet uniform, with a dirty hair and face. Saki headed to her. “ What did they do to you….” Sachi looked back at Saki and shouted, “ It’s because of you! If only you helped me!! I couldn’t believe that you—as my twin didn’t care about me! You are going to pay it!!!! “ Sachi threw her bag at Saki and headed to the bathroom quickly. Saki stayed there, holding Sachi’s dirty bag and thinking….

Sachi P.O.V

I couldn’t believe it! Saki is my twin but she didn’t even helped me, she didn’t even talk to me about it! Now I can’t hold my grudge towards her… She’s going to pay it! She must feel my suffering, pain, and misery! She MUST!!!

I opened my PC in the night and I got an information about Hotline to Hell. I smirked. This is it. My hands moved on their own… they typed my twin’s name and sent it.

“ You called me, didn’t you?” I heard someone’s voice behind me and I stood. I looked behind me and I saw a girl with long-black hair and red eyes. “ I’m.. Enma Ai.”

“ Jigoku… Shoujo?” I asked her, I couldn’t believe that it’s real!

“ Take this…” She gave me a red straw doll. I accepted it. “ If you really wish to eliminate your antagonist, pull that red string. The person that you hate will be ferried straight-away to the Hell.” I smiled. This is what I want. I was about to pull the red string…

“ However,” Ai said.  I stopped my action and looked back at her. “When two person is cursed, two graves are dug. If I deliver your vengeance, I shall have you to make a restitution.” I grabbed the straw doll, I decided to listen first.

“Once the revenge has been dealt, you are required to pay the compensation. When you die, thy soul will fall into Hell, too. You can’t go to the Heaven. Thy soul shall wonder for eternity in the hell,” she added. I started to think.

“ The rest is up to you,” she disappeared.

What should I do?

I slept while thinking about it. Want it or not, tomorrow came and I must go to school. As usual, they mocked me and there was even a death frog in my drawer. Now I didn’t care about it. I threw it away as usual. In the break time, Seri and her gang coerced me to buy them something.

“ Where is the money?” I asked them.

“ What? “ Seri looked at me as if she said, unbelieveable.

“ The money, I couldn’t buy your orders except if you gave me the money.” And a punch landed on my face.

“ You… how dare you… You’ll see later! You COULDN’T GO HOME!! “ Seri and the gang ran away since there was a teacher who came near us. At least I am safe for now….

Normal P.O.V

Rain fell. The sound of the heavy rain made Saki couldn’t listen to the radio. She sometimes walked around the door. It has been so late, but where is Sachi? It’s almost evening already, yet she couldn’t see her twin’s face. Something…, happened…. to her? Saki sat back and waited patiently for her twin to come home. And Sachi opened the door, made Saki stood and approached her.

Saki stopped. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She saw Sachi, all wet and dirty.. oh no, she’s covered in mud this time. With some bruises and wounds all over her face and hands. Her feet were very dirty and badly injured.

“ What… happened?” Saki finally asked. Sachi glared at her.

“ They hid my shoes, so I went home with my feet. Oh, and they pushed me,” Sachi answered. Saki was about to cry, “… Sachi…”

“ And…” Sachi looked at Saki, “ I hate you very much.” Saki stepped back several paces. “ You know everything, but you didn’t even there, to stop Seri or to help me. Oh well, now I hate you very much… “ Sachi opened her bag and took out a straw doll.

“ …!! Sa…chi!! “ Saki couldn’t believe what she saw.

“ Is there anything you want to say before I sent you to the Hell?” Sachi asked. Saki kneeled. The twin didn’t recognize that Hell Girl was there, watching over them.

“ Yeah… send me to the hell… I deserve it… I want to help you, but I couldn’t… I am afraid that I’ll get bullied… I am such a coward….” Saki began to cry. “ It’s impossible now. What is done can’t be undone again,” Sachi replied coldly.

“ Yeah… that is why… I contacted Heaven Girl… so that you could go to the heaven… but I was afraid I couldn’t be a good person… I was afraid that I’d failed and made you suffer again… I’m sorry… Hurry up and do it…” Saki cried. Sachi stopped and looked at Saki surprisedly. They didn’t recognize it that the Heaven Girl was watching over them along with Hell Girl now.

“ Saki…? I… I don’t… I never knew about this before….” Sachi approached her twin and kneeled too. Sachi erased her twin’s tears. “ I’m sorry, Saki… I love you… Let’s… try together,….” Saki nodded.

“ So.. you don’t need that straw doll anymore, do you?” Hell Girl approached Sachi. Sachi stood with tears on her face. She smiled and nodded. She gave the straw doll to Hell Girl. “ Yes, sorry to bother you…” Ai accepted the straw doll and turned it to be Honne-Onna.

“ And you?” Heaven Girl approached Saki. Saki erased her tears and stood. She took the ring from her finger and gave it to Heaven Girl. “ As I expected,” Anju received the ring.  Ai, Anju, and Honne-Onna stepped back from the twin. The twin hugged each other, cried and smiled together.

“ So, we are rejected?” Anju smiled.

“ It seems so,” Ai replied.

They disappeared after Anju said, See you soon…. as if they would meet again… and they would, as long as the cycle of hatred and love still continues, and as long as the cycles would bumped each others….

“ If only we could be honest from the beginning! “ said Saki.

“ But it doesn’t matter anymore. We would face it together now…” Sachi smiled back at Saki.

Yes, the twin didn’t need the straw doll and also the heart ring. They only needed honesty from each other.



“ I.. couldn’t… forgive you….” A boy stuck with his PC in the middle of night, “ I couldn’t forgive you….. ANJU!!!” He typed Anju’s name to the Hotline to Hell. But why?… The answer would be in the next chapter….