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Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Otomo, a wax seal letter


Then a few days. I went hiking in the meadow, shopping secretly in the village, the time had gone past.

I hesitate, I will leave most of the investigations to the managers remaining in the mansion, it is because my father said that it is suspected that the first weeded in a villa and not coming out. Well, surely it is a rich family who came to enjoy the summer holidays on the train.

So today is the day before I return to the mansion. As it was a long way to go, so it will be a matter of course for me to return home, so today is the last thing I can relax.

The conversation while having a relaxing breakfast is of an ordinary family. Well, it can not be known to Mr. Godo. No matter how much he is serving his mother, how about?


“To tomorrow is already going back to the mansion.

“Yeah, well, well, I will not go on forever, especially my father.”

“Well, yes, well, after work, there are a lot of jobs picked up at Yuzuruha, I will do my best as a lord”

“Oh no, Yuzuru-san, it’s about your signature that I can not work out clearly.”

When my mother said that way, my father stuck in words “… ….” Hey hey, it will not be serious.

“My father, I want you to deny it if possible,”

“Impossible, Salyu. Because it’s true,”

Mothers can say to Salyu hurriedly across the mouth. No, no matter how much Godo-san is there, it’s useless. Do you have an assistance boat?

“… … At least, I do not have work to read documents at all?”

“Siren … … you, like Meia, tell me something terrible”


Am I like my mother?

I mean, did you mean Todome?

“Oh, Seiren, do not apologize there, I will chase you,”

“……Oh, yes”

Before I tried to apologize, my mother stopped me. I see, it is useless.

Wow, it looks like my mother. Well certainly it is parent and child of fruit, but it is not.

In front of me thinking about what, my father seems to have recovered somehow tightened his expression and turned to me.

“…… That’s right, Seiren … I do not want to say that much, but do you want to tell it just in case?”


“Toya’s got a consultation about a fellowship with Tiga, I have replied that I would like to keep my daughter at hand for a while”


In short, you meant to say that you would marry Taiga-san from the other side.

No, I do not care about it for the time being, it’s still a man inside. I do not know when to become a woman, is it called?

Well, be grateful to my father who is explosively standing at the ground. Yup.

“Oh, I want to spend at the house of Shaya at least as much as spring next year, even if I am.”

“Oh, yeah, I came home so much, I would like to be with you for the first year.”

Mother also agrees. Oh yeah, it is my child who came back after searching for 18 years.


When breakfast was over and left the dining room, Mr. Godot stopped me.

“A sentence arrived at you, so I kept it.

“Fumi? Oh, thank you”

I thought for a moment but that’s the letter. Receiving and receiving it, my name was written as an address on a white, clean envelope. Wow, this person, the character is beautiful. I have been studying for 3 months but I have not done much yet. You can see that Mr. Minow and Mr. Olisa are glancing at glance from both sides. Yes, yeah, I want to know who I am. Yup.

Turn over the back so it is sealed with wax. And underneath it was the name of the person who gave it out. Um …… what’s your favorite?

“… from Taiga-san”

“Dear Tiga,”

“Looks like it. Do you agree?”

“Oh, yes, it matches.”

I asked two people to confirm it, but it does not seem to make a mistake. I hope I can read it fairly slowly, I can not read borrowed from my father.

Aside from that, well, now.

Thinking about the situation in the past, that thing Taiga wrote to me that he told me to investigate. Then, with Mr. Minow, Mr. Olisa, I do not have enough brains. Maybe.

“…… Minow, Professor Kuon, can you call me in the room, I heard that the sentence arrived from Taiga”

“I will call you soon”

I saw Minow going out of the room instantly, and me and Mr. Olisa returned to the room for the time being.

“If you get stuck, please follow me.”

When Professor Kuon came, I will open a letter again from Taiga. I can read it in general, but I read it while checking Mr. Kuon with the suspicious places everywhere. There are languages ​​that are difficult and ordinary not used, nobility is troublesome, hey.

Well, roughly speaking, the Shikino family seems to have been all over doubtful.

The day when Mr. Toya’s mother and Talka’s mother died each other is only a few days away.

At about the same time the servants of Shikino seems to be exchanged secretly, or the retirement money to the servant who resigned was a lot of money not to be fairly stylish.

If you are looking for something like this, Taiga is seriously serious. I do not see too much of a historical drama, me.

“… …. It is bad, hey, this is what”

“Because it is about Taiga, I think I’m investigating carefully,”

Mr. Kuon says so, but we are all about the strange house so we can not handle it carelessly. When Taiga gets something like this because of this … … It’s because of me.

Oh yea, now even thought of such a thing does not start. First of all, from the information in front of you.

“Or rather, Talka’s story was about 30 years ago, is not it easy to understand?”

“There are books that are handed down every generously to each lordsmaster, at least, I heard that there is a thing left behind at the time she was at home as a resident of Shiya, perhaps it was investigated.”

Minouchi answered my question. I see, there are such things. The fact that it is continuing from a long time is, in a way, the history of the house.

Hmm. Oh, perhaps.

“Maybe that book, write a note instead of a diary”

“Everywhere in the world, that’s the same thing, my husband said that something was saved thanks to the remarks that remained in the remarks column.”

“Ah, I should have heard that you need something for a festival of years coming soon, that I looked over the last book of books.”

As expected after all. The director of the institution was mostly a household account book like the facility books, but I know that I wrote a memo or something like this today at the end of the note.

…… Doctor, doctor? I wonder if a person who has the same name, face, same voice as myself is doing anything in another world.

“Even so, I wrote it in a place I could find out when I examined. I understand the back book or some other place.”

Without thinking, I told such a thing. A criminal drama or even things, the back book comes out from the safe separately from the book which originally issued to the government office? I wonder if it was like that.

“Is it a document that can not be shown in the table? It is supposed that books transmitted to the lordsmen are supposed to be able to browse only the lords and orders as a basis”

“Ah, because you can only see the top and its confidences, is it safe, because Taiga is the next lord, so how do you manage if you think to see it?”

If you believe Mr. Kuon’s word, it is surprising, it seems that the neighborhood was a monkey. Although there is a possibility of putting it in a safe once, I saw Taiga anyway, because he is a successor.

Could it be something like that of my dad’s private room where I can not enter? Such a thing.

Now. Even though I got the information at my heart, there is nothing to do from here.

Even so I practiced writing, so there is no problem writing letters.

“Mr. Kuon, Mr. Minou, Orisa, can you check back later?”

“Oh, are you the content of the sentence?”

“There are some of them, but I mainly give people the way to spend. I’m embarrassed if I make a mistake.”

“Would you mind telling me, if that’s the case, please leave it to me”

Olza was the one who stretched out my heart. To tell the truth, it seems that the Master of Magical Language is the fastest among the three. What I mean is that words and sentences are unexpectedly good areas.

“Well, I will go to support, how about Mr. Minow?”

“Well, I will leave it to you two people”

Talked to Mr. Kuon who smiled smile, Mr. Minow hurriedly shook his head. It is not as brain streaks, but as you read books you know that you like to move your body. On the other hand it seems like I like putting my hair together, it’s pretty cute.

Mr. Arica who is taking a day off is a fairly common maid. I do a lot of work and I am smart. Because you can be relieved if you are near me, because everything will do anything.

When I go back to the mansion, I have to say properly to Arica-san’s situation. I guess it will be powerful.

In the unlikely event, I thought that someone other than Taiga would be able to read and made the content safe. Thank you for a nice story, it was fun, if you have a chance, please let me know. Later, it was also a little bit that Mr. Toya got a consultation consultation.

“It’s safe in content, but if you do a little deep reading, you can take it as a love letter,”

“Well, I am writing like that?”

Mr Kuon panicked to point out. No, I did not mean to write so. Well, I guess it’s okay, even if I can read so. I do not particularly dislike Taiga-san.

“It feels a bit nervous, is, I understand you are worrying about Tiga,”

“Seiren-sama, it’s a nice use … Oh, the spelling is okay, because I am teaching Mr. Kuon, please have confidence.”

Minow shed a small sigh, putting his hands on his cheeks as he was in trouble. Olisa looked pleasantly and finished the full text check. No, indeed it is. I got used to writing letters more and more, I wish I could see Taiga’s letter.

“Oh, yeah, I’m afraid, Mr. Taiga, letters are beautiful”

“Because Seren-sama’s letters are also easy to read, it is difficult to read conversely if it’s too long to be written.”

“Oh, I understand it somewhat.”

It was not only me that Oriza ‘s speech nodded unexpectedly. No, in fact Kaya is too prolonged and I can not read notes. My mother can read it, so I will have it decrypted.

There was a wax seal set exclusively for me in the luggage that threw in because Minouchi was necessary.

Like a letter from Mr. Taiga, it seems to me that punching a wax melted from the top with a glue like pencil after closing the letter with glue, or something. It probably will not be read by someone on the way.

Lit the candle and melt the red wax. Put a drop in the envelope where it was closed, and punch the Hanko from the top. So, when you remove Hanko, there is a mark that made my name design.

“Oh, is this OK?”

“Yes, well I could do it. ”

Mr. Kuon, thank you for praising obediently. It’s my first time, so it gets pretty nervous, it’s like this.

“Well, what I will give to Taiga … … should I hand it over to Godo?”

“Oh, I will take it out, because there are hikers in such villages properly”

Yes, I raised my hand to Minow, I nodded, “That’s right” as well.

I usually do not use snakes like Mr. Kuon when delivering a letter. In the case of a mansion, an employee took me to the hikyaku shop inside the town, and we ask them to pay and carry them. In the case of a hurry, I will pay extra fee or when I need receipt confirmation like a payment fee.

“Well then, please.”

“I will go there.”

When I asked for an envelope and a little more money, Mr. Minow deeply lowered his head and went out of the room. It is OK even if I buy something if it is surplus, I wonder if it is impossible.