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Changes in the New Site!

As of now, you would notice several changes to this new site.

This site has changes such as :

  1. Improved Comment Section : You’ll be able to select between native WordPress comment, Facebook comment, or Disqus comment to leave your marks–I mean comments on a post.
  2. Improved Accessibility : See that blue setting icon on the top right corner of your page when you’re accessing this site? If you click on that, you can adjust things such as keyboard navigation, select another color scheme (consider it as day/night mode, I’ve chosen some color schemes that look okay, mainly the white and black schemes), adjust font size, and set a highlight/underline on links so you won’t miss any links.
  3. Chatango room is available! So you can easily chat with others there. But please, be nice and don’t spam! Chatango is implemented here for your ease of chat because we’re not integrated in Discord.
  4. Ads : If you’re seeing ads here, know that they are being used in order to maintain this site–as in, domain and web hosting things. Consider disabling your adblocks to this site to support us! And if you see any intrusive ad, please tell me.

The other things should be the same as the old site, so you won’t be surprised to adjust with all the changes. Personally, I’m used to the old site’s format, so I think that might be better for you who are used to it, too, rather than starting the web design from a new scratch. I may change it if I find other styles that I see fit or prettier than the current one.

Okay, that should conclude all. I hope with this, you will find more enjoyment and ease in accessing this site and read its content ^^

Have fun and thanks for being awesome readers!

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  1. New site! Congrats!

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