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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 2

Finally we got to know Lise’s decision (but shouldn’t it be obvious from the title of the series?) XD And so much happened during this one day in the story.




Chapter 2

Lise’s decision


After thinking for awhile, Lise decided to marry for her mother’s sake.

But, she wondered where had she met Wizard before?

She couldn’t remember at all.

However, Wizard said that he liked Lise and wanted to marry her.

Lise was perplexed.

Nevertheless, when she was confessed to, she did not hate it.

Rather, she was happy.



Lise was just finished tidying up after breakfast when a knock to the door could be heard.

Lise headed to the door in a hurry.

(Could it be…!)


“Aah, as I thought…”

Wizard stood right in front of her very own eyes.

“As promised, I have come to pick you up.”

 Everyone around them immediately stared at Wizard and Lise.

Lise wanted to get away from her house as quickly as possible.

After all, it might be too much for her mother’s heart if she sees Wizard.



“Let’s go, Wizard-sama.”

“…there’s a carriage waiting for us over there.”

After saying that, Wizard took Lise’s hand and began walking.

Lise felt like she knew the kindness of his hand.

With the help of Wizard, Lise got into the carriage.



“Good morning, Wizard-sama.”

“…you’re truly not afraid of me, aren’t you?”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because you are looking at my face firmly when we talk.”

Lise thought that it was a matter of course, hence, that’s why she does that.



“Wizard-sama, please try to smile.”

“Why? That’s so sudden.”

“Here, like this!”

After saying that, Lise showed her wide smiling face.


Wizard was fascinated by Lise’s smiling face.

And then, Wizard put in a lot of effort to try immitating Lise’s smile.

But Wizard’s face showed a distorted expression, instead.

“Li-like this?”

“Hm-… It’s completely different.”

“It’s impossible for me.”

“That’s not true! Wizard-sama will surely be able to smile during moments that can make people smile!”

When Lise said that, Wizard’s distorted expression softened a little.



“Wizard-sama, is it really okay for your marriage partner to be me?”

Wizard began to speak indifferently.

“You may not remember, but I am indebted to you. Besides that, I’m also in love with you, Lise.”

“But aren’t you supposed to marry a noble young daughter from somewhere?”

“Yeah. I have to marry a woman whose social status is almost equal to mine.”

“Then, it should not be alright if your partner is me, right?!”

Wizard gazed at Lise.

“It’s fine, it should be alright for me to say that there wasn’t any noble woman who wanted to be my partner, therefore I married an ordinary town girl.”

It was a story that could make you sad when you heard it.

Even though Wizard-sama is this kind…

Lise thought that Wizard’s appearance was his only loss.



“The wedding ceremony will be held in three days.”


“I hope that the wedding dress will be ready before then, but…”

Lise cannot keep up with this rapid development.

(In three days?! Isn’t that way too soon?!)


“Before then, I want you to learn etiquette.”

“…you really can give my mother the latest medical treatment, right?”

“Yes. I promise.”

Lise was convinced after hearing those words.

“Then, I will try my best to do whatever I can!”

Lise vowed with her heart.

Wizard gazed at Lise with a gentle look.




When they arrived at the mansion, Vinan the butler was already waiting.

“Thank you for making this decision. Well then, let’s go inside.”


After entering the mansion, Lise was taken to the bath, and then the maids helped Lise to wear a corset and dressed up.

(It is my first time wearing a corset, but it’s so tight!)


In front of the mirror, Lise saw a figure of herself that she doesn’t even recognize.

“It matches you very well, Lise-sama!”

“Thank you very much.”

“Please say something too, Wizard-sama.”

(There is no need to force yourself to say it, though…)


But, Wizard had a gentle expression and said this.

“Yeah, it matches you very well, Lise.”

Lise, who suddenly felt embarrassed, wanted to run away from that place.

“T-thank you…”

(It was such an unexpected reaction…)

Lise managed to thank Wizard.

In response, Wizard’s corner of mouth slightly raised, forming a smile.



“Now, Lise-sama! For the sake of three days later, let’s take the lessons!”

Vinan seemed to be in high spirits.


(I have decided to try my best for the sake of my mother. I’ll do whatever I can!”




However, etiquette was unexpectedly difficult, and Lise struggled to learn it.

Seeing Lise’s situation, Wizard said this.

“Lise, try to relax more. Please don’t strain your body too much.”




The special training continued that day until it got dark.

There is also a special training for table manners.

There is so much for Lise to learn.



“Vinan-sama, how is my mother doing?”

“We have taken her to the hospital where she can get the latest medical treatment. At first she was surprised, but now she has understood the situation.”

While saying that, Vinan took out a letter from his breast pocket.

“Is it alright to read it now?”

“It shouldn’t be alright, but I’ll give you a special permission for today.”

Being told that, Lise read the letter in a hurry.



The content of the letter was like this.

“To my beloved daughter, Lise. Congratulations on your marriage. Please do not worry about me and be happy. Thank you for putting me in a good hospital. The time I spent here was really comfortable. But please show your face once in a while.”

Lise was overwhelmed with indescribable feelings when she read the letter.



“Lise-sama, your mother is alright.”



Wizard was tormented by his feelings of guilt from separating the mother and daughter.

But there are a lots of things needed to be done in preparations for the wedding ceremony that will be held three days later.

Wizard decided to concentrate on that matter first.



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