Please note that I’m trying another way to replace the magical button as anti content-theft measure and I’m testing it out here. So, please scroll and click the second link I’m putting in this post for the real content, definitely not for Yoda one.

Chapter 10.3 for Yoda

Yes, that link above is chapter 10.3 written in Yoda language. I read somewhere that it would be an effective bait for those aggregator bots. But I don’t know how effective it is, so let’s try! If it works, that link above will have its content changed to mimic the latest chapter but in Yoda or any other language.

Anyway, this is a sponsored chapter, so thanks for littlewolfpup and AzuraValle! Thanks for all patron: Patrick F and Ayesha! ^^ Here is chapter 10.3 for humans.

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