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Extra 1

The story of the next morning

When the rising sun rose and it became completely bright, Bell vento awoke.

He saw something glittering in front of me, he realized that it was a small blond head and he smiled.

“Marietta … ….”

He gently caress his beloved wife’s head.

In the table on the bedside, the bottle containing the medicine to relieve the pain of the first experience that the first magician Liber link made has rolled.

The contents of the bottle, which has a size that can not be gripped with small hands of Marietta, was empty.

It was empty.

“… ….”

Bellwand trying to count the number of times it used it in mind.

“… …. Do not remember”


This guy is not a demon of Ortail but a devil.

A beautiful bride who has received Bell vanto’s infernal clams all night long is asleep with a fatigued face.

If there was no blessing of physical strength enhancement by God Mardigot, Marietta may have run out in the worst case.

At least, I would have never had a chance to smile at the muscles of the arm of Berwant’s arm pillow while sleeping and smiling.

It was such a heavy night.

“Thankful happiness”

Bell Vantant who muttered words of thanks to God fighting god Mardy Gut, gently pulling up the head of Marietta which is still slamming, pulled out his arm and inserted a pillow instead.


Marietta woke up.

Only oneself lay on the large bed.

“Oh … … you like Bellevant?”

As I got up while looking around, I remembered a dull weight on the lower abdomen and turned the sheets on my body.

Last night I was pierced many times while being screamed bellwintly, but I have no memory from the way.

Of course while in the middle of it I was not wearing a single thread, now I have properly wearing night clothes.

As the body gets stiff, the sheets are new.

“… … Was it yesterday a dream?”

Of course, that is not the case.

While Marietta finally got fainted by the fierceness of her fingers, I got cleaned up by the hands of Berwent returned to me, cleansed my body cleanly and is in a miserable situation with various liquids that I can not get out of Sheets were also replaced with new ones.

Berwant, who is now a generals who can live freely without any inconvenience, was a knight at the beginning at the beginning, it can do one thing by itself from cleaning up injured persons to sweeping wash sheets.

He loved Marietta who lost consciousness, “Oh, it looks cute as a figure is cuddly”, but carefully took care of it so that it could lick it.

It is a little perverted, but she is a lovingly husband.

“Where did you go to Belle Vanto?”

Marietta made her lips sharp as she got lonely feeling alone when she was alone in a room unfamiliar to the first morning.

I heard footsteps approached the corridor, and a sound to open the door of the next room.

Then, the door of the bedroom opens quietly.

It was Bellwant that gently peered away.


“Oh, did you get up?”

He got up to bed and gave a gentle laugh at his wife, but as he saw that figure he entered the room, Marietta rounded his eyes and said,

“… Mr. Bellevant, what on earth did you do?”

He was naked in his upper body, and steaming steaming out of his rugged body.

And the tense muscles were wet with sweat damp and were shining brilliantly as they received the morning sun.

Oh, what a lovely sight from the morning!

What on earth is this a reward?

Marietta who was holding down his favorite acupressure could not suppress the crush, staring at her husband’s body.

“Oh, I was doing training in the morning, because the sword’s arms will be blunt unless I do not do it every day, it was bad with you to be alone.”

Bell Wentt stared at Marietta ‘s passionate pupil as it pierced, said a little wrapping.

“No, forging in the morning …”

Imagine the movements of the muscles full of dynamism, Marietta was entranced.

Sure enough, Mr. Bell vanto.

Muscles that you are using, Oh, I wanted to see that wonderful figure if possible!

“I’m sorry, sweaty”

No, my husband always smells good!

Marietta shook his head when he was screaming and turned a smile.

“I come in a water bath, but what do you do with Marietta? Once you wiped the body clean it up,”

“Thank you. I would like to join you, if you do not mind.”

As the new wife says the cheek slightly blushing, Bell vento ‘s passion which seemed to have been resolved overnight and intense exercise is burning again and again.

Oh, my merciful Marietta.

If I do not know the circumstances of a man more, I will destroy it.

“I will shed my back … ….”

The body of Marietta who got off the bed and tried to stand up staggered.

I rush quickly and support her.

“Is it OK? I made impossible last night.”

I do not have power on my legs, as I think, cling to the arms of Bellwend.

“I’m sorry”

“Well, I will help you with whatever I am, today it is my husband’s duty.”

As Berwand said so, she lifted Marietta upside down.

She stuck her sweaty shining muscle, she felt dizzy about too much emotion.

Berwand, who brought Marietta to the spa, took off the night clothes with a gentle hand.

The white skin that appeared had numerous red marks, and Marietta who saw it drank his breath.

“Well, this is … …. has I become sick?”

Marietta who does not know things such as a kiss mark, anxiety rises up in a miserable manner and the voice trembles.

“No, no, it’s not sick, so please rest assured. Well … that’s a mark that you are mine. I got it.”

“Mark, is it?”

“Yes, I think I’ve gone too far with me, sorry.”

He puts Marietta still wobbling his feet on the knee, and then washed the whole body with a lather cloth with soap.

“Ah, I wash it myself.”