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Chapter 5



I’ll never forget our first meeting…

At that time, I only know your name and face only. I’d never expect to be seated with you.

“—Oh, so I’m with you, eh. Please do teach me when I don’t understand something!” you smiled.

My impression towards you… I thought you were just like the other boys.

I wonder since when… has this love grown?

Suddenly I realized that I’ve fallen for you. I couldn’t stand looking at your smiling face. I quickly pulled my hand away when our hands were touching accidentally.

You were insensitive and didn’t respond to my love signs. That’s why I confessed, right?

B-but… even so, still…

S-somehow… I don’t want to listen to his answer… But I gotta listen…

…Hey! Why don’t you say something, Len?

“ E-eh,… y-you can give the answer some other day… I just wanted to let you k-know…,” I backed down awkwardly.

“ …No,” said Len. He looked at me with his cool blue eyes.

“ …Eh?”

Does that mean—he wants to give me an answer right now? I-I haven’t prepared my heart yet… No, he couldn’t be telling me his answer now.

“ I’m going to give an answer now,” he said a sentence that I didn’t expect to hear, “ I…”

I closed my eyes. Oh God, please…!!

“ I’m sorry.”

!! What did he say… What does he mean by, “I’m sorry?”… Ah, yeah, that must be it. He doesn’t love me back. He rejected me. I… was rejected… directly, after I’ve gathered enough courage just to admit my love to him… My first love… It turns out to be an unrequited one, eh? Is this the end…?

“ Why…,” I murmured.

Ng? What did I just say…?

“ I thought we’re pretty close, Len. Tell me why, am I not good enough? Do you love someone else?”

This is bad. I can’t control my mouth…

“ Gumi…,” Len looked at me. His eyes showed that he couldn’t believe with what he heard. Neither could I.

“ I, I will always be by your side! I will never abandon you, I’ll never betray you like what they did…,” I continued to murmur. This is bad. I can’t get a hold of myself.

“ Where did you hear that?” Len interrupted.

“ Eh…,” and finally I could control my mouth back.

Len sighed, “ Rin, eh? Well, since you’ve heard it, I’m going to tell it by myself. I just couldn’t trust anyone else anymore. I couldn’t simply let myself love any girl. I mean, all of them—the girls I love would just abandon me in the end. Even if they said what you just said to me. They said that they would be with me. But in the end? They left me. It’s better for me to not believe or love a girl anymore. In fact, there’s no assurance that you will not change. People’s feelings change over the time, anyway.”

“ …Assurance? You mean… proof?”

“ Sort of,” Len muttered, “ I don’t even know what I’ve just said…”

“ Len… I’ve loved you… for one whole year. During that one year, my feelings have never changed. I didn’t waver for another boy either…,” I feel so sad. It’s not because I’m rejected by Len. I’m sad because of the fact that Len couldn’t trust me. And I thought that we were close, too…

“ Hmph, that couldn’t be an assurance. You will just leave me in the future,” Len replied back.

I lifted my head—facing Len’s face. Then I smiled gently, “ Nothing is going to change. I love you just the way you are. And I will always be by your side, even just as your best friend. I will prove it. I will make you change your mind. I will hear your wounds, Len. I won’t ever hurt your feelings. I will stay. Can’t I be by your side as a friend?”

Though it’s just one glimpse, but I saw Len blushed. But it could be my imagination, right?

“ Do as your wish,” Len turned around, leaving me behind.

I smiled as I watched him leaving me. But I couldn’t stay strong anymore than this. I wiped away my tears.

Yeah, I will heal Len, and I will be by his side no matter what happens… Even if… I’m just his friend… Someday I want him to change his view of me. I will make him fall for me, too!

And now, the war begins…!

Yeah, I know this one is a short chapter, but I think it’s enough as it’s all about the answer and Gumi’s resolution. Next chapter, Gumi’s effort as a friend will begin. Will Len finally realize Gumi’s earnest love? Will Gumi be able to withstand everything and stay… or leave him?

To be continued…