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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 3

Things are pretty hectic for me last week and this week, but here is an update! Different World Gender Change‘s next chapter will be the next translation I’m doing after this one XD

Hope you enjoy it!



Chapter 3

Lise and Wizard


Vinan’s guidance was very strict.

Even one mistake in the way of walking would earn Lise a scolding.

But such a thing did not make Lise give up.

For the sake of her mother, herself, and for the sake of not shaming Wizard, Lise tried her best to master the lessons.


Lise finally could act like a proper noble lady by the morning of her wedding day.

“Somehow we made it in time, Lise-sama.”

“Yes. It’s all thanks to Vinan-sama.”


Wizard who also happened to be there, asked.

“Did we make it in time?”

“Yes! I worked hard for it!”

Being told that, Wizard’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You even have dark bags under your eyes, could it be due to working hard with the lessons until late?”

“Yes, and today I will absolutely not shame Wizard-sama!”

Lise said that while putting her hand on her chest.



Wizard then pat Lise’s head.

Lise felt like she caught a glimpse of Wizard’s gentle smile for a moment.

But soon, his expression turned back to normal.

(…Am I just seeing things?)



“The wedding dress was also finished safely in time.”


“Would you like to wear it at once?”




Wizard then took Lise’s hand and pulled her to come along with him.

“Wizard-sama… you’re walking too fast.”

“Eh, really?”

After that, Wizard decreased his walking speed.

Wizard’s height is as tall as 190 cm in approximate.

Compared to herself, Lise is only 156 cm tall.

Even their age is different, Wizard is 26 years old while Lise is only 16 years old.

There is a large difference in terms of their height and age.

Even so, Lise cannot quit now.

(Because I have decided to marry Wizard-sama!)

Lise encouraged herself and followed Wizard.




When the door to the fitting room was opened, a white wedding dress appeared right in front of their eyes.

It’s a pure white dress with a lot of frills…

Lise wonders about just how much does this dress cost.

Along with the dress, there were also small items such as white pearl necklace and earrings matching the dress.

“How pretty…”

When Lise muttered that, the maids came and tried to put them on her.

“Please wait a second!! Wizard-sama, please wait outside!”


Being told that, Wizard went out of the room, feeling slightly disappointed.

(I wonder if he wanted to see me changing clothes… there’s no way, right)

At that time, Lise forgot.

That Wizard is also a man.

Being busy with the lessons, Lise had no time to think.

From now on, Lise will try to be as conscious as she can.


Lise was dressed up by the maids.

The maids seem satisfied upon seeing Lise who finished changing.

“It matches you very well!”

“Yes, it really does!”

“You’re wasted on Wizard…”


Seeing the maids’ conversation, Lise felt funny and laughed.



“Wizard-sama, you can come in now.”

Hearing Lise’s voice, Wizard came into the room.

He then pressed down his mouth and blushed.

“What do you think? Do I really look well on these?”

“Yeah, I thought that this design would suit Lise.”

Lise was surprised when she heard those words.

To summarize the current story, this dress was tailored especially for Lise, and the design seems to be chosen by Wizard.

“…could it be that, this dress was… for my sake…?”

“Of course. Since the main character in a wedding is the woman.”

“Thank you very much.”

When Lise notices it, she was already hugging Wizard.

Upon noticing, she quickly lets Wizard go.



After that, Vinan said from behind them.

“Your attitude just now is hard to be called the attitude of a lady. Well then, let’s review it once again!”

Vinan said in high spirits.

Meanwhile, in the other direction…

Lise now seems to regain her self-consciousness and of the lady education that she’s been through.


All three of them have worked hard for today’s sake.

Failure is not permitted.

And then the three of them waited for the guests’ arrival.


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