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Chapter 11.3

Bertia 17 Years Old (1) Part 3


“Cecil, I’ll give this up”

On the surface was unchanged as usual, but Vertia presented one diary before me who was shaken by unfathomable emotions and thoughts on the inside, stopping thinking.

It is a golden color dusky to the blue ground and a pattern of roses and roses are drawn, which seemed to be what she liked.

There is a reasonable thickness, the atmosphere being used is drifting We receive it as it is presented.

“this is?”

Although it was nice to receive it, if the contents looked like a diary, I thought how I would like to see it without permission, I lifted it lightly and asked her.

“It’s my diary”


After all it seems that it was a comic book diary. It seems to be what Virtia himself wrote.

It seems that Bertia seems to be really bad at all in such places.

But …

“Why are you giving me the diary of Tier?”

I do not know the meaning of her giving it up.

Diary is not something you usually do not want people to see, except for exchange diaries and such special things?

“…… There are wrongs that I went to various people around the heroine in the past few years.”

“… …. I see, is that it?”

“Because Cecile is a genius, I think that you have enough evidence to be able to” Gafun “me enough without such a thing, but please bring it for your own precaution.This is a personal diary. I think! ”

Watching Virtia who started talking about that diary after swallowing one saliva, wrinkles unwittingly fall between my eyebrows.

I see. This is evidence that she can use to be “gakin”.

Until the moment there was a thought that it was not good to see a person ‘s diary, but such a thought was blown away somewhere.

While murmuring with “cold voice”, I flip through the page with the flip flops and watch it flowing.


“○ month x day cloudy
Today I bullied maidens of newcomers. At the time of tea, let me put some tea, “I am bad, I can not drink such an unpleasant stuff” and hit the cup on the floor and broke up. I tried it with a tea cup that contained cracks that I found in advance so that it would not be possible to crack well even if it hits me. I do not break a new one and it is a bare stone two birds! ! The broken moment, the maid of the rookie was watching me with teary eyes! ! My chest was relieved. ”

Oh, what at that time.

Surely in the report from “use” it was meant to bring a tea cup split in the maid and divide in front of everyone on purpose, but … the tea cup she broke was originally the maid of the newcomer Hit the crack and cracked it, because it was too expensive, was it a thing that I could not explain and kept it hidden?

After Bertia knew it, he made a tea cup that had cracks originally brought with plausible excuses, and blamed himself for covering by himself and took shelter from the maidservant … … it was a bad guy I suppose it should be.

By the way, the new maid was moved by tears of Virtia ‘s shield, caught his own mistake, swore allegiance to Virtia.

“Monday Sun Sunny
Today I did a way to tea with tea in class. I was waiting for this day. This time I will tell you the severity of the world to Hirona who is trying to take away my precious Highness from me! ! As I was asking Joanna in advance about this lesson that we evaluated each other by playing pairs and playing the role of getting tea, so that we can give you a sense of taste and a lot of tea I studied how to put it and how to get it! ! I tried practicing complaining a lot of tea that my maidens put in so that I could tell you a bit of a sarcastic taste. It was worth it for practicing, I could say a lot of disgust! ! Lastly, Mr. Hirono-sama was made angry with her face, angry with teary eyes. It was fresh! ! ”

By the way, there was something I heard from Miss Sherika that there was such a thing.

Virtia buys a pair of Hellonia Baron Daughter who no one wants to join together, leaves the Hironosha Baron Daughter who was frightened even by the teachers because of their amnesia such as choosing tea leaves, timing of hot water, steaming time, etc. I talked “I was teaching you” very carefully.

As pointed out by Bartia, Hirona Baron Daughter got angry with a red face and blamed Virtia’s most pointed out as “I dislike myself …” with a teary eyes and look around with white eyes I have heard the story after being done.

After that, about “practice” that they were doing to the maids, was it very popular for the maids as Bertia ‘s way to put tea?

“Blessed” said Bartya’s shareholders who led the maidens greatly, showing off their skills wielded by extraordinary efforts and racing too much.

Most of the “bad guys” through the eyes were such feeling.

Even if it is successful, although it is only “little bit mean”, most of it is unsuccessful (in the sense of raising her shares) it can not be a proof of “wrong”.

If I submit such things as evidence, I will become a laughing person.

…… Well, if it says Bertia, it’s Bartia.

As usual, at this timing I would have thought that Bertia was “cute”, “interesting” “interesting”, “entertaining”.

However, I did not think that way now.

Although the content I am doing will allow me ample enough as before but the fact that she gave me the trump card (and she thinks) to make me “Gafin” a success is eroding me He did.

“…… Hey, Tier. Do you want to leave me so much?”

A voice coldly drowning out a dark color somewhere fell into unconsciousness.

While understanding what is not really true, I could not help asking.


I felt that one point of black spots had fallen on my mind, which usually does not have much color taste better or worse.

It gradually spreads.

And at the same time I felt my facial expression getting steep.

“Se … … Shiru ……?”

I am staring at my face as Barty was surprised.

Slightly big eyes are lifted and the big and beautiful eyes are spreading even wider.

A calm person in a corner of his head says “calm down”.

But, another myself can not stop.

“Tia says that I am happy to be connected with a heroine, is it true? I do not think so, by the way …. It is quite fun for my life now.”

“Well, that is … … but … ….”

Although it seems to say something, in the end it is Bartia who will not say anything.

The black spots inside me spread further.

“Actually is not it just that Tier wants to leave me?”

I should have known that it is a word that hurts her nothing, but he is calm and his own control is overcome and another one goes out of control.

“Well, there is not such a thing!”

Virtia, who made plenty of tears in his eyes quickly, quickly shook his head.

“Your Highness … ….”

I heard the voice of Xeno’s stop behind.

But I can not hear anything inside of me just by hearing it. I feel only a sound.

“Then, why do you try to escape?”

“I have not run away! But just because Cecil is important …”

“Hey, Tier. What is my happiness?”

“… … It is to be connected with the heroine”

It seemed to me so hateful that Virtia, once and for all, died for the first time.

“Why are you still trying to believe such a silly thing?”

“Because I know the destiny that will arise from now.”

“Is it really destiny?”

“Yes, that … … that should be,”

The grain of tears that can not be ended at last findings pass over her cheeks.

Her maidens, Kuro, Xeno’s eyes hurt.

But I can not give up here.

…… I thought so.

Not ‘thinking’. Yes … I think “I thought”.

Breathe deeply.

After blinking slowly for the first time, I will look into Bartia.

Bartia looked back at me with the eyes wet with tears.

“Then, I will destroy that fate”

“No, absolutely not!” Cecil is absolutely regretted ”

“I’m sorry, I have never regretted anything.”

“Why will not you do as I am doing !? So you can be happy !?”

“If so, why will not you tell me why you want me to do so firmly? Well then, you can not judge.”

“that is……”

Send a cold line of sight to Virtia who once again fainted, never before.

“Let’s end this story already, Tier, I will have my dress chosen by me”

“Cecil !!”

“You started” play “, whatever the ending, will you show it to the end?”

“… ….”

“Every road, where the graduation ceremony is crying or laughing, it’s just there, as well as the end of” play ”

“… please … please … happy …”

“Oh, I will. I guess … So do not run away?”

I laughed.

Niccolli as usual.

But, I felt that my heart is bleeding for some reason.


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