• I just discovered about “Reader View” mode and how my anti-theft measures might obstruct the view there!
  • Deleted the magical button toggle that I implemented in a few chapters
  • Unable to properly delete each and every 0 px sized gibberish text I put in old chapters as the measure—sorry if you find those gibberish text!! ><
  • In the future, if I’m trying to implement other measures, I will take into consideration about Reader View and try to minimize the obstruction to those using Reader View.
  • However, I would advise you to not use Reader View for better experience and so you can view all the content as I see how the footnotes are not displaying in Reader View–while I use footnotes to show translation notes and more explanation of things.
  • If you want to customize the site’s display, you can do it by using the tool I’m implementing in my site, here’s how you can do it.


Full Version (Narrated + My Thoughts/Rant[?]):

I just noticed that there’s something called “Reader View” mode on browsers and how it practically deleted the coding or formatting in that page—

which messed up with the pages/chapters containing the magical buttons or magical white cat that could toggle the content, erasing the misleading text and changing it into the real chapter’s content. As such, the magical button’s been removed. Sorry for everyone who’s used to using Reader Mode and experienced trouble with it >< It was intended to be anti content-theft measure so that the aggregator sites got the wrong content…

Also, to my horror, Reader’s Mode also made the 0 px sized text becoming visible!! In the past, I used to include some “invisible” text encouraging people who can see the text (supposedly in aggregator site as they copied it all) to come here. I also wrote some fake sentences similar to the chapter’s content to mess up with the aggregator, lol. I never knew it was all displayed in Reader’s Mode. Gosh, I’m sorry and I hope you don’t see that foolish gibberish in Reader’s Mode ><

I have removed the magical button thing but I’m not removing the 0 px sized text that I used in old chapters… so if you suddenly found some gibberish sentences in the middle of old published chapters in your browser’s reader’s mode… Please forgive me!! They are spread across the content and it’s going to be very troublesome to filter them out and delete them manually one by one, so…

In the future, I might try to do the anti-theft measure in a friendlier way towards those using Reader’s Mode. It might be by inserting just one or two in-line text crediting this site or entering random text after the real content… We will see. I also don’t want to waste a lot of time for it all! But in any case, since I have discovered the thing about “Reader View” mode, I will be more considerate towards it from now on!

Also, I noticed that the footnotes (usually containing translation note or further elaboration of something) are not showing in Reader View, so I would recommend not using Reader View to read the chapters.  Do you know that even without enabling “Reader View” mode, you can customize this site’s appearance as you like (font resizing or color scheme change)? I implemented it because I didn’t find any good tools to enable Night Mode and font resizing option, so it should do the job right. Here’s how you can do it.

Sorry for all the inconvenience and have a nice day ^^