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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 14

In this chapter, we’ll finally have some answers as why the royal family wants to find Lise! And also, the relationship between Lise’s mother to the royal family~

Chapter 14

To the Royal Palace


The next morning, Wizard headed to the royal palace.

He had more or less told Lise about his visit to the royal palace.

She grasped her pendant tightly and looked as if she wanted to say something.

But, he pretended not to notice it on purpose.

There was no guarantee that there would be good things waiting for her even if she were to come along.

Wizard was sure that Lise wanted to come, as well.

She was curious about who her father was.

Her father might not turn out to be a good person.

In the first place, it was weird for him to be abandoning her for 16 years and then started to look for her just recently.

There might be some ulterior motives.

There are bad things in this world that is better for Lise not to know.

More or less, Wizard felt some resentment.



This time, Wizard didn’t go just for the sake of finding Lise’s father.

It would be for something linked to his job at the military.

Wizard renewed his feelings towards that purpose.

Wizard’s house is close to the royal palace.

He built a mansion close to the royal palace so that if there is something happening, he can just rush to the palace very quickly.

That is why, he arrived at the royal palace in no time by using a horse.



“I have arrived here as per His Majesty’s call.”

As soon as he informed the gatekeepers that, the gate was opened.

They seem to be able to recognize who Wizard is by looking at his scary-looking face and his military uniform.

Whispers can be heard about the arrival of the fierce god, Wizard.

But Wizard paid no heed to them and focus on walking forward.

He already knows that he is bestowed with the title of the fierce god.

He doesn’t feel really good about it, but since everyone keeps calling him like that, he finally gives up.



When he entered the royal palace, he was greeted with the presence of His Majesty, the King.

He kneeled and bowed his head.

“I’m truly honored by the trust His Majesty granted on the military and that His Majesty entrusted a job to us.”

“There is no need for your formal greetings. I’m in a hurry.”

The king looked very impatient.

“I would like to order you to go and find someone for me.”

“…And who might that be?”

“To tell you the truth, I have an illegitimate child. I would like you to find my daughter for me.”

“For what reason, if I may ask?”

“I would like to marry her to the neighboring country.”

“I believe that there is no end to this ongoing war. Therefore, I would like her to marry into the neighboring country as a [hostage].” (T/N : To secure an alliance and peace between the two country)

“Doesn’t Your Majesty have three other princesses?”

“For what reason must I send off my beloved daughters to marry into the enemy country?”

(…As I thought, that’s what he had on his mind. If it’s his own daughter that he doesn’t hold any affection for, then he would not mind at all to marry her off.)

“…Understood. We will search for that daughter of yours.”

Wizard told that white lie.

“But, would you happen to know her characteristic?”

“I don’t know how she looks like. But she should have an amber pendant with the royal family crest embedded in it.”

“Roger, I shall tell everyone that. Could you tell me the circumstances at her birth?”

“Since you’re a man, you should be able to understand it. It was an affair. I was fooling around with a maid who worked close to me at that time, and she was the daughter born out of that affair.”

“How did you know that she was your daughter?”

“The maid gave birth to her at this royal palace, and then they disappeared.”



Wizard felt sick.

The king laid his hand on a maid and even went as far as impregnating her.

He was furious with that fact, let alone with the absurd idea of sending that daughter off to be married to the neighboring country as a hostage.

It was all decided on the king’s whim.

If Lise were to know that, she would surely be sad.

By the looks of it, the king doesn’t seem to know about the death of Lise’s mother.

“This conversation is over. You should go and start looking for her already.”



Wizard felt bad for Lise, but he would have the pendant discarded.

That way, Lise would be happier.

Wizard didn’t even notice that his face became scarier due to his anger, and returned to the mansion.

When he returned to the mansion, Lise was in the middle of eating an apple pie happily.



“Lise! Let me dispose that pendant!!”

“W, why?!”

“If we don’t do that, then we’ll have to deal with something dreadful.”

“Please tell me the reason!”


Looking at Wizard who refused to talk, Lise became convinced that it was not a trivial matter, and so she said.

“I will be alright as long as I hear why, so please explain the reason properly to me.”

“…if I tell you, will you let me dispose it?”




Wizard told Lise the whole conversation he had today at the royal palace.

“I am… His Majesty’s illegitimate child?!”

“Your mother was his victim. But even so, she still loved the king until her very last moment.”


“If the fact that I’m his illegitimate child is exposed, then I’ll surely be sent off to marry into the neighboring country, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“I understand.”

“Please destroy this pendant right in front of my eyes.”

After saying that, Lise took out the amber pendant from her pocket.

“It was made very sturdy, so it won’t be easy to break it.”

“Then, let’s throw it into the river.”

Lise decided on the method of disposal with a resolute attitude.



From Wizard’s point of view, Lise seemed angry.

She kept her composure, but deep inside, she was angry.

“My mother is an idiot. How could she believe in that man until her very last moment?!”

“Please don’t say something like that. Isn’t she your own mother?”

“Even so… she is too pitiful…”

“Yeah, I agree with that.”



The two of them headed for the river.

The pendant was put into a small wooden box with additional weight attached to it, and then it was sunk into the river.

For the time being, Wizard would put up a front and pretended to do his assigned job.

He pretended to be looking for a daughter who possessed an amber pendant along with a few of his underlings.

He did it to protect his own wife.

(I have nothing to do with the king’s daughter. It doesn’t matter to me, anyway.)

That’s what Wizard thought.


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