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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 17

The continuation of the Fiancee Arc~! Some of you might have already guessed the reason behind Mary’s sudden appearance and some might already have the correct answer! Without further ado, the author kindly told us the answer right in the beginning of this chapter!


Chapter 17

Mary and Lise



Mary’s family had nearly all of their assets confiscated due to his father’s fraud being exposed.

Mary hated Wizard, but even so, she came to see him as she aimed for Wizard’s assets.

Then, when she saw Wizard’s marriage partner, Lise, she thought.

With their nearly alike appearance, then it would be alright if it was her, and not Lise.

If only her father hadn’t done any fraud, then she wouldn’t have gone to that man’s place.

If things went on like this, she wouldn’t be able to continue her life.

She would become the laughing stock in the high society.

When she thought so, she decided that she couldn’t let things stay as it was.



She also heard that the girl named Lise was formerly a flower selling girl and a poor girl.

She was surprised when she heard about that.

Then today, upon meeting her, she looked to be living happily as she was being protected by Wizard.

Thus, hatred surged from Mary with her current circumstances.

The flower selling girl could just go back to sell flowers.

She thought that the one suitable for Wizard in his status would be herself.

Even if her household was currently ruined, it could be rebuilt as long as she had Wizard’s fortune.

She doesn’t know why Wizard is so inclined to Lise, but no matter what it takes, she wants his fortune.

Mary was waiting for Wizard’s absence, and then she decided to go to see Lise during that time.

“Lise-sama, I’m hesitant to say it, but… that Mary person has come again.”

(Wizard-sama told me not to meet her, but…)

“I understand. Please take her to the guest room.”

“I think you’d better not, Lise-sama.”

Vinan voiced out his opinion.



“But, she has troubled herself to come, so I think I should at least listen to what she has to say…”

(Besides, I also want to know what her objective is.)

Like what Mary has been doing up until now and what does she have on her mind right now.




The noble daughter, Mary was relaxing around on the sofa as if it was natural.

As if it was her own house.

It was not something pleasant to see.



“Mary-sama, what is your purpose for coming here today?”

“You’re just someone of low status, so can you stop acting as if you’re some noble daughter?”

Lise was attacked immediately.



“Don’t you realize that you’re making Wizard-sama to be ashamed?”


“That’s right, of course he’d be ashamed as the one being his wife was formerly a flower selling girl.”

“I don’t understand Mary-sama’s goal, but in terms of making Wizard-sama ashamed, don’t you think we are of equal status in this regard?”


Mary went silent.



“Therefore, you have no rights to tell us about divorce or anything else at this point!!”

“You are really unrefined, eh.”

“It’s fine even if you think I’m unrefined. After hurting Wizard-sama, how can you be so nonchalant and show your face at this time?”

“Even I have my own reasons! I still hate that man even now!”

Hearing those words, Lise got pissed off.

“For relying so greatly on the man you hate that much, so there must be quite a grave predicament behind your motive, right?”




Mary poured her tea on Lise.

Fortunately, the tea was already cold.

“I will excuse myself today!! I will have a conversation with Wizard-sama directly for the next time!”

(She did such an awful thing… so even a noble woman could do this kind of thing…)

Lise thought so as she looked at Mary.

Mary was at her wits’ end.

Lise still didn’t understand Mary’s reason to come here today, but she couldn’t imagine the thought of being separated from Wizard-sama.



When Vinan looked at Lise who was wet with the tea, Vinan’s face grew pale.

“Are you all right?!”

“Yeah, since the tea was already cold.”

“…I heard your voices during the quarrel, but are you sure everything is alright?”

Vinan was worried.

Lise thought that she couldn’t make Vinan worried any more than this.

“I’m all right. Mary-sama seemed to be at her wits’ end, somehow.”


“She said that next time, she’d come to see Wizard-sama.”

“Ah… perhaps he wouldn’t want to see her.”

Lise also thought the same thing.

But, judging by her condition, Mary would just try until she was able to meet him.

Wizard and Lise became caught up in a troublesome matter.



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Mary, just why, Mary, why, why, oh why are you so wicked? …no offense to all of you with the name of Mary, this is personally dedicated to the Mary in this story.

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