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The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride Chapter 1

Remember the other day I told you there’s a short, completed series I’m interested in translating? Here is it XD I got to know this novel from mojotranslations’ summaries!

Here is the brief introduction to the series, but you can check its ToC page!


Author : Eri

Genres : Romance, R-18 (I’ll put a caution on R-18 chapters/parts)

Summary :

In front of Lise, who worked in the lower parts of town selling flowers, a man fully clad in black appeared and suddenly abducted her. The place she was abducted to was a noble’s house. The identity of the black clad man was the general feared as a fierce god, Wizard. In truth, he was to marry a noble’s daughter but due to being overwhelmed by Wizard’s strength, she ran away. Even though it was after they sent out the wedding invitations. There, Wizard decided to propose to the one who he held foremost in his feelings, Lise. Lise was suddenly proposed to, but・・・。

Enjoy chapter 1!

Chapter 1

The Flower Selling Girl, Lise

Lise worked as a flower selling girl for the sake of her sick mother.

Even if her everyday life was difficult, she was still happy.

But since her mother’s medication was expensive, Lise had to cut off her food expenses to buy the medicine.

Somehow, she managed to maintain her livelihood.
At that day, Lise was selling flowers just like usual.

Suddenly, a man wearing all black appeared in front of Lise.

That man held Lise’s mouth and brought her into his carriage.

Lise tried to struggle, but the man was stronger than her, and so Lise’s resistance was futile.



A short time later, the carriage stopped.

Lise was taken down from the carriage while being carried.

And then she was put into a room inside a mansion.



The man clad in black took off his mantle and showed his identity to Lise.

Lise had a loss of words upon discovering his identity.

That man was Wizard, the general feared as a fierce god.

Wizard was the supreme commander of this country’s army, and any battles that he led always ended in victory.

From that fact, the people of this country call him “Wizard, the fierce god.”



“I’m sorry for doing something crude to you.”

“…Uhm, you’re Wizard-sama, right?”


“Why did you abduct me?”


Wizard seems reluctant to answer that question.



“True, certainly this is an abduction. …Sorry.”

“No, that’s fine, but I just want to know your reason for doing this.”


But Wizard doesn’t answer.



“Wizard-sama! Please give me an explanation!”

A butler-like man urges Wizard, too.



“Will you… marry me?”


Lise was surprised at the sudden marriage proposal.


“Wizard-sama, it didn’t give any sufficient explanation.”

The butler who seems to be in his twenties looks more reliable than the suspicious-acting Wizard.

“Uhm, Butler-sama, can you please explain me the situation? I really need to go home soon, so…”

“Please just call me Vinan.”


Vinan then proceeds to explain.


“Simply put, Wizard-sama’s fiancee ran away.”

“Eh, his fiancee did?!”

“The young lady who’s engaged to Wizard-sama ran away upon seeing Wizard-sama’s face, while asking us to forget that the engagement ever existed.”

That being said, Wizard’s face is indeed scary.

He rarely has any expression on his face, too.

Even still, it is pitiful that the engagement got cancelled off only because of that reason alone.

You cannot do anything about shaping your own face, after all.


“But why me? Aren’t there a lot of other young women more suitable for this?”

“When the engagement was offered, everyone seems to dislike it… and so they run away.”

(He doesn’t look like to be such a bad person, though…)

That’s what Lise thought when she looked at Wizard’s face.

Wizard looked embarrassed.

His expression then turned to that of an astonishment, and his eyes also widened upon realizing Lise’s gaze.



“…aren’t you afraid of my face?”

“Yes, I’m not afraid.”

Vinan bows his head, admiring Lise.

“Lise-sama, will you please entrust your mother’s care to me and marry Wizard-sama?”

“How do you know about my mother?!”

Lise was surprised.



“We have already investigated and found out that Lise-sama’s mother was suffering from a heavy illness.”

“…that’s correct.”

“And we also know that due to that, Lise-sama’s daily life has become inconvenient.”


Lise quietly cast her eyes downward.



“And that’s why, in exchange to providing Lise-sama’s mother with the latest medical treatment, I’d like to request that you become Wizard-sama’s bride.”

And at that moment, Wizard finally spoke.

“How do you think? I don’t think it’s a bad negotiation, but…”

“That’s why, why me? There are so many other women in the town.”

Vinan sighed.



“I also have said so, but no matter what, Wizard-sama seems to be attracted to Lise-sama, he kept insisting that Lise-sama is good.”


Wizard remains silent while his cheeks become red.

“I like Lise.”

“Eh?! We just met today, so I cannot believe that!”

Wizard’s scary face just got scarier.


“Do you not remember?”

“Eh? Have we ever met somewhere before?”

Wizard furrowed his eyebrows.

(It is certainly a scary face…)



“Let’s end this talk for today, or else your mother might get worried.” (T/N : I think it’s Vinan who said this)

“I would like to talk further regarding this matter tomorrow. I will pick you up at your home.”

“P, please do not come! My mother would be unable to move due to the shock!”

Then Vinan said.

“Please think about this during the night, and then please let us know your answer tomorrow.”


And just like that, Lise was returned home for the meantime.



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  1. Seems like it will be a fun series. XD
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    • Hmm I remember I have ever read that manga, too, but I forgot its title O__O. I think Wizard is supposedly his first name… but the author never really wrote their full names, as far as I have read and translated XD

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