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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 26

I’m back with another update to this series!

After seeing how there are still people who are following this series and are looking forward to seeing how it goes, I decided I will finish Wizard and Lise’s story! Which means that I will continue to translate until chapter 38, that will put a proper end to the main couple’s story. In chapter 39-52 (end), we will have the story about another couple, so as of now, I still have no plan about those chapters, but we will see how it goes as I continue to translate this series ^^

Thank you for responding to my question last chapter, that helped me in deciding the fate of this series!


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Chapter 26

Wizard’s Birthday (Last Part)


There was only one more day before Wizard’s birthday.

Lise tried hard to work on the embroidery every night.

Ever since that night, she didn’t sleep together with Wizard anymore.

It didn’t mean that she was avoiding him, but it was because Wizard didn’t call out to her anymore.

She thought that it was a bit lonely, but it was alright since as of now, she needed to carry on and used the extra time for working on the embroidery.



The embroidery was done considerably well.

The only thing remained was to finish it up.

She did it properly that even her tutor praised her.

Then, she needed to hand it over to him tomorrow.

She had made some arrangements with the maids and Vinan to prepare for a birthday party tomorrow.

Of course, it was kept a secret from Wizard.

(It would be nice if Wizard-sama’s mood was already improved).

From what she heard, the mansion has never held a birthday party before.

(I will be happy if he’s delighted by this).

Lise proceeded while thinking about that.

(I wonder what kind of face will Wizard-sama make when he is delighted?)

She had a little fun imagining it.

(I want tomorrow to come by quickly).




The next day, after Wizard went to work, everyone prepared for the party.

The embroidery was also ready, and it was wrapped up nicely.

(With this, he should be happy receiving it).

Thinking about that, Lise became happy.

When she went down to the first floor, the splendid birthday venue was finished.

Zard was also being calm.



“Hey, Zard. I have a spare time. Do you want to go out for a walk?”


Zard barked and waved his tail.

Accompanied by the maids, Lise took Zard out.

Somehow, she felt like it had been quite a while since she last went outside.

Zard was walking happily.

She felt sorry for Zard, since he had to be waiting patiently to go walking outside.

“Zard, forgive me?”


Zard barked as if he was replying Lise.

Zard was no longer a puppy.

He has become a mature dog.

Lise was astonished at the dog’s rapid growth.

Furthermore, Zard grew up to be a clever dog.

Zard has never caused any trouble, not even once.



When Lise was playing with Zard, Vinan came to call Lise.

“Lise-sama, please come here for a while.”


Not knowing anything, Lise just followed Vinan.

After she followed him, she saw that a dress with lots of ribbons was prepared.

“Please wear this.”


“I’m sure Wizard-sama will be delighted.”

“Is that so? Well, if that’s the case…”

With that in mind, Lise received a help from the maids and wore the dress.



A big ribbon was put on her head.

“With this, I’m sure he will be even happier.”


“Vinan-sama has come up with a great idea!”

Vinan then said.

“He will be delighted with the embroidered handkerchief, but I think that he will even be more delighted with this.”

“Lise-sama, it suits you very well!”

Upon looking at the mirror, it was indeed a dress that Wizard-sama would like.

With this, the party’s preparation was complete.

All that was left was to wait upon the main character’s return.



Wizard came home at the usual time.

Then, he opened the entrance door and became frozen in spot.

“T, this is…?!”

“Wizard-sama! Happy birthday!”

Lise raised her voice, followed by the maids.

“Wizard-sama, happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday!”

“…The thing that all of you’ve been hiding from me is this, huh?”



Lise then called out to Wizard.

“Uhm, I didn’t manage to do it really well, but I’d be glad if you’re willing to use it.”

She handed out the handkerchief that was bundled as a gift.

“T, thank you.”

Wizard was curious on the content and quickly opened the gift there.

When he opened it, there was a handkerchief with the embroidery of colorful flowers wrapped in.

“…The one that you’ve been making sneakily was this, huh…”

“Yeah, do you not like it?”

“No, I like it. I will take care of it and use it. Thank you, Lise.”

Wizard thanked Lise.

The smile that he showed Lise for an instant was enough to warm her heart.

But, soon he returned to his usual scary-looking face.



“Our present is right here.”

Saying that, they presented Lise.

“…Is this Vinan’s plan?”

“Yes, it’s my plan, why?”

“You did well.”


Since she didn’t understand what they were talking about, Lise made a bothered expression.

After that, everyone was enjoying the party.



When the party was done, the two of them came along to the couple’s bedroom.

“I’m sorry for being silent all this time.”

“No, Lise wanted this to be a surprise, right? Then it’s also my fault.”

Being told that, Lise also became slightly bashful.

(I wonder if it’s quite childish for me to be thinking about surprises?)

However, Wizard seemed to be pleased.



“Then, shall I now receive the best present?”


After saying that, Wizard began to untie the dress’ ribbons.

The ribbon on her hair was smoothly untied.

“Wha… what are you doing?”

“I’m only receiving the present that Vinan and the other maids gave me, right?”

(Ah! So that’s why this dress has so many ribbons?!”

Now, Lise came to understand the significance of the ribbons.

The dress was constructed so that it was quickly taken off after the ribbons were untied.



Wizard carried Lise and moved her to the bed.

Then, he said this.

“As expected of Vinan. He really understands what I want.”

“I, I’m not an item!!”

How many times has she been speaking those lines?

After this, Wizard gently embraced Lise.



Then, in the middle of training at his work, he used the handkerchief that he received from Lise for wiping out his sweat.

The handkerchief then became a popular topic of conversation among his subordinates for a while.




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