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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 16

This is the beginning of the “Fiancee” Arc. XD

And it starts right off with NSFW part! So beware~! The end of it is marked with another red writing, in case anyone wants to skip that part.



Chapter 16

The Real Fiancee


Today too, Lise was held by Wizard.

“Haa, ahn, yaah…”

“Ah, yaah, Wizard-…sama…”

Once his name was called, Wizard’s reasoning stopped working.

He began to fling his hips more violently than ever.

Today, Lise was being done from behind.

“Lise… I love you.”

Lise was caught off guard the moment Wizard whispered those words so close to her ears.

“Ah, aaaaah!!”

Lise moaned as she came.

Her vagina greedily wriggled Wizard’s thing as it started to squeeze out his cloudy liquid.




Feeling that he wanted to be deeply connected to Lise, Wizard continued to move his hips.


“Haa, haa… does it feel good, Lise?”

Lise nodded.

“I also felt good… uh!”

Wizard moaned and also came.

And so, he let out all of his cloudy liquid inside of Lise’s honey pot.

“Nnn, uuuu!”

Lise accepted everything.

[NSFW Part Ends here]



“Lise, you’re mine.”


“Who do you belong to? Are you aware of that?”

“I, I belong to Wizard-sama.”

Wizard felt satisfied hearing those words from Lise’s lips.

While hugging Lise close by his side, Wizard fell asleep.

(H, heavy…)

Wizard’s arms were very heavy because they were full of muscles.

Lise then escaped from Wizard’s arms.

Instead, she hugged Wizard and then slept.



“…Eating an apple pie early in the morning, already?”

Wizard was surprised by Lise who was already eating apple pie for her breakfast.

“It’s delicious. Do you want to eat it too, Wizard-sama?”

Wizard frowned when he heard that, and said.

“No, I’m good. I don’t really like sweet things.”

“Is that so? Even though it’s this delicious… you’re wasting your life away!”

“Such an exaggeration.”

Wizard reflexively spouted out those words.

Lise seems to really love sweet things.

He vaguely knew that, but he never thought that she’d love them to this extent.



At that time, there was the sound of the door being knocked.


“There is a guest who wants to meet with the two of you.”

“A guest, this early in the morning?”

The two of them was very surprised, and then they went to the guest room.



Upon opening the door, there was a noble’s daughter sitting on the chair and drinking a tea.

“Wizard-sama, it’s been a long time.”

That young woman bore a slight resemblance to Lise.

As she didn’t know how the two were related, Lise looked up at Wizard in her bewilderment.

Wizard’s anger was clearly exposed.



“What do you come here for, after such a long time?”

“You may marry me any time now.”

“What did you say?! I’m already married to Lise!”

“Then, wouldn’t it be alright if you just divorce her?”

The girl said it just like that.

Hearing those words, Wizard snapped out.



“Did you even realize what you had done?!”

“Yeah, I had run away from our wedding.”

“Knowing that, why are you saying such a thing right now?”

“…I also have my own circumstances.”

“Don’t you go spouting out such nonsense, just go home!!”



The girl then approached Lise and brushed her cheeks.

“Amazing… You look a lot like me!”

“Did you like me that much, Wizard-sama?”

Wizard furrowed his brows and replied.

“You’re wrong. The one that my heart desires is Lise. You were just her substitute.”

“Oh my, how rude of you.”

“I will excuse myself today, but please think over what I told you just now.”

Wizard yelled.

“Don’t you ever come to this mansion again! I only love Lise!!”

“Is that so?”

The girl only said that and left the guest room.



“…Wizard-sama, who was that just now?”

“My former fiancée. She was reluctant to our marriage and ran away.”

“And that person’s name is…?”

“She is Mary.”

Wizard replied bitterly.

“That person looks a lot like me.”

“I have always loved you, so I searched for a noble daughter who looked a lot like you.”


“If I were to marry someone, it’d be good if she looked like the woman I love.”



“I wonder why did Mary-sama come now, after all this time?”

Lise couldn’t comprehend it.

Also, when her cheeks were touched, she was looked over with eyes full of hatred.

“You don’t have to worry about Mary.”

“But, she said that she’d come again.”

*sigh* A heavy sigh could be heard.

“Don’t listen to Mary, even if she comes again.”




To be honest, Wizard knew why would she come here after all this time.

But, it wasn’t any of Wizard’s concern.

For the one he loves… the only one that he treasures is Lise alone.

Wizard thought that he had no need of another woman.



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