The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 18 Part 1

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Chapter 18

I’m Not Behaving Like A Spoiled Child! I Only Want to be Slightly Petted!


Part 1/2

Reidrick had resolved his male business, but he washed his whole body with soap one more time just in case, then he transformed into a golden wolf.

For the sake of getting petted by Sara, he spared no time and efforts.

He spun around and checked his wolfly appeal from the gap of his paws to his fur and to the tip of his tail.


(I can’t let Sara think that I am a stinky wolf. I am the royal golden wolf, different from the ordinary gray wolves. Yosh, with this, I smell of the soap, my fur is also fluffy. I should steel myself for when the dazed Sara pours her feelings on me.)



“Bark!” Steeling himself, Reidrick jumped out from his room. With great agility, he ran towards the balcony of Sara’s room.

He took a roundabout way since it would be dangerous to walk in the royal palace’s corridor in his wolf form, but to Reidrick whose running around was like gliding, such distance was about the same.

In order to appeal his fearless wolf side, his neat face was slightly lifted up. This was the figure of an intelligent wolf.


(How is my splendid wolf figure?! It will be good if Sara were to fall in love with it!)

Reidrick was full of confidence with his fearless figure overflowing with wilderness.


“My, Sol-chan! Welcome back!”

Sara appeared with a warm welcome and soon opened her window, inviting Reidrick in.

Unable to wait, Sara knelt on the floor and hugged Sol’s neck.

The muscle around Reidrick’s buttocks was used in full. He howled as his tail shook in high speed.


“Really, really, I was so lonely yesterday since Sol-chan went to a trip!”

Reidrick’s face was about to crumble as Sara’s face grew near.


(I see, I see, Sara is such a spoiled child, to feel so lonely when I wasn’t here, how cute. I will allow you to be affectionate with me to your heart’s content tonight.)

For some reason, Reidrick’s gaze was lifted up.

Then, Sara lifted her finger and proceeded to pet Reidrick’s soft and fluffy head.

Pet, pet. Pet, pet. Sara was entranced by the feel and the warmth of the wolf’s fur.


“Aah, you feel good today, too, sweetie! Ufufu, how cute, how cute.”

(Uhaa, right, over there, there, it feels good over there, more on that side!)


The wolf’s waist would soon be broken. And that face no longer had a trace of fearlessness, how unfortunate!


Pet pet pet pet

The fingers that petted him continuously felt so pleasant that Reidrick unconsciously howled, “Waffu, waffu” as he was attacked by the her petting whose speed changed.

Sara had been used to pamper Reidrick every night, so she had full knowledge of the spots where he’d feel good, and so she nudged those spots.

Even with just that, Reidrick was already writhing his body in pleasure.


Tonight, the petting escalated to rubbing his ears!


(Aah, my body was rubbed, even my ears were also rubbed…Hauu, this, what a distribution of power, I can’t endure having my ears softly teased amidst this intense petting, aah really, I’m already, ah, ahh.)


The golden eyes turned teary.

What an unthinkable R-18 wolf.

It was fine since he was in his wolf form, but if he were in his human form, it would be unpardonable given how good-looking (ikemen) he might be.


“Sol, you’re such a spoiled and cute child. Good boy, good boy, aren’t cha?”


Looking at the delighted wolf, only love gushed forth from the innocent Sara’s heart.

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What’s more, since she was being lovey dovey with Reidrick (human form) tonight, the usually calm Sara became a little bit excited.

Yes, Sara, out of all things, softly gnawed on Reidrick’s fluffy and soft ears, play-biting it!




Having his ears bitten by the charming lips of the woman he loved, the wolf leaked out a voice drowned in staggering joy.

The wolf wore a slovenly melting face with his pink tongue loosely hung down. He had a lovestruck face just like the middle-aged man who went to a cabaret club and then was kissed by the beautiful onee-chan. No, no, it was a lovestruck face akin to one being touched by the onee-chan’s boobs.


…Where did the lady-killer man from Endaria go to?


Sara was enjoying the sensation of the ear that she touched with her lips, gnawing and chu-chuing1 it. Then, her hands freely petted Reidrick’s body.


“Sol-chan, how cute…”

Sara was muttering about how cute the wolf was while still gnawing on his ear, as she was making full use of her hands to stroke the golden fur lovingly, precisely attacking Reidrick’s good spots. As expected of a bow expert, attacking precisely was her forte.


Reidrick almost reached the level where his hips would break.

Reidrick could no longer get up and lost his consciousness midway as he lied down face up, his limbs were spread open. With such a figure, his vacant eyes that looked at Sara were those of a dog begging, “Pet, pet me!”


“Oh my, Sol, at this place…”

As Sara moved her hands to stroke his stomach gently, she approached him with her face.


“Nn-, your stomach smells good today, too.”

(Ahh, ahh, Sara, that, to think you’d inhale the scent of a man’s stomach like that, aah.)


However, Reidrick couldn’t resist at all.

(Such captivating trick that no one could resist…Sara, my frightening bride…)


“Aah, Sol-chan is so cute, Sol-chan, I love you!”

…Is it only our imagination, but doesn’t that seem like similar to the voice inside Reidrick’s heart?

Night passed by as the petting continued…




Eventually, Sara—the one proficient at petting—hugged the limp Reidrick closely.

“Shall we sleep together, I wonder?”

(I’d like to sleep together! Let’s sleep! Then, I will pamper you back, I will pamper you with all my power, until the night is over!)

Thinking about that, Reidrick’s breathing turned rough.


“Now, come here.”

When Sara tapped on the bed, Reidrick reflexively jumped there.

Then, he pushed Sara down.


“Kyaa, Sol-chan, you naughty.”

Apparently, she didn’t feel scared at all since he was a wolf.

Reidrick lovingly licked Sara’s face.


(Sara, how cute, Sara, I love you, my Sara, please take my feelings, my Sara, mine and mine only Sara cute cute, I want to eat you deliciously, I want to do you, I want to insert it in you, insert it in you.)

Whoops, it seemed his love turned midway into lust.



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  1. Chu-chu is the sound effect someone makes when they kiss someone else, can also be the sound effect of someone sucking something.

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