The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 18

After Mary’s confrontation with Lise, we’ll now see how Mary vs Wizard’s gonna be!


Chapter 18

Mary and Wizard


Wizard was very concerned.

Mary also appeared at his workplace.

His subordinates stopped their hands in the middle of their training as they were thinking about what was going on.



“Mary! Don’t disturb my work!!”

“If that’s the case, then please accept me!”

(After running away, how could you say that kind of thing carelessly?)

“Don’t you hate my face? Then why do you come here after all this time?”

He could roughly guess it, but he wanted to hear it directly from her mouth.



“…You should already know about my family’s financial affairs, right?”

“Aah, as I thought, you were after money, eh…”

“Please don’t put it like that.”

“Isn’t that right?”


Mary went silent at once.



And then, she opened her mouth to talk.

“In exchange of my offering my own body, I’d like you to rebuild my family’s financial affairs!”

“No need. I have no interest whatsoever in you. I only need Lise.”

“No way…”



“In exchange of saving your family, don’t show yourself in front of us ever again.”

Mary lifted her face.

“…Is that fine?”

“Yeah, because I don’t want our daily lives to be disturbed again. But I can only give you a small amount of money.”



Wizard heaved a sigh and then continued.

“If you don’t mind it, then just go and accept this.”

After saying that, Wizard handed off a bag with money in it.



“This is…?”

“Since I can’t give it to you at the mansion, so I prepared the money thinking that I could give it to you when you come to my workplace.”

“T, thank you very much.”

“However, this will be the first and the last money I’m giving to you. Don’t ever think that there will be a second time.”

“Please don’t tell this to anyone else.”



Wizard scratched his head and said.

“I don’t feel like telling this. I won’t gain anything from telling anyone, either way.”

As he coldly said it, Wizard left that spot.

Mary didn’t say anything more.

She couldn’t say anything.

Mary brought the bag home carefully.

Even if the amount was small, Wizard stuffed enough money so that she won’t be troubled over her immediate daily living.

From then on, Mary didn’t appear either in the mansion or Wizard’s workplace.


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My Comment :

Uhm, Mary, aren’t you ashamed for that, though? You could at least work…? But well, Wizard is just too kind!

I haven’t read the next chapter but from the looks of it, this chapter should mark the end of fiancee arc~!

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  1. Weabookun

    Thanks for the chapter, even though I dom’t read this work at all…. teehee.

    Also, judging by how shameless Mary is, she will repeat this act, yup.

    • LynneSuzuran

      From the looks of it, she won’t appear anymore but if she does appear again, I’d instantly send a table flying at her X”D

  2. joellyanne

    Seriously!!! She is just so shameless. It is just so unbelievable and if I am the Wizard I would not have given her a single penny and have her beaten until she is unable to walk and thrown out in the wilds for the animals to finished off. Better still if I could get away with it then I will happily bury her alive. Thanks.

    • LynneSuzuran

      Yeah, right? ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ Thankfully our Wizard has an appearance of fierce god, but his inner heart is a generous god!

      • CavalcadeOfStrange

        He’s probably as well-read as all of us; its teeth gnashing to directly cause an enemy’s profit but this saves us all the agony of her drawn out and shallow scheming (straight to drink pouring, doll?)

  3. kirindas

    Thanks for the new chapter! No shame at all. >_> I don’t think once is enough for her considering how spoiled this girl is though.

    • LynneSuzuran

      If Mary doesn’t fix her behavior towards Lise and Wizard if she does make any further appearance, I’d ask Wizard to put her into the front row of an army in the middle of a war X”D

  4. twodawgs

    If anything Mary is VERY lucky. In Europe during the Middle Ages a Noble family that went bankrupt often ended up in debtors prison or the like and often died of diseases or starvation. An we wont discus what pretty young girls would face.
    As far as finding a Job… With what skills… Likely a young noble girl wouldn’t have any and if one wanted to gain skill she would have been told no by her parents and prevented from gaining any. Best she could hope for would have been if she was old enough to become a Governess (private teacher) or Ladies companion either of which, depending on the lord of the house, could also include warming a extra bed. That if she or her father’s fall from grace hadn’t burned all her bridges or she wasn’t completely disgraced yet. And how often such positions would be available… I don’t know but I’d imagine they wern’t easy to get with all the non inheriting second and third and other children all competing for a small number of positions.
    As such I can see her reason for grabbing whatever small strand of cliff grass and hoping as hard as she could it’d hold.

    • LynneSuzuran

      Whoa, I never knew! Thank you so much for all your elaborate explanation, that would help all of us to understand more about the situation regarding the background of this story ^^

  5. Lazy Psychobee

    thanks for the chapter XD
    behind his scary face, wizard is a softhearted!!
    i was hoping that wizard will chasing her away or punish her with his status making her a fugitive or whatever so she won’t come again!!
    but instead he gave her money!?
    that woman almost hurting lise with hot tea if it isn’t already cold!!!

    • LynneSuzuran

      Yeah, I cannot imagine how Wizard will react if Mary poured hot tea over Lise… X”D

  6. My Name is No

    How boring this arc (and story) was. It’s not bad but these fake “dramatic” issues that pop up and are resolved in 2-3 of these tiny chapters is just a waste of time to set up. I literally read through this entire ex-fiancee arc in less than 5 minutes; and everything moved too fast for me to have any feelings in particular about it. If that’s the case, why bother with the pretend drama then? I think it’s more fun to read about the main couple just being lovey-dovey and living their romance filled lives instead of throwing in a pointless character who disappears by the time you understand their backstory

    • LynneSuzuran

      Well yup, I thought I’d see some sugar here, but it turned out to be just so-so ^^; well, maybe we can imagine the other things not being told or explained in this story~

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