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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 15

This chapter marks the end of the “Royal Family” arc.

And no, they don’t necessarily divide it by arc, it’s just decided on my own whim, to make it easier to refer what’s going on in the story X”D


Chapter 15

Lise’s Thought


Lise stared at the pendant which was currently sinking into the river.

(To take good care of that kind of pendant…)

(Okaa-san, you were not loved at all by the king, you know?)

Once she knows everything, she feels as if it was all sorrowful.

Also, her father is looking for her so that he can marry her off into the enemy country.

They should just keep looking for the daughter that can never be found anymore.


After thinking that, her mind got lighter.

She can’t forgive the king for toying around with her mother.

Even so, she has no means to retaliate against her own country’s king.

That’s why, as a small revenge, she disposed the pendant.

Actually, Lise was so angry that she wanted to beat him.


Wizard then hugged Lise, who was feeling like that.

(I have Wizard-sama by my side.)

That alone is enough to make her happy.

But still, she feels that something is caught inside her mind.

The wounds she has in her heart can’t be easily healed.

But it’s not like she can be influenced by it all the time.

She just has to compromise with it, somehow.


That day, it was rather unusual for Wizard to not embrace Lise.

He just gently wrapped Lise up and slept just like that.

Lise really loved Wizard.

The gentle Wizard…

Even when his face is so scary, he’s this gentle.

I’m truly happy…

While feeling like that, Lise fell asleep.


In the end, since they couldn’t find the daughter who possessed the amber pendant, apparently the youngest princess was sent off to be married as a hostage to the enemy country.

The youngest princess was very pitiful, but she could only accept that decision since it was the fate of those born into the royal family.

Wizard didn’t speak more of that topic’s details.

He seems to have a lot more details hidden.

But Lise understood that Wizard surely kept those things hidden out of consideration for her.

Therefore, she decided that she won’t force Wizard to tell her more about it.

She thought that from now on, she would surely be able to overcome various things in the future as long as she’s with Wizard.



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