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Chapter 4

Meguro : Grudge Towards Heaven Girl

It was raining outside. Thunder made that creepy night scarier than ever.

Save us…

Save our crying souls…

It’s all your fault…

A 16 year-old boy lied on his bed with pillow closing his eyes and his ears were covered by the earphone. The volume of the music which he played was pretty loud. But he still took another pillow to cover his ears from something. His face looked pretty bad.

“Argh!” he threw away his pillows and he put off this earphone. He walked towards his PC which is always located near his bed and turned it on. He looked up and he saw a digital clock which showed 23:59. He glared to another analog clock, especially at the second needle with his right hand prepared to click the mouse. When the second needle finally rotated and both of the hour and minute needles showed the number 12, his pointfinger clicked the mouse.

He connected the Hotline to Hell. His eyes stared carefully at the page he was on and typed. ‘Heaven Girl An…’ he stopped. Is this really a good way to solve my problem? He looked at the lamp above him.

‘Yes, this is the right way!!‘ he gasped. ‘Avenge us!’ He stayed still. He looked at his left and right side for a few times. His face became pale. “Okay, okay… I..understand….,” he shouted, “ I..couldn’t…forgive her! I couldn’t forgive you… ANJU!!!” He typed the last alphabet and clicked the send button. And then the page became all white with “ERROR” writing on it. He sighed and closed the keyboard roughly. He immediately fell onto his bed again and tried to sleep along with the sound of the drizzle.  But he couldn’t sleep. Just where is Hell Girl right now? I want to send that crap, that ignorant ‘heaven girl’ right away!!



“Ojou, what kind of request is it?” Ichimokuren asked Ai, who sat in front of her old computer while Honne-onna and the others were also relaxing in their ‘home’. Not getting a respond, Kikuri walked towards Ai and peeked the computer.

“Aw, what a weird request!” Kikuri commented. Ai glanced at Kikuri before she looked at the computer again. Kikuri’s comment triggered everyone’s curiousity. Their relaxed mood were all broken now. The situation became tense. Ai sensed this tensity and finally spoke. “We couldn’t take this one’s request.” Honne-onna, Ichimokuren, and all of them were looking at Ai. “Who’s our target now, Ojou?” Honne-onna broke the silent. Ai moved aside, showing the computer.

“Anju,” Ai continued.

“..!!”  All of them were startled. “ Don’t say that Anju is—,” Wanyuudo commented. Ai nodded, making them more shocked.

“ But what kind of grudge will that person have against the Heaven Girl?” Yamawaro asked. His question made all of them remained silent, thinking about the answers.

“ We couldn’t take this request no matter what. It’s impossible,” Ichimokuren justified Ai’s sentence before. Kikuri jumped down and opened the door. “ Ah, Hime (princess—the way Yamawaro called Kikuri)!!” Yamawaro tried to catch Kikuri, “ where do you want to go?” Kikuri pretended to not hear Yamawaro’s question and continued to go outside. “Ah, Hime!!” Yamawaro also went outside, chasing Kikuri.


3 days after that…

“Let me go! Lemme go!!” Kikuri wriggled in Wanyuudo’s arms. Wanyuudo tried to hold Kikuri firmly. “Stop wriggling! You won’t go anywhere!”

“ How is it, Ojou?” Honne-onna sat beside Ai who was looking at her computer. “He still insisted on it,” said Ai, showing the request which a boy made—a request to send Anju, the Heaven Girl to hell.

“ Dakara, itta deshou?! (That’s why, I’ve told you,right?!)” said Kikuri, still wriggling in Wanyuudo’s hold. She finally bit Wanyuudo’s arm and jumped down to the land. “Ouch, what was that for?!” Wanyuudo hitted Kikuri’s head.

“Aww!!” Kikuri patted her head. “Told us what?” Ichimokuren asked. Kikuri grinned, “Investi-gate!” She stretched her hands widely,” I am going to investigate him!!” Wanyuudo and Ichimokuren looked surprised. Honne-onna answered, “ It sounds good.” Kikuri jumped and opened the door when she heard that. “Deshou? (Right?)” and then she ran away quickly. Honne-onna startled and shouted, “Matte (wait)! It doesn’t mean that we let you to…” But Kikuri ran faster.


“Grrr! Darn it! Where is the Hell Girl?!” the same boy named Meguro hitted the table desperately. He stood up and hit the chair, making it fell with a loud voice. Hihihi…. That boy froze when he heard the voice. He closed his eyes, “Okay, so now… who are you, newcomer? And what do you want from me? I am busy enough now, so….”

“ Look at the one who is speaking to you when you are going to open a conversation!” Meguro heard a little girl’s voice. “How can I look at the one I am speaking with if you are invisible…” Kikuri threw the pillow to Meguro. “Auch!” Finally he looked at his bed, where Kikuri suddenly appeared just a moment ago. “ I am not invisible,” Kikuri smirked.

“Who are you?” Meguro walked back several paces,”how did you get in here?” He sat on the floor. “himitsu—(secret),” Kikuri laughed, “ so, why did you enter heaven girl’s name to the jigokutsushin (hotline to hell)?” Meguro stood back and walked to the bed. He sat beside Kikuri and answered her, “are you the hell girl?” Kikuri wrinkled, “No…” Meguro sighed, “ Well whatever, I wanna tell you a story…”


There lived a boy who always moved so he didn’t have any best friend. He decided to live alone when he got into Junior High School. So, finally, after years, he got the friends he’s longing for all the time. He got two friends : Yumiko and Reiji who eventually became couple. Everyday, they went home together and spent some times together.

Their bonds soon got deeper and they soon became close friends. One day, they went out together to a cafe and speaking about their secrets. Reiji was the one to start the conversation about it. Reiji stated that his biggest secret is that he is not the real son of his parents. He has enraged when he heard about that fact and he has ever become a member of a gank! Until the day when his parents explained that they wanted a child no matter what and picked Reiji as their son and how graceful are they because of Reiji, his heart melted and he finally became a good guy again.

“ Well, it’s not so important, right? But sorry, I don’t have any serious secret,” said Reiji, “ and how about you, Yumiko?” Yumiko was startled and her spoon fell down. She picked it up again as quick as she can.

“We-well… about my secret…,” she stared at Reiji and the boy, watching whether they were angry or what… and then she decided to continue to speak,” Ac-actually…. when I was a child, I was quite a troublemaker. My body wasn’t so strong enough, so I got sick so often….,” she caught the expression of surprised in her friends’ faces, “errr… but now I am fine, not as weak as I was.”

“So,… my father tried to take care of me as good as he could,” she continued. Reiji lifted his hand and asked her a question, “ Dad… not mother?!” Yumiko nodded and continued her story, “…and my mother always got mad at me and she always hates me all this time… she mocked me and she yelled at me because I was coughing when I was a kid. My parents always fight and in the end, my father left me with my mother. Sometimes my mother still yells at me, but it’s okay now…,” Yumiko ended her story and she looked at the boy—oh yeah, just call that boy “Go”.

“ Me… well,” Go coughed, “ I could… could…—“ he stopped and saw the curious mimic from his friends, so he continued, “I could see the ghosts….”


And then Reiji laughed. Go coughed again and raised his hand, “ I am not joking… it’s real…”


“ And then?” Kikuri asked Meguro. Meguro was so surprised and looked back at Kikuri, “ Are you bored?” Kikuri grabbed a pencil and started to draw again, “Yeah…” Meguro sighed and asked her back, “Do you want to hear the main idea only?” Kikuri nodded.

“Well, I don’t know whether you are going to listen or not, but here goes…” Meguro closed his eyes again. He also didn’t recognize that there was a big eye peeking at them from above. It’s Ichimokuren. Good job, Kikuri….


One day, Reiji and Go agreed to give Yumiko a surprise. They would come to Yumiko’s apartment to see her and to ask her to go out later on. They usually made promises before, but this time, no…

They walked and when they were about to knock the door—….

“I told you many times! I’ve had enough of this!!” and then PRANG! A sound of the broken glass or plate,…. they were unsure… but they heard Yumiko, sobbing there and tried to scream, “I…am… sorry!!!” But then again, they heard a woman’s voice—Yumiko’s mother for sure,”No excuses again! You little damn kid!” Yumiko screamed after she heard that. “I’m sorry, mother! Forgive me!”

They were true. It was her mother…. Bravely, they decided to press the bell (which they realized after that) and all of the noise inside became nothing.. After a while of silent, Yumiko opened the door and was so surprised.

“ Yumi, come with us right now!!” Reiji pulled Yumiko’s arm tightly. After making sure of the distance, and that no one heard them, the Q&A was going…

“So, can you explain all of this to us, Yumi?” Reiji asked Yumiko back. Go added, “ Didn’t you say that your mother sometimes only scolded you? And only that—nothing more? But this time—.” Yumiko cried. A sign to stop asking questions now. Reiji hugged Yumiko until she stopped crying.

“I lied…,” Yumiko sobbed,” I’m sorry… actually I lied when I said that…. Actually… my mother’s act has become more brutal after father left us. She started to go home very late at night and went to work when I was at school. I was glad since I didn’t have to face her… but sometimes when she didn’t work or work at home… she’d scold me… and even worse, if her mood is bad, she’d… she’d…” Reiji gave her a handkerchief.

“ She’d sometimes yell at me, point at me, mock me, and she could hit me. If she’s very angry, … all of the stuffs at home can turn out to be her weapon to attack me…,” Yumiko dried her tears with the handkerchief. Reiji, her boyfriend punched his hand to the wall, “Damn it! Damn it!!” Yumiko tried to hold him, but it was too late. He already injured his hand. “Reiji, stop it! It’s not your fault!” Yumiko grabbed Reiji’s hand. “It’s… if only I realized it before… if only… I can save you!!!” Reiji’s face became red. He was angry. And when they went home, Go noticed if there was something strange with Reiji. Go predicted that something would happen….

And he was right.

The 2nd next day, at school, he didn’t see Yumiko anywhere. He asked Reiji what happened to Yumiko… since Go thought that Reiji would know what happened with her. And Reiji’s answer made Go twisted.

This is his answer : “ I couldn’t stand it,… I couldn’t stand it, seeing her being hurt! That’s why I contacted Heaven Girl, Anju, yesterday and sent Yumi to the heaven. Now she’s happy!!! With this, she won’t be hurt and she won’t be miserable anymore in this world! Yeah… this is the best!!!” And he left Go alone… It happened at their last year in the Junior High School.

Ever since that time, Go saw that Reiji’s condition has become worse day by day. Reiji became a troublemaker… a real troublemaker… and so, their friendship was broken, although they entered the same Senior High School. Go also knew that Reiji was rarely seen at the school again. And at the second year of his High School life, he heard a shocking news…

About Reiji. He was trying to run away after stealing things in a mall… Unfortunately, a car crashed him. He died at that exact moment. Go didn’t know that it would be this soon… this very soon… He cried that night… he lost everything… chance to reconcile and be friends again with Reiji… But then, he heard a voice….

‘Help me…’ He stopped crying and tried to hear the voices better.’Help us… I know you can see and hear us… you have ever said that to us…’ He stopped to cry completely and murmured, “…Rei…ji…. Yu…mi?”


“So, Go is you, right?” Kikuri smirked to Meguro. Meguro smiled awkwardly, “ Yes, smart girl… Go is me…” Kikuri stopped drawing, “ what happened, then?”

“ Well… they told me… Reiji told me that he had made a promise with Heaven Girl that if he wanted to be happy and if the one he loved—Yumi could be happy… In order to do that, Reiji has to live as a good guy until the death came. It is actually simple and he could do that… But his symbol turned black after a short time, since he was so depressed because of Yumiko… And he forgot about that promise… Now they wandered in this world… Reiji was full of grudge and anger against Heaven Girl so… please!” Meguro grabbed Kikuri’s hands, “if you are the Hell Girl’s company, minion, underling, or whatsoever… please ask her to send Anju to hell!!”

Kikuri jumped to the floor, “ No… It’s all because of your own friend’s fault… right?” She grinned and then run until she disappeared.

But Meguro coerced Hell Girl. He always opened the Hotline to Hell and typed Anju’s name… so Ai decided to confront Meguro at last… And how will things turn out?

To be continued….



“Hey, Anju!!” a boy with blonde hair and green eyes was looking at the laptop in a pleasant place. Anju came to that boy and hit his head.

“ Auch, what was that for?!” That boy asked Anju, who was already beside him. “Call me sister!” That boy answered, “No way! Just because you are 24 months older than me!!! Anyway!! Look at the laptop!”

Anju looked at the laptop, “What’s this?”

It is written : Please send Enma Ai to Heaven….

“ Wow, a new joke?” a little girl peeked Anju and the boy. Anju turned back, “ Earl, don’t peek and just go back to your place…” That girl wrinkled, “ Aw-boo….” and she ran outside. “Not yet, it’s not yet time to show up, guys,” Anju murmured, “ and what’s more important is about this request…” A boy with grey hair and deep blue eyes peeked, “Can I help you now?” Anju smiled, “It will be a good idea with your good spying skills!” That boy laughed happily.